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Super Soldier King

Super Soldier King



He was the most powerful general of the country, who had a beautiful fiancée, while beauties kept appearing, he took great advantage of them! He was so tired that he commenced seclusion. While he was out, rebel forces resurged, royal members fought each other, in this chaos world, how to find a way out.
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In the dimly lit room, William slowly wiped out a cigarette butt.

Through the faint light, you see that the ashtray in front of him was stuffed with cigarette butts, and two empty cigarette cases were thrown on the floor. The smoke in the room was as if it was on fire.

Throughout a brief night, he smoked two packs of cigarettes.

Before that, however, he never smoked.

To be precise, he had never done it since he put on his military uniform.

Because the smell of smoke was fatal to a special warrior, especially a sniper!

" Whir!"

William sucked the turbid air, got up and walked to William, opened the curtains, and the morning sunshine shot into the room through the glass.

The sun was glaring, and his persevering face appeared a short embarrassment.

Immediately, he slowly moved his gaze and looked at the most secretive base of the military, which was hailed as the military's most mysterious.

After a while, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air outside the window, then turned and walked over to the bed, squatting down and gently stroking the already folded military uniform.

The military uniform was dedicated to the special combat team members, and a "sword" was embroidered on the armband.

Because of this armband, this special army with no military number and unknown ownership was called "Sharp Sword" special force by the foreign army.

It was the most mysterious special force in The UK.


The unit, however, in the British military, was known as "SAS", which was the temple that all the special warfare players dreamed of entering!

William gently stroked the folds of the military uniform, and the movement was very light and slow as if touching his lover.

Finally, his finger touched a Rock medal, like an electric shock, his body trembled slightly, then carefully picked it up and held it in the palm of his hand, as if holding the most precious treasure in the world.


Just then, there were knocks on the door.

William heard the sound, gently placed the medal on the military uniform, then picked up the military uniform and got up and went to the door.


The door opened in response, and four people stood at the door, blocking the way of William, and looked anxious, "Cap...Captain!"

"What are you doing?"

William smiled and asked, but the smile was somewhat far—fetched.

"Do you want to leave?"

The four eyes of the four people were red, and they stared at the military uniform and medals in the hands of William. They spoke in unison.

"Not leaving, but being fired," said William with a forced smile.

"Captain, let's go to the head of the court and ask for your stay!"

"Yes, Jason has gone away, and we will ill afford your leaving!"

The two people in the forefront opened one after another and then fell into a short silence.

"Strong man" touched the pain in their hearts, and at the same time let William's body tremble!

The strong man was the nickname of Jason, who used to be their comrade—in—arms and a life and death brother who can safely hand the back to the other side on the battlefield.

Now, Jason had left the world forever!

It happened just a few days ago, which was in immediate connection with William’s expelling.

"The military has obeyed the order as a vocation, and the superior department has Made a decision that cannot be changed." William adjusted his mood and said with a deep voice.

"Captain, if you insist on going, we are with you..." The four men swear by the expression.

"Don't mess around, go and train immediately!"

William interrupted the words of the four.

No respond.

The four people were like a wall standing a head of William, remaining motionless.

"I haven't been officially expelled yet. Do you want to collectively violate this order? Or do you have no captain in your eyes?" William saw it and shouted.


In the face of William's reprimand, the four people had a sore nose and the eyes were covered with tears.

As a member of the Dragon's Tooth, they have a strong heart and strong willpower, even if they shed the last drop of blood on the battlefield, they will not leave a tear.

But at this moment, they couldn't help but cry.

"When did you become a princess? If you were a captain, please train me!"

William reprimanded again, but the voice was a little trembling.

The four life and death brothers did not want him to leave. Why did he want to leave this "home"?


This time, the four men shouted in unison, then saluted, turned and ran away, and the neat footsteps rang through the dormitory.

Watching the four left, William's eyes are also red, but soon, he returned to normal, and quickly walked out of the dormitory.


When William’s footsteps stepped out of the dormitory, there was a noise outside the dormitory.

Whir !

Whir !

Whir !


As it sounded, including the first four people, ten of the UK's most outstanding special military personnel were saluting William.

They and William, as well as the late Jason, comprised the SAS that chilled foreign armies!

"It is the greatest fortune in my life to be able to fight alongside you. I look forward to the emergence of a new SAS among you!"


William said hoarsely, slowly raising his right arm and making a salute movement like a textbook.

Later, he put down his arm and slowly walked toward the base of the door in the eyes of ten people.


Looking at the back of William who was going away, the only dowager among the ten people, biting his lip and biting his lips, looked like a word and stopped, and finally resisted the impulse of the opening.

At the entrance of the base, an off—road vehicle with a military license has long been waiting for a long time. A major general will sit in the back of the car and watch William approach slowly. The expression was very complicated.

His name was Montgomery, the helm of this mysterious force!

" William reports to you!"

In Montgomery's complicated gaze, William walked to the side of the car and saluted.


Montgomery put away a complicated mood and opened the door to saw the mountain.

"Yes, general!"

William responded loudly, then went to the other side of the car and pulled the door open.

After doing all this, he couldn't help but look back at the comrades who still held the salute position in front of the base before they got into the car.


When the car starts, William wanted to hand over the military uniform and the SAS Medal.


Waiting for him to finish, Montgomery directly interrupted, "You hand it over to the old head, only he can decide to stay."

He was very clear that the old head of the army, as long as he leaves William, no one dares to oppose the whole army. Similarly, if the old head was determined to expel William from the army, no one dares to dare. disagree!

"The result is already doomed, why bother to find him?"

William said quietly that he did not take back the military uniform and the SAS Medal.

Montgomery was silent.

