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Playboy's Only Love

Playboy's Only Love



  “Are you satisfied with my technique.” He whispered to her ears on the bed with laziness and satisfaction. Six years later, she came back with kids, while finding her boss looked the same as her kids. She disguised as a wealthy lady to contend with him, when she discovered the truth, she was so sad that she wanted to leave, while before she left…
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A handsome handsome boy dragged a huge suitcase and provoked the eyes of countless passers—by. He saw his silver dress. Although he was short, he had a natural domineering, and each raised his hand. It shows that he has been well educated.

Behind him was a woman with a squat, long hair hanging shoulders, sunglasses covering most of the face, only seeing the red lips and the sharp white chin.

"Baby, Are you thirsty?" Sandra asked as he walked, smiling.

Bruce Yan nodded. "A little bit."

"Uhm Did mommy buy you a bottle of milk to drink?" After that, Sandra patted Xiao Bruce 's small head: "You wait here, Mommy will come for a while."

"Thank you Mommy."

After Sandra walked away, Bruce Yan found a place to sit down nearby.

Sandra ran to the nearest store, but accidentally bumped into a person. Ouch!

Her shoulder was hit and hurt, and she turned her head uncomfortably. A tall and handsome figure caught her eye. The same black—colored glasses covered most of her face. A few fluttering hair fluttered in front of her forehead. Under the nose of Yunfeng is a thin lip that is twisted into a straight line.

"Sorry!" Sandra Yan out to apologize. After all, she was in a hurry and bumped into someone else. Naturally, she must apologize first.

Apologizing, she turned and tried to walk away; she took a step and found the man grabbing the bottom corner of her shirt, so she had to stop. She was a little angry, so she turned and asked.

"What do you want? I have already apologized."

The man's gaze fell on her body. Even though he was wearing sunglasses, Sandra could still see his frightening gaze, so she could not help but chill.

His tight lips are light and open, with endless sarcasm.

"This lady I don’t want anything, but your zipper hooks my clothes."

What? Sandra Yan a glimpse, then bowed his head. Sure enough, not only did her zipper hook the man's suit, but the chain also scratched the suit and made some hideous marks on it.

Sandranuan was dumbfounded. How can this be? She lowered her head and reached for her clothes but not only was her shirt still attached to the man’s suit, but also the zipper scratched the suit again causing more damage.

Worry! Sandranuan can't help but curse in my heart!

The man's looks more and more dismayed, and the sound is like the cold wind in the cold night.

"This suit is made by famous Italian designers. It is custom—made. How do you plan to pay for the damage?"

“Compensation?” Sandra replied, looked up and asked, “How much?”

She looked clueless and silly, but unexplainably cute at the same time; the man curved his lips and smirked: "10 million at least."

This huge number scared her so she quailed.

Ten million? Does he wanna rob me? But just a suit.

The man raised his hand and looked at the sunglasses on his face. He wanted to say something about his thin lips. Two people are calling his name not far behind him.

"Young Master!"

"The young master is there!"

Sandranuan looked back, startled. Seems like he’s a man with a lot of power. People are even calling him young master, no wonder he dares to lie so blatantly and say that this suit is handmade by famous Italian designers. If they catch her on sight, they’ll definitely ask her to pay

Pay? Even if somebody offers to buy her as a slave, she’s not gonna be worth 10 million. So she definitely can't afford it.

Thinking of this, Sandra made a decision!

She decided that her best bet is to escape from the scene.