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Dr. Spelburg's another life

Dr. Spelburg's another life



What! He, the master of the Mystery Medicine Sect for 12th generation, died unexpectedly of his enemy's plot, just one step away before his cultivation into immortality! "Do you know only a few skills learned from me can earn you and your daughter's a life-long wealth and fame!" Noah sneered at Mike, the owner of a small clinic where he woke up, who didn't appreciate his magical medical techniques. Wait! Hah? He got reborn into another man's body, who's born because of his mom's promiscuity, and got kicked out by his family pennilessly because he's a disgrace, then caught his girlfriend cheating on him and got hit by a racing car in the end. Noah shook his head at these overwhelmingly sad memories, "poor guy, I'll live your life in glory..."
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Underneath was a soft feeling, as if there is a vague smell of medicine under his nose, Noah Spelburg slowly opened his eyes.

A bright—looking girl of seventeen or eighteen years old was lying with her hands in front of Noah Spelburg's eyes. When she saw Noah Spelburg open his eyes, she cried out happily, "Dad, he's awake!"

"Hum, your kindness, aren’t you afraid that he might extort money? Trouble! " "Behind the medicine cabinet, a stout man in his fifties snorted disagreeably. However, he also moved to Noah Spelburg the front.

"It was a fatal accident, and the boy had only a concussion." The man looked over Noah Spelburg the injury, and said.

"It's not just a concussion!" Noah Spelburg lifted the quilt and sat up. He took a box of acupuncture needles by the bedside, took out three three—inch needles, and stabbed them into his Baihui, Shenting and Renzhong acupoints. He twisted his fingers lightly, and the three three—inch needles fell into his head.

"Ah? What are you doing? How could you use such a long needle on your head? " Cried the girl in a frightened voice, covering her little mouth in horror.

"Hey hey, if you want to commit suicide, don't do it in my clinic! I could 't afford that! " Cried the middle—aged man hastily, his face changing.

"Don't worry, I won't die!" Noah Spelburg said, while fingers flick the tail of three steel needles, steel needles unexpectedly showed a strange frequency of vibration.

Moreover, each concussion of the needle had driven the vibration of the acupoints, gradually the three acupoints unexpectedly emerged a strange pink, and then the pink, gradually spread down along the governor vessel, then a moment later a pink thin line appeared clearly on Noah Spelburg's face.

"Ah? Dad, what's wrong with the red line? " Cried the girl in surprise.

"Hey hey, you don't mess around! Again, I, I called the police! If there's one thing wrong with you, it's none of my business. " The man hastily took out his cell phone.

"Well, I didn't expect that Chinese medicine had fallen into such a state that no one could recognize the magic needles of the Four Emblem Acupuncture." Noah Spelburg snorted in the heart coldly, could not help but think of the memory of the body of the former owner's sad memories.

Yes, Noah Spelburg was reborn in a different body, he was a monk in previous lives, the 12th master of the Mystery Medicine Sect. He was about to fly up to the heaven, but died of the enemy's plot.

And the former owner of the body, called Ely Spelburg, a child of a big family in Harbor City, but his identity was somewhat embarrassing. He was the product of his mother drunk chaos, even the father was unknown.

A few days ago, my mother, who had always loved alcohol and drugs, died of overdoses of drugs. Ely Spelburg, who has been regarded as the shame of the family, has become a thorn in everyone's eyes.

Ely Spelburg could not bear the people's wanton slander and bullying, so he said "I am not a beggar", then rushed out of the house.

After he spent the last penny, kicked out of the rental house by the landlord ruthlessly, he wanted to go to his girlfriend Helen Davis’ place to stay overnight, but sadly bumping into his girlfriend’s cheating.

Depleted and grieved, he walked down the street, struck by a speeding car, his brain badly clogged, died, and was carried away by Noah Spelburg, who was lucky enough to be alive.

At the moment, Noah Spelburg was using Four Emblem Acupuncture to open the brain meridians, eliminate congestion.

Seeing that it was almost done, Noah Spelburg top to bottom pulled out the needle in turn.

When the needles were pulled out, from Noah Spelburg's nostrils flew out two lines of black blood clots.

"Oh, it should be all right now!" Noah Spelburg stretched his legs and feet, stood up.

"Eh? Is this a clot in the brain? " Asked the man, staring in amazement.

"Yes, you have some sense at the moment!" Noah Spelburg nodded, looked at the doctor's license hanging on the wall, turned to look at the man asked, "your name is Mike Quinn? You are the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in this clinic? "

"Yes, so what? I tell you, it was my daughter Lillian who saved you. Otherwise, I'm afraid you'd be gone by now. " Mike Quinn picked up a chair and sat down carelessly. He tilted his legs up and said, "You should pay me the diagnosis fee. If you appreciate it, you don't have to say anything."

"Dad! Why do you think all about money? " Lillian Quinn listened to the words of Mike, was a little embarrassed, unhappy stamped her foot, cried.

"Nonsense, If I don't think about money, why did I open a clinic? You really think you're going to save the world? How hard is this world? Prices are soaring, and there are fewer and fewer people who believe in traditional Chinese medicine. It took more than 20 years for your father to save money before he could afford you to enrol in a medical university … "Mike said blatantly.

"All right, all right, I knew you'd say that." Lillian Quinn pouted her lips in displeasure.

"Well, it 's get late, and our clinic is closing, and if you are all right, and you 'll have to pay for it." Mike wanted Noah Spelburg to leave.

"I'm poor!" Noah Spelburg sat down opposite Mike, said coolly.

"What? You have no money? Oh, wickedness, what a downturn! My daughter saved your life, and you dare to owe our fees? " Mike immediately jumped to his feet and cried.

"Dad, we didn't do anything. We just helped him in and lay down for a while. Let's just forget about the money." Lillian Quinn went to the front of Mike, stared at him and said.

"What do you mean you didn't do anything? Didn't I observe his condition? Without my supervision, he might have died a long time ago! " Mike said, jumping his feet.

"Come on, just your skill?" Lillian Quinn did not give father face, turned to Noah Spelburg said, "it's all right, you go, don't mind my father!"

"You wicked girl! You will defeat me sooner or later, and my clinic! " Mike shouted angrily, but after all, also did not insist to Noah Spelburg to charge.

Unexpectedly, Noah Spelburg did not move, but shrugged his shoulders and said, "I have nowhere to go!"