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Your Highness, Stop Spoling Your Wife

Your Highness, Stop Spoling Your Wife



  In her previous life, due to her mother’s early death and her bastard of a father, Madeline would rather have been an orphan. Yet, even after travelling to ancient times, it was the same, only now there was an evil stepmother and a scheming sister! The ravishing, skilled martial artist Madeline will take back what’s hers!
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  "Oh!" Madeline spitted out her tea, her beautiful face twisted and trembling her fingers at the person in front of her: "What did you say? Marry ?!"

  Madeline's gaffe did not affect the people in front of her at all. She continued to report to her: "The Chiles’ will come back in a few days to pick you up and get married to King Sam."

  "King Sam?" Madeline muttered to herself, "Why does it sound so familiar?"

  "King Sam is the youngest brother of the emperor. The current king, the 19th King fought the West Men three years ago, and it was King Sam who turned the tide then."

  Hearing this, Madeline knew where her impression came from: "The tyrant who killed 50,000 soldiers three years ago?" With a sneer, Madeline also regained her sense of calmness. Something was wrong: "If I remember correctly, King Sam is very popular with today's emperor. There's no reason to marry me to such an exiled person!"

  "The emperor asked for the niece of the Chiles’."

  In a word, Madeline understood everything, and the sarcasm in her eyes was even stronger. She tilted her head slightly: "Since they want to pick me up, I can't always let them down!"


  In the middle of the night, at Sam's palace.

  Madeline wore a black night suit and had a silver mask on her face. Only a pair of big eyes could be seen.

  The Sam's palace was tightly guarded, but this was nothing in Madeline's eyes. Just by scattering her movement, Madeline had already avoided people who were defending everywhere.

  Madeline's goal was clear: the most central and luxurious yard in the palace.

  Unexpectedly, there were very few people defending the yard. Whether the owner here did not like many people or had confidence in his own strength, it was good for her.

  Quietly lurking, waiting.

  For half an hour, Madeline did not move even a little, and even her breathing was at its lowest level.

  Finally, when Madeline heard the sound of footsteps, she suddenly closed her eyes and judged the person's message with her voice.

  His footsteps were light, but she could tell he was a pro.

  It should be King Sam.

  One step, two steps.

  Hearing the sound of footsteps approaching her, Madeline held her breath.

  This was the time!

  Her left hand flipped, and a few silver needles glowing with blue light scattered out, flying straight to various parts of King Sam's body. At the same time, Madeline suddenly violently bullied and attacked King Sam in the direction of his retreat.

  Between silver needles and daggers, the King of Sam could not escape both.

  King Sam appeared a little embarrassed by the sudden attack. The silver needles were obviously highly toxic. After consideration, King Sam turned sideways and chose the dagger in Madeline's hands!

  With a sneer, the blood dripped. Madeline had some regrets in her eyes.

  If King Sam had chosen to dodge the dagger, the poison on the silver needles would have brought him down.

  The attack was not fatal. Madeline quickly launched a second wave of attacks. She looked at King Sam's injured right arm and continued to attack without saying a word.

  Between the exchanges, Madeline did not cause any more harm to the King Sam. However, at this moment, King Sam's was also very shocked.

  "Who sent you?"

  "Guess." The intentionally lowered voice was a little hoarse. He could not tell if she was a man or a woman, and could only hear that she was young.

  It seemed like she was still a teenager, but her martial arts were so good ...

  King Sam was distracted, so naturally Madeline would not miss such a good opportunity and she attacked King Sam's chest! But King Sam stepped a step further, evading the attack, and finally the sword only crossed King Sam's clothes.

  But ...

  Madeline and King Sam looked in one direction at the same time.

  It turned out that Madeline had just cut off King Sam's belt.

  King Sam was shocked! He had never been treated this way before.

  Great opportunity!

  Madeline's eyes flashed as she bullied herself!

  When King Sam reacted, Madeline's dagger was only an inch away from his eyes.

  Saying sarcastically at the person nearby, the corner of his mouth curled up, revealing a dismissive sneer.

  He tilted his head to avoid Madeline's killing trick and reached out to hold Madeline's wrist. As soon as he pulled it, he held Madeline in his arms.

  Such an ambiguous action made Madeline a little embarrassed, but at this moment, she was screamed at by the guards who were frightened by the fighting. "Lord, what has happened to you?"

  As a result, they saw their Lord Sam with a person wearing a black mask in his arms.

  His gaze shifted down, to his bare legs.

  The guard trembled as he looked at the anger on Sam's face. He seemed to understand something and quickly quit: "King Sam, we didn't see anything."

  The door closed again, and Madeline broke free of the King Sam's restraint. He took out a handkerchief and rubbed her wrist fiercely. Until her wrist was red, she looked at the King Sam who could not move or speak. The smile couldn't be sarcastic or proud. "King Sam, how's the effect of the special anesthetic? Does it feel like your body isn't yours anymore?"

  After saying that, Madeline suddenly squinted in a good mood and patted King Sam's hips with a dagger: "King Sam, you must remember that you are the one below!"

  This time, Madeline's voice was not intentionally lowered. At least, the two guards outside should be able to hear him.

  King Sam's face instantly turned green, then he vomited blood!

  Madeline's expression changed suddenly and she cursed out, "Damn it!"

  Madeline didn't expect that the King Sam's skill was so deep, nor did she think that he would break through the medicinal properties even while injured!

  There was no time to hesitate, and Madeline instantly made a decision, pushed the window, and flew out!

  Just as she swept out of the window, less than three seconds later, King Sam's angry voice rang out: "Little thief, I'm going to frustrate you!"


  At this moment, Madeline who had spared a few laps from the Sam's palace had arrived at an inconspicuous small residence in the Imperial City. Under the moonlight, a beautiful person was sitting in the courtyard.

  Madeline was rude to sit opposite the beauty and poured a cup of tea to gulp.

  "You're drinking this, you really ruined my good tea!" Even though the beauty complained, it was obvious that Madeline had finished drinking and added another cup to her.

  The mask on Madeline's face had been removed. She smiled and looked at the beauty in front of her. "You said you're so good, why aren’t you a woman? I'll definitely marry you."

  Yes, this beauty in front of her was a man.

  "Nonsense." The beauty shook his head helplessly.

  Madeline did not mind, just sitting and drinking tea slowly.

  In the end, it was the beauty who said, "How about it, the assassination failed?"

  "Don't say it anymore!" Bringing this up, Madeline's depressed little face wrinkled into a bun: "I was so close, I shouldn't have dismissed it!"

  She shouldn't have dismissed what? The beauty did not understand. He just looked at Madeline's annoyed expression and comforted her in a low voice: "King Sam is not dead, it's also a good thing. If King Sam is dead, I'm afraid there will be a war again. "

  Madeline understood this truth. Actually, she had the chance to kill King Sam.