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Love My boyfriend's Cousin

Love My boyfriend's Cousin



  He was the only one who doted on her. There was nothing she could not think of and nothing he could not give. An Ruoqiu was betrayed by her boyfriend and sent to the stranger's bed by Xiao San. Unexpectedly, the stranger turned out to be the cousin of her ex-boyfriend. After a night of passion, Li Chenyu half-narrowed her eyes, her deep eyes were full of arrogance: "You will be responsible to me if you sleep with me." "I am a girl, and the one who is at a disadvantage is me." "Then I will be responsible to you." A few hours later, Li Chenyu brought An Ruoqiu out of the Civil Administration Bureau. An Ruqiu continued to have a stupefied look on her face. "She's turned into a young woman just like that?" After marriage, Li Chenyu pampered her wife and led a happy and happy life. His ex-boyfriend regretted it, while Little San was jealous and envious. The tyrannical husband did not forget to help the delicate wife torture the mistress and the scum man when he was pampering his wife.
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When she entered the presidential suite, a hand suddenly covered her mouth. An Ruo Qiu struggled hard, but heard her colleague Yu Si Cheng's voice coming from the room: "Chen Ze, when did you abandon An Ruo Qiu, and reveal our relationship?"

An Ruo Qiu's eyes widened in disbelief. She then heard his boyfriend Li Chen Ze's magnetic and alluring voice: "Good boy … How can she compare to you? "

Yes, this was her boyfriend's voice. An Ruo Qiu's heart felt as if it was being cut by knives.

"Today, are you going to send a woman to Li Chen Yu and frame him for rape?" Yu Si Cheng's spoiled voice sounded once again.

"Um... "This time, I will definitely make him die an ugly death." Li Chen Ze said in a sinister and pleased voice.

"Oh, no. "Don't be like this..." Just as Li Chen Ze finished speaking, Yu Si Cheng's mesmerizing voice rang, piercing An Ruo Qiu's heart.

"Don't you like me like this?" Li Chen Ze's voice became more hoarse and urgent.

An Ruo Qiu felt the man who covered her mouth forcefully push her in front of the door. The door was ajar, and through the crack of the door, An Ruo Qiu could see the pair of man and woman who were sleeping together on the bed.

An Ruo Qiu could also clearly see that man was her boyfriend for many years — Li Chen Ze.

An Ruo Qiu knew it, it must have been intentional. He must have pushed her out of the door on purpose to let her see that Li Chen Ze had betrayed her.

An Ruo Qiu never thought that her boyfriend who had been in love with her for so many years would actually betray her and mess around with her colleagues. Furthermore, he even said bad things about her.

An Ruo Qiu was trembling from head to toe.

Before An Ruo Qiu even had a chance to mourn, she was dragged out by this man to another room …

It was simply unfathomable!

The room was filled with the smell of alcohol. An Ruo Qiu was forcefully pushed onto the bed, while the other man held her tightly in his arms.


The door closed softly, as if An Ruo Qiu was trapped in the room, trapped in the man's embrace.

As if feeling the domineering aura of the man, An Ruo Qiu tightly imprisoned her in his embrace, preventing her from struggling.

Before An Ruo Qiu could figure out what was going on, the man's lips had just pressed up against hers, randomly kissing her, pressing her down forcefully. She only felt that her surroundings were filled with the scent and smell of male hormones.

The man's strength was so great, so great, that she could not move.

The man's body was exceptionally hot. It was scorching hot, as if it was going to burn her and turn her into ashes …

"Ah... "It hurts …" A sharp sound broke the silence of the night.

The night was too dark!

I heard that the stars are hiding in shame tonight.

Tonight, An Ruo Qiu didn't even have the time to cry. Night had already passed.

Tonight, the most precious thing An Ruo Qiu had preserved for more than twenty years had been snatched away by an unfamiliar man.

… ….

The next day, the morning wind blew gently.

Suddenly, a large group of people barged in, waking up the exhausted An Ruo Qiu and Li Chen Yu.

Before the two of them could figure out what was going on, a police officer and a reporter came in …