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My Sexy Nominal Wife

My Sexy Nominal Wife



  Coming out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she regretted her impulsive marriage. She was conflicted and asked, "Since you're so rich, if I marry you, what will you do about having an affair with me in the future?" She knew in her heart that he was vicious, cruel, immortal-like and evil, with power in his grasp. Many people could not figure out his real trump card. He chuckled, "Don't worry, I won't be having an affair, because I will never have money in my life." He gave her a stack of documents and a bank card, "They're all in your name. I don't have any money, so I'll be relying on you to raise them in the future." Accompanying her to the pharmacy to buy cold medicine, he also asked about the type of condom, but she who was always diligent and frugal smiled and stepped forward, "Give us the most expensive!" He was very happy, but she was even more happy. "It's just a fake marriage, so we don't need it. We'll buy it and put on an act in front of our elders. When we get back, we'll give it to others, killing two birds with one stone!" He endured. When he got home, he lay on the bed in a seductive pose and asked, "How do you feel?" She took a quick glance at him and said, "Tired." He endured it again. She showed her affections to her enemy. He was jealous and asked, "If I don't touch you or have an affair with you, how will I live my life?" She was stunned. "You're serious about marrying me?" He gritted his teeth as he glanced at her before carrying her back to the bedroom. "I don't want to endure any longer!"
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Snowflakes fluttered in the air, and under the brilliant neon light, the man pressed the woman against the wall and kissed his passionately.

A meter away, the girl looked at them with a smile.

She seemed to be waiting for them to finish.

On the busy streets of New York, most of the people that passed by were blonde, and this Oriental girl's appearance and behavior seemed to be out of place.

When the man finally let go of the woman, and before he could catch his breath, the girl ran up to him and handed him an awkward box of delicate items.

She tried to show a sincere and kind smile and opened her mouth fluently in American English. "Happy Valentine's Day, missus! "I'm a student at Columbia University, and also a volunteer for AIDS promotion and prevention. Today is Valentine's Day, so if you fill out a questionnaire, we can give you a free box of condoms!"

The man didn't expect the girl to suddenly jump out. Her expression was somewhat mischievous.

The girl in his arms had a slender and graceful figure, as she whispered into the man's ear with a bit of bashfulness and dissatisfaction, "She was looking at us just now! Let her go! "

The girl squinted her eyes and smiled as if she did not mind. She only said, "I am just a volunteer. I am sorry if I have disturbed you. But our condoms are really free, and there are eight of them in a box.

When the woman saw the girl's bright eyes, white teeth, and elegant and refined appearance, he felt even more uncomfortable. "David, I'm not that casual a person. This Oriental scares me!"

She pulled down the man's collar and whispered, "I'm still a virgin!"

A glimmer flashed in the man's eyes. He immediately pulled the woman even closer and buried her face in his embrace, "Dearest, you've always brought me surprises. I love you!"

"Sir, can you help me fill out a questionnaire? "This is the data that the staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention want. It's to save …"


"Sir, it's just one. I'll give you two boxes, a total of 16 pieces. Wishing you a passionate Valentine's Day night!"

She came out with 300 boxes of quests today. Once the quests were sent out, she would be able to finish the work. She also had a part—time job at a coffee shop at 11 PM. She didn't want to be late.

However, the woman did not know what he said to the man, but when the girl was unwilling to give up, his strong and tall figure suddenly turned to the side, and with one hand grabbing the girl's collar, he lifted her up like a little chick. "You scared my baby!"

"Cough cough, cough cough cough!" I, I'll leave now, I don't want you to fill out the questionnaire, I, let me go, cough cough … "

The girl didn't expect the other party to make a move.

For a moment, it was difficult for her to breathe. The heels of her feet had already left the ground, and her body was being lifted up bit by bit. Her toes were almost off the ground.

"Cough cough, release, release!"

Her fair face was still red from the cold, like a cute apple, but now it had turned pale from fright!

By the roadside.

In the long black coloured sedan, the man in front of the wine shelf raised his hand and lightly tapped on the glass window.

Four bodyguards in suits immediately rushed out and surrounded the man. One of them said, "Sir, please let go of my Miss."

When the man saw the situation unfold, he quickly put the girl down. Then, he pulled the woman, who was also somewhat afraid, and disappeared into the crowd with large strides.

When the girl returned to the ground, she took deep breaths. Her long eyelashes were sparkling with tears.