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The Fated Marriage

The Fated Marriage



Claire Yan was sent to an orphanage ten days after she was born, and later had been picked and adopted by prestigious Yan family at 8 years old. She's a bargaining chip and a puppet for her foster parents, no love, no care, no money. She had once been an egg-donor to save her friend. And now, she's forced to marry the young master Lu, from a great business empire, Lu Enterprise, in exchange for investment to her foster family. Her engagement ceremony was imminent. She hung out with her friends in the bar when she's challenged by her friend to take a bet. Unbuckle the belt of whomever the first man entering the door. It turned out the man she's gonna unbutton was a super knockout. The man agreed to her request, but he slowly added, "Only if you pay a price..."
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"You have to get engaged, otherwise, don't want be graduate."

When he heard this, Claire looked at the wine in the red wine glass. His beautiful amber eyes reflected the flickering light in the bar.

"Claire, it's your turn. You're about to get engaged in a week. You'll be married, then. Now, do you want to play something big?" Zachery said.

Engaged? Claire smiled indifferently, not arguing. His arms crossed on his chest, his right hand gently shaking the wine glass in his hand, and a cunning flash in his eyes.

"How to play?"

"For a while, the first man who came in from the door, no matter if he was old, young, ugly, or beautiful, you must untie his belt."

Claire raised his eyebrows. "What if he doesn't have a leash?"

"Then untie the buttons on his pants, there's always a button," Zachery shouted.

Claire smiled, then pushed the tray to the center of the table with his left hand. He pointed his finger at the plate, and squinted his eyes. "Old rules, one person per hundred, I lost twice."

"Claire, don't you fall into the money like this? Isn't your family rich?" Zachery shouted.

The Claire family was rich, but it was not hers.

They would not give it to her either!

If it hadn't been eight years old, she would have fortune—telling that she had the mother's fate.

She would not be adopted by the Claire family either.

She didn't know if she wanted to. She was sent to an orphanage ten days after she was born, saving a lot of money for her parents.

Before she graduated, she would marry her to the prestigious Lucas family in exchange for business investment.

In Claire's eyes, there was a cunning trick, and he raised his eyebrows. "Then you gamble or not? Forget it!"

"Of course,let’s gamble." Zachery laughed and put a hundred dollars on the plate.

The people who grew up to enter the bar were probably rich families, so she wouldn't care for the hundred dollars for them.

She was a poor man. They couldn't say anything about $ 100, but she could use this $ 100 to eat a good meal for the children in the orphanage. You can also slowly save enough money to leave the Claire family.

Get rid of the fate of being a chess.

Claire stood up and walked towards the door.

She is very beautiful.

Her beauty was not only in the exquisite facial features, but in her unique temperament. She looked lazy, but she had an overwhelming charm, and it seemed sweet, but with a sense of alienation in her bones.

Claire went to the door and took a deep breath.

At the door came a noble man in a black trench coat. He lowered his head and ordered something from the man beside him.

"Sir," Claire shouted sweetly.

The man looked back at him and looked at Claire with a pair of unusually handsome eyes.

"Can you show me your belt?" Claire looked at the man's waist and smiled harmlessly.

The man was stunned for a moment, and he frowned slightly. His deeper eyes looked down at Claire.

Claire didn't expect him to be such a cold reaction. His dark eyes and abstinence revealed too much reason.

"Claire is about to lose money now?" Zachery's voice sounded.

The man's savvy gaze glanced at Claire's classmates, and his gaze fell on the woman in front of him.

Claire feel a little embarrassed when this man stared at him.then said, "Should I give it to you?"

"What price are you going to pay to see my belt?"