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The Better Second Life

The Better Second Life



After being murdered by her scum ex-boyfriend, she was reborn to another parallel world. She decided to cherish this miracle and live her wonderful life. But she met a man who was in a wheelchair but still looked proud and noble. Their first meeting was an accident. Out of kindness, she helped him and treated his disabled lower limbs, while with her touching, he had a strange feeling surging in his heart. He didn’t want her to go. Thinking that the credit card was the pay for her treatment, she clutched the unlimited credit card he gave to her, and said, "Sir, this is my reward." Unexpectedly, when his legs had made a full recovery from her treatment, he said, “Only a credit card as the reward is not enough. I'd like to give myself to you as well!"
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When Betty Clinton opened her eyes, she realized that she was on the bed in morgue of the hospital.

Wasn't it weird that she was smashed into meat sauce by the evil man's car? How could she not die yet?

"Bob, the body of the girl that just arrived can be taken to the funeral parlor to be cremated. A nameless corpse like thisstayed at our morgue for free with no family members to claim and we won't be able to reap a single cent of the benefits. If she was pretty, then I would have been merciful, but this kind of ugly and child—like girl, like a short—lived ghost, I'll burn a hundred of them as soon as I can …Eh, where's the corpse?"

A man with glasses wearing a white coat opened the door and walked in. He was speaking to his companion beside him when he suddenly realized that the morgue bed was empty.

"Hum, you guys even dare to take away the money from a dead person. You still dare to say that I'm an ugly girl that hasn't grown up yet and still want to burn me? Do you think I'm just a coward?"

After hearing the commotion coming from outside the door, Betty Clinton immediately hid herself. At this moment, she could not help but scold in a sinister and angry manner.

The two men were almost scared to death. However, before they could say anything, the acupoint on their necks was accurately hit. Their vision went dark and they fainted on the ground.

Ten minutes later, Betty in a white coat walked out of the mortuary, humming a song to herself. "I'll conquer you like this. Take off all your clothes …"

Her clothes were in tatters, so she robbed one of their clothes to wear, but she still couldn't stand the stinky smell.

When the nurses who passed by heard the singing, they looked at Betty Clinton in surprise. They thought secretly in their mind, "When did our hospital have such a female doctor with such coquettish skills? Furthermore, why did the white coat she wore seem a little unfitting?”

"Hurry, capture her! She's faking her corpse, and even stole my clothes!" A man in underpants suddenly chased them out of the morgue.

A few nurses screamed at first, then recognized the man as a colleague in charge of the morgue and bravely tried to intercept the so—called "dead body", that is Betty Clinton.

Betty Clinton didn't expect her to wake up so quickly, and instinctively ran away.

If she didn't run away, she would be seen as a fake corpse and be captured and sliced.

As she ran, more and more people who didn't know anything quickly joined in and surrounded her.

At this moment, Betty Clinton was like a lamb in the midst of a pack of wolves, dodging left and right. Somehow, she had entered the clinic.

"No, no, my stomach is too hungry, I don't have the strength to run anymore. It seems like I have to find a place to hide first, and wait for my pursuers to leave me before I find an opportunity to slip away."

Betty Clinton took the opportunity to slip into a darkened consultation room.

She thought there was no one around, but just as she closed the door, a magnetic male voice rang out, "You're back? This patient of mine has already waited for you for half an hour. Hubbard, don't you know that my time is very precious? "

She turned on the light and saw that there was a man sitting on his wheelchair. Even in a sitting posture, the man's back was as straight as a javelin, making it easy for people to think of one word: never bend.

How outstanding and handsome his back is!

Seeing no response, Arthur Sterling turned the wheelchair, showing a handsome face that made people want to cheer for him.

He looked at the unfamiliar face, frowned, and said with a deep voice, "Who are you? Where's Dr. Brown?"