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The Urban Romance of Miracle Doctor

The Urban Romance of Miracle Doctor


Jacob Ye is an intern doctor. Coincidentally, he got the Smriti knowledge of Taoist magic arts and the art of traditional Chinese medicine from an ancient book scroll. Since then, he uses acupuncture skills to heal people, as well as his Taoist magic skills to deal with the ghosts, which both make him achieve his integrity as a doctor and the mastery of Taoists. With these excellent skills, his master told him to use them to better the world and save people. While spreading and promoting these extraordinary Chinese traditional cultures, he does have some more great ambitions!
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The story begins at The General Hospital of Oakdale City

The hospital intern, Jacob Ye, took a medical record book and was following Doctor Xu to check the wards.

Suddenly, a panicked voice broke the silence.

"Doctor Xu, bad news. The patient in ward 18 has fainted!" a nurse shouted.

This patient had a renal cyst and his condition was serious, it had caused blockage in the urethra. He had to undergo surgery now, but there were too many people waiting in line for the operation. It was not yet his turn at all.

Doctor Xu ran towards ward 18, and Jacob hurriedly followed him.

When they arrived at the ward, Doctor Xu did a quick check of the patient's pupils and hurriedly shouted to Jacob, "Go and tell Chief Doctor Liew to come here immediately."

Jacob nodded and rushed to the specialist surgeon's office as fast as he could.

When Jacob arrived at the office, he realised that the door of the office was tightly shut.

Jacob raised his hand and was about to knock on the door.

Through the frosted glass on the door, Jacob witnessed a scene that shocked him.

The wife of the patient in ward 18, a beautiful young woman, was stuffing an envelope into Chief Doctor Liew's hand.

She pleaded bitterly, "Please, Chief Doctor Liew, I beg you to save my husband. You know my husband's condition well. His surgery can't be delayed any longer. Can you let him cut the queue for the operation?"

Jacob understood that the envelope contained money.

Such a thick stack would contain more than 10,000 yuan.

Specialist Surgeon Liew looked embarrassed and said, "It's not that I am not willing to help, but the schedule cannot be rearranged… You'd better take your money back."

He seemed to imply that the young woman did not give enough money.

The young woman sobbed, "Chief Doctor Liew, I really can't give you any more money than this. I have spent all our savings to treat my husband’s illness. Could you please help us..."

Chief Doctor Liew slowly stood up and said with a smile, "Don't worry. There will always be a way to solve the problem. I know your family’s financial situation. The hospital can give some preferential subsidies to poor families, however, the quota is limited, so it is difficult to apply for it."

Chief Doctor Liew's meaning was very clear, and that was that the money offered by the young woman was too little.

Jacob could not stand it anymore. He coughed softly and knocked on the door. "Chief Doctor Liew!"

"Who, who is outside the door?"

Chief Doctor Liew was startled. Chief Doctor Liew withdrew the money on the table and stuffed it back into the drawer immediately. He pretended to sit upright.

"It's me, Jacob Ye,." Jacob pushed open the door and walked in.

"What are you doing here? Don't you need to check the wards?" Chief Doctor Liew looked angry. He was not sure if Jacob had seen what had happened just now.

"Chief Doctor Liew, the patient in ward 18 is seriously ill now. He needs to undergo surgery immediately," Jacob said.

"I see. You may go and look after him first, I need to have a discussion with the patient’s family." Chief Doctor Liew waved his hand impatiently.

"Chief Doctor Liew, the patient's condition is very serious. You'd better go and attend to him now. He must have an operation immediately." Jacob deliberately glanced at the drawer that contained the money.

His meaning was clear - “I have seen what had happened earlier. You had better treat the patient now."

Chief Doctor Liew's face darkened. He was smart enough to understand Jacob's hint.

Earlier that morning, Chief Doctor Liew had rushed for another patient’s surgery and completed it. He also applied for preferential medical subsides for the patient, which reduced the patient’s medical expenses.

Jacob knew that he had completely offended Chief Doctor Liew this time.

As he had predicted, Chief Doctor Liew had come to see him as soon as he arrived at work that afternoon.

“Jacob, you've been doing a good job here, and you're also good at studying. I really don't have much to teach you here. You can go to the hospital’s transfusion centre to help for a few days."

"The transfusion centre?" Although Jacob Ye was already prepared for Chief Doctor Liew’s punishment, he was still shocked by his remark. "What's the point of helping at the transfusion centre?"

"There are many patients turning up at the hospital these days. The nurses at the transfusion centre are busy. You can go help their department for a few days and come back to this department later. As your performance is good, I will leave a good record on your internship report," Chief Doctor Liew said unhurriedly.

Chief Doctor Liew words were encouraging, but the smile on his face was cold.

Jacob clenched his fists. Chief Doctor Liew was going to take revenge on him.

Jacob was very angry, but he could do nothing about it.

It all depended on Chief Doctor Liew’s mood, what was to be written on Jacob’s internship report.

Jacob nodded. "Okay, I'll go tomorrow."

“Kid, this is what happens to you when you try to threaten me. How dare you go against me? I'll be sure to take revenge on you.” Chief Doctor Liew said in his heart. Looking at Jacob Ye as he walked away, Chief Doctor Liew smiled darkly.

It was already late when Jacob Ye returned from the hospital to the dormitory.

Jacob habitually took out a thick ancient scroll handed down from his family and read it carefully.

He descended from a family of traditional Chinese medical experts. Since childhood, Jacob Ye had studied Chinese medicine with his grandfather.

It was said that this ancient scroll was passed down by an ancestor, and the medical skills recorded in it had no rival.