"As the squadron leader of the special forces of the sword, the captain of the dragon squad, I rushed over the borders and broke into other countries to fight. It not only violated the military regulations but also violated international law and even caused war. The sinner of the country!" William said in a low voice.

"If you give me another chance, will you still do this?" Montgomery asked subconsciously. After the words were exported, he felt that it was a white question.

"The blood debt is paid, the gangs kill the fierce, I have to kill them!"

As if to confirm Montgomery's judgment, William responded in a cold voice, and at the same time, he couldn't help but think of the situation of the day. He was filled with strong killings, and he felt that he could not blow the heads of the mercenaries again.

"Across the line, if you put the mercenaries in our territory, you will not be fired, and you will make a meritorious deed, a hero, but unfortunately..."

Montgomery sighed, his voice filled with regret, and at the same time, he was puzzled — which organization had eaten the ambition of the leopard and dared to shoot the SAS?

As of now, although the military has used all channels of information, it has not investigated any information about that organization.

Montgomery shook his head and stopped thinking about this problem. Instead, he repeatedly asked William to ask, "Are you sure you are not going to find the old head?"

"I know him better than you, and I know something better."

William answered questions and said nothing.


Montgomery once again sighed, and then he took pity to take over the dragon costumes of the special warriors and the SAS medals symbolizing glory and glory.

When the car started, William looked at his "home" and his life and death brothers through the mirror, and he was in a complicated mood.

"Do the captain come back?"

Looking at the car, the ten SAS members couldn't help but ask themselves.

No answer.

But they know that since William leaves the military camp, it will wipe out the organization that kills the dragon teeth from the earth!


"General, I have a request."

After the car left the base very far, William regained his gaze and opened the door again.

"Go ahead."

Montgomery was a bit stunned, but more doubts, wondering what William’s request was.

"Can you tell his family about the real situation of the fierce departure?" William regained his gaze and turned to look at Montgomery, his expression was extraordinarily serious.

"No, this is the rule!"

Montgomery shook his head resolutely. The SAS was the sharpest blade of the British special forces. The members had to only keep the secret, but once they died, they issued a notice of death, concealing the real situation and replacing them with training death.

"I know this is a rule, but have you ever thought that they will not be able to become martyrs to defend the country and the people, and they will not be able to become a martyr after death. Is this cruel? Is this too cruel?"

William’s emotions were a little faint.

"It's indeed cruel, but the rules are rules. What's more, you should know that this is also a kind of protection for the members of the team. The special warfare members fight with the lawless elements on the border line all year round, and blood is countless. If the identity is exposed, It will be a nightmare for the family!"

Montgomery said, and then called for an envelope William, "This is Jason’s death notice and pensions, and the password of the card is 666666. You will be responsible for handing them to the Jason's — it is your last mission!"

William hesitated a little, but still took the envelope silently.

“What are you going to do after the last mission?”

After the car arrived in the city, Montgomery and William got off the bus and couldn't help but ask.

"This task is not so easy to accomplish."

William’s language was amazing.


Montgomery looked awkward and unclear.

"Goodbye General !"

William saluted and turned away.

This day.

He did not tell Montgomery that on the day of Jason’s death, although he had arbitrarily crossed the border, one person, one gun, and even 28 mercenaries, there were still mercenaries who fled.

He did not tell Montgomery that Jason violated the regulations every time he performed his duties — with his sister's photo in his arms.

And that day.

He did not found photos on Jason's body, nor did he found photos on those who died in mercenaries.


On the afternoon of the day when William was fired, London, a private clubhouse where the children of the scorpion dreamed of entering, was on the top floor.

A young dowager in a professional suit stood in front of the floor—to—ceiling windows and looked at the densely populated high—rise buildings and the flowing traffic.

The afterglow of the setting sun shines through the glass into the room, reflecting her peerless face and proud figure, as if wearing a Rock tulle for her, it was so beautiful.


After a while, the door knocking sounded, breaking the silence in the room and pulling the young dowager back to reality.

"Come in."

The young dowager slowly spat out two words, without the word "please", and the original calm scorpion suddenly became sharp.

"Sister Sophia, I heard that William was fired by the troops."

A young man with gold—rimmed glasses walked into the room and walked to a place three meters away from the young dowager.

"I didn't expect that you would return in such a way..."

The young dowager turned her gaze to the distant sky, answering the questions, the tone was complex, ridiculous, and ambiguous.

"Sister Sophia, are you still tangled?"

The young man wearing gold—rimmed glasses heard a slight frown and hesitated. "When he chose to be a special soldier, your ending was doomed. You want to be a dowager of Chief Bill, and he is only a border." Soldier."

"Chief Bill of solider is also a king."

The sunset was glaring.

The young dowager closed her eyes slightly and whispered as if she was responding to the youth, and she was talking to herself.

"But he is not even a soldier."

The young man wearing gold—rimmed glasses argued, "It's hard to hear if there is no aura of the William’s, now he is not even qualified for your bag!"

"You underestimate him."

The young dowager shook her head gently, and her expression gradually strengthened, "I used to be Chief Bill in the London, and dared to break Bob’s legs in public. Later, he became the only dragon of the Republic. Teeth, in the future, who can say that he has nothing to do?"

"It's not that he will accomplish nothing, I just think he can't match you." The young man wearing gold—rimmed glasses hesitated.

"Three years old, big, seven years old. I believe that the man I see Sophia will not let me down."

The young dowager stood in front of the floor—to—ceiling windows, her hands held the floor—to—ceiling windows, and looked at the distant sky. It looked like the future. The tone was firm and the voice was powerful. "If you lost the face of the William’s, Let other people compare, I will be blinded by the eagle!"