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Hotest Beauty Boss

Hotest Beauty Boss



  Adam entered a big company, the life with bands of girls started. Coquettish female secretary, coquettish female assistant, unruly female director. With the help of these various women around him, he saved his life again and again in the whirlpool office fight, and wrote a period of love, and his career becomes a legend…
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Everyone's life had a tragedy. What was the most tragic? Everyone's life is different. It's hard to say clearly. But for Adam, the most tragic thing was to witness with his own eyes that the woman he wanted to chase was being taken over by another man.

On that day, it was the anniversary of the 100 days that Adam and his girlfriend had known each other. They had made an appointment to have dinner together, then watched a movie of love, then went to hotel. They had known each other for 100 days., and had been in love for 60 days, Adam had been coaxing his girlfriend for several times to agree to make love with him.

This was originally a very exciting event. The tragedy was that on the way to the movie after eating, Adam suddenly realized that he had forgotten to bring the movie ticket, so the devil had to rush back to the office to get it . He returned to his office and got a movie ticket. He was about to leave, but with a keen sense of hearing, he suddenly heard an unusual sound from the office in the next section.

Adam's heart beat violently a few times. He slowly walked closer to the office next door and suddenly realized that the office door was not completely closed. He was so excited and he looked inside excitedly. He screamed almost instantly. He had actually seen Mary sitting on the sofa in a ragged outfit, her expression is very charming.

Adam stared intently, not realizing that his breathing became heavy. The Mary inside was too tempting. He had already forgotten where he was.

After a long time, Adam's eyes suddenly flashed. A man with a naked back immediately appeared within his line of sight. It was the boss of their company, Asa.

Damn it, Mary and that scum of Asa got together? Where's the truth? She should be mine. Adam scolded in his heart. He never thought that his dream lover, Mary, would be such a shameless woman.

Adam was a little uncontrollable, so he wanted to rush in and beat Asa, or make some noise to destroy them to balance his mind. Finally he did not do anything but quietly retreated. At some point, it was probably just a coincidence. After a few steps, he suddenly knocked down a large vase, which fell to pieces and made a loud noise.

At the same time, Mary was shouting, "No, please."

Adam stood on the spot blankly, waiting for Asa to run out of Mary's office. Asa wore only a pair of underwear, and he glared at Adam with a ferocious and unusual gaze.

"Adam, why are you here?" Asa yelled. Before Adam could say anything, he continued to scold him, "Damn, what are you doing here? You should go home and stay home after work."

"I came back to get something," Adam tried to explain.

"Fuck, whatever you come for, now get out of here." Asa was extremely angry. He was so annoyed that he wanted to kill Adam alive. “Damn it! you were fired! "After scolding, Asa closed the office door, walked out a few minutes later, and quickly left the main office.

Adam was so depressed that he lost a job. He was about to leave, and suddenly he heard a very soft voice from behind him: "Adam, thank you."

Happy to come and sad to leave, Adam was so depressed. In addition, he could not understand that he had ruined the good thing between Asa and Mary., but why did Mary thank you?

Could it be that Mary was forced by Asa and not volunteering herself? It seemed like there was a possibility. First, she shouted no, and then ... Her gaze was very awkward, her eyes blurred, indicating that Asa had drugged her.

Mary was the assistant manager of the general department. She was only 26 years old. At the age of the flowering season, her body was very petite, and the skin was snow—white, deeply attracted the attention of everyone. The main thing was that she had not been married yet, and it was rumored that it was still a rare breed without personnel.

Mary usually liked to wear a yellow shirt with a low neckline and a short black dress, which was super sexy. There was an expensive necklace hanging around her snow—white neck, revealing an intriguing deep ditch, which made people absent—minded.

It was a pity that Adam was just one of her many subordinates. Adam thought that a little man like him who was cheaper than a dog would only be able to look at Mary from afar. So he was excited at the time, and even if he was fired for it, the price was a little expensive.

The most tragic thing was that when Adam went back to look for a girlfriend, the girlfriend actually said that she had already thought very clearly that they did not fit between them and wanted to break up. Adam was fired, and his girlfriend said something like this? In the end, Adam had a big fight with her.

Adam walked alone on the street. When he passed a crossing, a black Toyota sports car suddenly sprang out. When Adam reacted, the car had arrived, he immediately jumped away but was still hit by the car in the middle. Luckily it didn't seem to hurt much.

"Are you ok?" A woman got out of the car and walked to Adam. This woman was shocked herself. She seldom drove so fast. Today, it was because she was in a hurry and unfortunately, the first time she drove fast, she got into an accident.

Adam did not react. He was completely stunned because this woman was extremely beautiful, her facial features were exquisite, and her complexion was crystal clear and delicate. She was the best among the women in his life. Her short hair and a lilac dress were sexy and elegant. The most important thing was that she had a sacred and inviolable holiness in her body. When he lookedat her, he would not just think of going to bed with her for fun, but thinking of taking care of her forever.

"Are you ok?" Seeing Adam looking at her instead of speaking, she was even more worried, so she asked again.

"No." Adam said.

"Oh, that's good." She patted her chest and let out a big sigh of relief. She was relieved and said to Adam, "Get up, the floor is dirty."

Adam looked at her and saw the gentle and sweet smile on her face. Such a smile rippling on her stunning face was so touching. When he reached her hand, it felt very soft and delicate. The texture was very good and it was nostalgic. It was the best female hand he had ever pulled.

"Since you're okay, then ... I'll go first!" She smiled, pointing to her wristwatch.

Seeing that Adam nodded, she got into the car, drove out for a few meters and stopped to look out to him. "My name is Belinda." She didn’t know why she told this unknown man his name, but she say it!

Belinda, remembering this name, he recalled the scene just before. Adam seemed like a demon. He felt that it was not a Toyota sports car that bumped into him, but something called love.

Of course, Adam knew that he could only comfort himself when he was bored. She would probably forget about him tomorrow. When he saw her driving a sports car, he would know that he was not from the same world with her.