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The Revenge of the Princess

The Revenge of the Princess



  The day before the wedding, her fiancé told her that he would marry her and another concubine together. She was grieved to death. When she woke up, the modern skilled doctor became a timid and weak lady. Her medical skills shocked people around her. She revenged herself on all those who had bullied her. But at the same time, she accidentally caught a shameless guy's attention. Whenever she caused troubles, he handled them. Dear Julia, I've done so much for you, it seems that you can only reward me with marrying me.
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The gongs and drums were loud.

Today was the day when His Highness married.

To others, it was clear that one was an award and the other was a humiliation.

Unfortunately, Juliet Capulet was the one who was humiliated.

"Miss Capulet, you're a famous lady who knows a lot. Even though His Highness married two women today, he still gives the title of ‘legal wife’ to you. His Highness still has some affection for you."

Mammy Barbara smiled, but her eyes were contemptuous.

"Furthermore, it's the envy of others who marry into the Royal Palace. Miss Capulet is so smart that you won't bother yourself?"

Juliet's grandfather was once one of the best doctors in the country because he had saved the king's mother and had some connections with the royal family.

It was a pity that arranged marriages had never had any good results.

Before she could even enter the door, she had become the laughing stock of Rome.

"I understand." Juliet lowered her eyes and could not see the expression on her face.

Mammy Barbara was very satisfied with her current affairs.

"Miss Capulet's a reasonable person. Prince asks Miss Capulet for convenience when you go to the hall. His Highness said that as long as you are willing to give in, you won't be able to spend less on food and clothing in the future."

If she had just stepped on her side, she would now be clear: She was just a foil.

She was the legal wife of Prince, and it was ridiculous to look at a concubine and her husband to hold a wedding ceremony.

"You are right. I will do as you mentioned."

"Just remember." Mammy Barbara smiled.

The second Miss of the Capulet was as timid as rumors, and she was useless.

After the explanation, she went out to greet the team again, lest someone who was not sensible wag his tongue.

When she treated others and walked far away, Melilot said with a grievance, "Miss, how can you agree? They are offensive. Let's go find the Master."

Juliet smiled silently and twisted the bridal headscarf cover on her head.

Even if she was to be a concubine, her family was welcome. Not to mention being a nominal princess.

She was the item in the deal, clearly priced, and she had no choice.

His Highness Romeo Montague understood, so did the Capulet. Unfortunately, the previous Juliet did not understand.

She heard that Romeo Montague was going to get two women at the same time today. She died of anger pitifully.

Now, here was the top doctor in Italy. She had excellent medical skills and was unique in poison. She was called the genius doctor Juliet Capulet.

She had died inexplicably in her previous life. When she opened her eyes she reached this place. She became the second lady who was bullied in the family.

Her mother, Moon Paris, was the highly—skilled doctor of the Paris family which fell overnight, and because of this, her mother could not stand up to it.

As soon as her mother died, her father Richard Capulet quickly corrected Aunty Laura and brought her family into the Paris family's mansion. With the Paris family's original connections, he became a bachelor in the Imperial Academy and then changed Juliet from daughter of a wife to that of a concubine.

"I know that the lady's heart is wronged. Your grandfather and mother went too early to protect you. Miss has suffered a lot."

Juliet laughed.

"That's not right. As the saying goes, no cross, no crown!"

Now, she would no longer be a snowflake, and she would tell those people that Juliet was different.

No matter whether it was Romeo Montague or the Capulet, it was time to pay it back!