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Lovely Ghost Husband

Lovely Ghost Husband



"Marry me, then I will rescue you from the coffin." A handsome male ghost said that to me when the villagers treated me as a sacrifice! He proposed, I said yes. Since then, I got a thousand-year-old ghost husband, who is handsome and powerful. The only problem is that he has no memory of his past. He protects me in the world of the dead souls, and I help him find his memory in the world of the living. At first, I thought it was just a ghost-marriage of taking each other wants. But I had a feeling for him. "Please don't go!" I said loudly, "I love you. Would you stay with me till the end?"
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This is my homeland, Longevity Village, a place that is like a paradise.

For the first time since I was born, I stood on this land, full of curiosity.

Maybe it was because there were very few outsiders in the Longevity Village, when I appeared, I attracted the attention of many villagers. However, they looked at me with a gaze that was indescribably cold and strange.

Last night, my father received a call from the village head saying that the Third Granduncle had passed away.

Previously, whenever I mentioned that I wanted to come back to take a look, my parents would always reject me using all kinds of reasons. But this time, they made an exception and asked me to come back to represent them in Third Granduncle's funeral.

"Are you Mi Le Le?" His thoughts were interrupted by a voice. The one who asked was a middle—aged woman who looked simple and honest. Her young face was covered with the vicissitudes of time due to years of exposure to the sun and wind.

I nodded politely. "I am."

"What took you so long!" "The village chief has been waiting for you. Come with me."

Without waiting for a response, the middle—aged woman turned and walked straight into the depths of the village. I looked at her innocently as she complained, so I took a few steps forward and followed her.

"It's such a pity for such a young and beautiful girl."

"What's a pity? Look at that foxlike face with the face of a calamity."

"That's right, it's her fortune to be the Third Granduncle's bride!"

When the women, who were standing by the village entrance, saw me, they gave me disdainful looks. Their conversation made me, who was already doubtful, wary.

Thinking back to today when my parents sent me to the car, I wanted to say something but hesitated. I had a strange expression on my face. Suddenly, an ominous premonition welled up in my heart. I stopped in my tracks, and without even thinking about turning around and running, I heard the middle—aged woman shriek from behind me, "Catch her! The little sacrificial girl ran away! "

No matter how hard I ran, I was caught.

"Let me go! Why do you want to capture me! " I struggled and bit hard on the hand that was grabbing me. The villager groaned in pain and scolded, "This girl is really reckless! Quick, help me hold on to her! "

Just like that, he dragged me all the way to Village Branch.

An old man with yellow teeth and a pipe in his mouth was sitting in the room. When he saw me being escorted in, he knocked the pipe against his shoe twice and said to me in a helpless tone, "Little girl, since you're already here, don't think about going back."

I forcefully shook off the clamp and rubbed my blue wrist. I frowned as I stared at the old man and said unhappily, "You are the village chief? I am here to offer my condolences to the Third Granduncle, why am I still being held captive like a criminal?! "

"Hur hur." Not only did the village chief not get angry from my unkind tone, he smiled instead. However, that smile made me even more cautious, "It seems like your parents didn't tell you anything!" "Yeah, if I tell you, you won't come."

"What do you mean!" A sense of foreboding came over him, causing all the nerves in his body to tense up. It seemed that my parents were aware of the situation today, but why would they do so?

"You came to make living sacrifices for your Third Granduncle." The Village Chief grinned, revealing his yellow teeth as he smiled. He casually picked up the bowl of black stuff on the table and placed it next to my mouth, "Drink this. You'll feel better later."

"What the hell is this? I'm not drinking it!" With a wave of my hand, I slammed the bowl to the ground. As the bowl shattered, the black, viscous liquid spilled onto the ground, making me feel nauseous.

"I'm going back!" I didn't want to stay in this strange village a second longer, so I turned and headed for the door.

"Go?" "Hmph, you won't be able to leave!" The village chief glanced at me, rolled up his pipe and sneered, "Bring the bride of Third Granduncle, we must bury them when the auspicious time comes!" As he spoke, he clasped his hands behind his back and walked out.

The village chief had just finished speaking when a few well—built villagers grabbed my arm and forcefully dragged me to a clearing on the hillside. It was as if the entire village had gathered here, waiting for their long—awaited burial ceremony.

There was a huge pit in the center of the clearing. Inside the pit was a black coffin that gave off a cold and gloomy feeling even under the scorching sun.

At the edge of the pit, there was a black coffin. The opened coffin lid was like a ferocious mouth, as if it couldn't wait to swallow me up.

Looking at everything before me, I felt my scalp go numb, my entire body go cold, and I struggled with all my might. But no matter how much I tried to resist, it was all useless. Let me go! If you all disregard human life like this, there will be retribution! "

"Little girl, using your life in exchange for the lives of us villagers, you have died a glorious death!" As he said this, he waved to the person who was pressing me, "The auspicious hour has arrived. You don't have to go through all those rituals. Just directly enter the coffin!"

As soon as I said that, I was pushed forward from behind and fell straight into the coffin.

With a bang, the lid of the coffin quickly closed and everything turned dark.