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16 Again

16 Again



  The miniature explosives had caused Ilan to perish together with the scum of a man and woman. The pity of the heavens had caused her to return to the age of sixteen. The life that she owed her in was one in which she would pay back twice as much. Scoundrel would not show any mercy. The trap was still as secretive as ever: he thought he could see through everyone's hearts, but he had accidentally lost his heart in the transaction with the guy in front of him. The man in front of him was definitely a disaster.
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As if finally finding a way out after a long period of depression, heavy rain fell from the sky.

The bright headlights illuminated the deserted road. The blood was diluted by the rain, and the poor woman on her knees was breathing heavily. Her fingers were digging unwillingly into the slate road, blood seeping through her fingernails, and her disheveled hair was flying over her face.

"Is she dead?" A petite girl snuggled up to the man inside the car.

"Is there even a need to ask?" The man looked at the blood all over the ground and the woman lying in a pool of blood with a cold smile on his face.

"Then let's go quickly!" Although she had wanted Yi Lan You to die a long time ago, this was the first time she had done such a thing. Although she was pleased, she was still a little afraid, "After all, Yi Lan You is my best friend.

"Xiao Rou, you are too kind." The man kissed the woman's forehead, interrupting her words before turning the car key. "If you have to blame something, you can only blame Yi Lan You for being too stupid, and not the others." The man stepped on the gas pedal. Yi Lan You was just a pawn for his revenge.

Immediately after, the spinning Lun Tai mercilessly rolled over Yi Lan You's right arm. The car felt a weak bumpiness, the woman's eyes could not hide her excitement.


The sound of thunder resonated in one direction. Yi Lan You felt the pain of his bones being crushed, every second felt as long as a century. She didn't want to die just like that. She had been a coward for her entire life, how could she die in such a pathetic manner? She didn't want to!

She wanted to ask for help, but she could only vomit blood. The smell of blood in her mouth caused her to cough dryly.

With another ear—piercing sound of brakes, a bodyguard squatted beside Yi Lan You with an umbrella to check his surroundings before running back to the car and saying: "Boss, it's the Ehrlich, it seems like he's injured and won't be able to live."

"Yi Lan You?" The man inside the car narrowed his eyes and said fiercely, "Take her to Joker. No matter the cost, save her!"

"Yes sir!" The bodyguard was a little puzzled. Back then, when the Ehrlich had reneged on the marriage agreement with the Wild Man, she had caused the BOSS to lose face, but the BOSS had never blamed her. What was going on?

Half a year later.

In a hotel in the center of Z City, a Golden Age wedding was being held.

"Now you may kiss your bride, bridegroom," the priest announced with a slight smile.

"Hahaha …" A burst of untimely loud laughter came out, causing everyone to be startled upon hearing it, wasn't this Ehrlich?

"You!" The girl was also stunned. Yi Lan You? In order to avoid suspicion, they left for the United States that night. They even destroyed the car that caused the accident, who would have thought that the b * tch Yi Lan You's life was so big, she actually did not die?

"Xiao Bo, didn't you say that you will only love me once in your life?" Yi Lan You was drawing her exquisite makeup today, and it was just the beginning of winter. Her snow—white mink coat was wrapped around her perfect waist, and she wore a tight red dress. At this moment, she was using her left hand to lightly cover her red lips with a sweet smile.

Xiao Bo was also shocked. In his heart, Yi Lan You was beautiful, but her personality was weak and boring. Even when she was on the bed, she was just a stranded salted fish.

Lin Xiao Rou also knew what kind of occasion was today where she had to hold back the curses in her heart, and put on a look of innocence and gentleness.

Yi Lan You strolled onto the stage, pushed the Priest far away and then took off his mink coat. "Since you love him so much, then let's die together!"

After a lifetime of tolerance and ten years of sincere treatment, what came next was the pain of betrayal and the price of losing one's family. She had been waiting for this moment for too long. If she could start over, how good would that be? If everything could be repeated, she swore that she would definitely make this bunch of scum die a horrible death.

The mini mink coat fell to the ground as Yi Lan You crashed into the two people in his arms and agilely ignited the mini explosives tied to his body. To everyone's surprise, the three people on the stage exploded with a loud bang, causing blood and flesh to splatter all over the place.