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The Kind Young Master

The Kind Young Master



Myra was adopted by Sharp’s family, who had killed her parents, and encroached on her family assets. To protect the only relic left by her parents, Myra got seriously injured. Luckily, Lambert passed by and save Myra. Lambert was the leader of the largest family in the empire and the largest consortium. He was the ninth successor, so he was known as Sir Nine. Under his protection, Myra learned many skills. She dreamed of revenging Sharp’s family someday. She also wanted to protect Lambert in return. Out of the blue, Lambert said, ”Have you ever think about marrying me to present your gratefulness?”
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It hurt! The bones of the whole body seemed to have been torn apart.

In a ruined abandoned factory on the outskirts of the country, the girl was lying on a dusty concrete floor.

Scarlet blood spilled from under her head, and her delicate little face was pale without any trace of blood.

At the same time, a 15—year—old girl ran down the dilapidated stairs. Looking at the girl, she said with a guilty conscience:

The girl opened her lips lightly, but she wanted to speak, but she could not make a sound.

Looking at the dying Myra on the ground, Dolores' fear of guilt was gradually replaced by a hint of ruthlessness.

With a greedy smile on her lips, a necklace with a blue pendant hung down from Dolores’ fingertips. Her eyes stared at the blue pendant at the end of the necklace.

How beautiful! It was like a sea of stars in a jewel. It must be a treasure.

After admiring the necklace, Dolores glanced at Myra: "Our family is kind enough to adopt you for you to eat and wear. You don't know what to pay for, but if you take a broken necklace, you won't rely on it!"

Myra stared at the necklace in Dolores' hand.

That wasn't a broken necklace, it was left by her parents!

Obviously, Lennon had killed her parents, encroached on her family assets, and even pretended to adopt her. In front of people, she was as good as her, but behind people, she was not even as good as a dog.

Dolores usually likes to steal her things. Even now, even the only relic left by her parents was to be taken away. Of course, she was unwilling.

Dolores smiled as she approached Myra, and the necklace hung around her cheeks. "Do you want? If you want, you can take it yourself."

Myra tried hard to raise her hand to get her things back, but her bones seemed to be shattered.

"Haha ..." Dolores laughed happily: "This is something you don't want, then it's not my fault! Don't ask for it from me again."

Dolores took back the necklace and put it on his neck to take a selfie.

Looking at the selfie, he touched the blue pendant. Dolores smiled contentedly. He glanced at the Myra under his feet and said coldly, "Wait to die !" After that, he turned around and left.

After a while, Myra's consciousness became increasingly blurred, as if her soul was pulling away from her body.

No, she couldn't just die like this. She must live!

Thinking about it this way, her body seemed to have suddenly gained a strong strength. She struggled her arms and legs to turn over and lay on the ground, her entire body concentrated in her arms.

The petite and thin figure moved forward little by little, leaving bloodstains everywhere. Even though her body was aching and numb, she did not stay at all.

From the abandoned factory, he climbed over the grass and finally climbed to the side of the road. At this moment, it was already nightfall, and there was very little traffic on the empty road.

Time passed by, and in endless despair, a black SUV finally came from a short distance away.

The girl's dark eyes flashed as she tried to raise her slender arm and waved weakly in the air.

Finally, the car stopped by the side of the road, the rear window slowly sunk, and a well—defined three—dimensional face appeared in front of Myra.

She lifted her head and tried her best. She said hard, "Save me, please help me."

The man stared at the little girl on the side of the road. He was only fifteen or sixteen years old. His body was stained with blood. Her pale face was stained with dirt, and it did not make people feel ugly, on the contrary, poignancy and beauty under the moonlight.

She glanced at the intermittent blood behind her and reached the dilapidated factory not too far away. Obviously, she had climbed out from there. The girl seemed to be dying, but The tenacious light at the bottom of the eyes was brighter than the starlight.

Lambert instinctively opened the car door and got out of the car to approach her. The tall and upright figure stood like a god against the moonlight.

His facial features were three—dimensional, and he was handsome. She had never seen such a good—looking man before, more handsome than the leading man in the comic book.

Myra watched the man come closer to her. Is he trying to save her?

She opened her mouth and wanted to say thank you, but when that perfect face was close to her, it darkened and she completely lost consciousness.