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You're Scheming, Love

You're Scheming, Love



  She was the shrewd direct daughter of an aristocratic family, and he was a merchant that had been exiled from the mortal world. An imperial edict, a conspiracy. She became his wife. He had plotted with the tiger to marry her only for the sake of using her and scheming against her. She was the one who pointed fingers and married him for the sake of finding a way out … He was abnormal, but she was arrogant. She was naturally a good match. The strong were men and women, the strong teamed up with the strong, and their favors were limitless. She said: In this life, the most beautiful thing I have ever thought of is for my husband to love me. He said: The most unthinkable thing in this life is that you are at my side, watching the flowers bloom and fade with me, sharing the world.
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In the distance, the four corners of the purplish—red bridal sedan chair were covered with pearls and jades. The bridal procession dressed in golden—red was so long that one could not even see the tail end of it. Their eyes were filled with red mixed with gold, exuding a wealth that the people yearned for and could not reach everywhere.

The pedestrians on both sides of the street suddenly stopped, upon seeing this scene, they recalled the rumours a few days ago that the The richest man in the world had taken the congealing to princess as his wife. From the looks of it, from what they could see, the red and gold intersecting with each other was something that was rarely seen in both ancient and modern times.

Looking at this scene, the woman's face was full of envy. When she married, her husband's family of more than a dozen people had played and sang in such a grand manner that it had once seemed satisfying. Just thinking about it now made her feel shabby.

The big red bridal sedan chair with purple jade inlaid with gold didn't stop for a moment as it passed through the crowd. The suona shook the heavens, covering up the cries of the common folk, and as they hid inside the pavilion, they sneakily looked outside at the Miss s.

Everyone's eyes were focused on the long procession, no one noticed that amongst the crowd, a young man who looked like a Gongzi raised his head slightly, revealing a pair of eyes that were as bright as stars. The corners of his lips slightly raised, as though he was mocking Su Yun, but at the same time carried a trace of relief.

Behind the young man, a person dressed in the uniform of a manservant hurriedly followed. He followed closely behind the young man with a delicate and pretty face. He seemed to want to say something, but was unable to do so.

The youth walking in front did not turn his head, his footsteps did not stop, but a clear and cold voice was heard, "Speak your mind."

Hearing that, the servant was startled, but quickly after, he ran to the front of the youth, looking at him anxiously: "Little …." Gongzi, that is a royal decree personally given by the Emperor. If we leave like this, what should we do with the Emperor? "

Before the servant could even finish his sentence, he was met with a sweeping glance from the youth. He immediately changed his words and spouted out a bunch of words.

However, when the youth heard this, his expression did not change. His thin lips slightly parted, "Nothing." Seeing that the servant still had more to say, he spoke out once more, "Because I am the daughter of Tutor Song, the younger sister of Song Ning Xue."

These words caused the attendant to be stunned for a moment. He helplessly looked at the person who did not stop and lightly sighed before hurriedly chasing after her, not saying another word.

When the young man entered the corner, his gaze froze and he suddenly stopped. The servant following behind her did not notice this and rammed into her body, crying out in pain. He covered his nose and raised his watery glasses to look at the person in front of him. "This..."

Before she could even finish her sentence, her eyes turned completely red. What kind of beauty was that, even though the Gongzi was awe—inspiring, with her red robes fluttering in the wind, and her ink black hair fluttering in the wind, she could still see it clearly. It was a very cold feeling, and her long and narrow eyes flirtatiously stared at the young servant, causing the young servant's face to immediately turn completely red.

The young man looked at the man leaning on the wall, moved slightly, and blocked the red—faced servant. He frowned slightly, and spoke coldly: "Gongzi lures my follower on the streets, does it hurt the national wind?"

Seduction? When the attendant heard the youth's words, his eyes widened and his face blushed even more. He lowered his head with all his might, not daring to raise it at all.

When the man heard this, his lips curled up slightly, and an evil smile appeared on his jade—like face. He straightened his body and walked step by step towards the youth, his voice gentle and pure: "My wife's servant girl, how do I need to seduce her, don't you think so, Song... Congealing? "

After saying that last sentence, the man's entire body was stuck onto Song Ning Yu's, the light fragrance of the girl on Song Ning Yu's body almost lingered around him.

Song Ning Yu's eyes became serious, and pulled the servant back a step, and then stopped at a distance between them. She looked at him indifferently and said: "Rumor has it that Gong Zi Lin is the The richest man in the world, but is unruly and unruly, with unrestrained nature, and has been wandering around the land of fireworks all day long. However, all the women in the world are still fighting for the right to marry him.

Gong Zi Lin's eyes flashed, and looked at the lady dressed in Gongzi clothes, who was a few steps away from him. He had a clear and handsome appearance, his voice was indifferent, his gaze indifferent, and his surprise was mixed up, but his smile did not change on the surface: "Your husband does not know that Madame actually understands your husband so well, since Madame understands your husband so well, then of course you know, that the Emperor's decree allows me to marry a daughter of the Tutor Song, Song Ning Yu, and not an unknown servant girl."

Song Ning Yu raised her eyes slightly, and her eyes that were as deep as the morning met with Gong Zi Lin's pitch—black pupils that could not discern her emotions. For a moment, she was completely silent.

Behind Song Ning Yu, the red blush on the servant boy's face had disappeared, and she looked at her Miss nervously.

She originally thought that if she escaped this time, the Imperial Tutor would definitely be punished by the Emperor, but she couldn't persuade the Miss, and was afraid that the Miss would leave her behind, leaving her with no way to deal with it, so she escaped with the Miss.

Once she escaped, if she was discovered, she would definitely escape for her life. But now, she did not expect that there would actually be someone who knew that the Miss had escaped for the marriage, and that it was even Young Master who had personally chased them.

This meant that their plan had already been exposed, and that her Young Master's methods were far inferior to Gong Zi Lin's. Thus, when she looked at Song Ning Yu's eyes, her hand was immediately covered in sweat, and when she looked at Gong Zi Lin again, her eyes were filled with fear.

She was afraid of smart people the most.

Seeing that Gong Zi Lin was still calm and composed, Song Ning Yu slightly shifted her gaze, took a glance at her surroundings and then said indifferently: "Gongzi Gong, to actually spend such a huge amount of effort to chase after this little girl, this little girl is truly unworthy of you."

Song Ning Yu's words caused the servant's face to suddenly turn pale, and he subconsciously grabbed onto her sleeve: "Miss …"

Gong Zi Lin smiled slightly, the corners of his mouth exposing a trace of arrogance, he looked at Song Ning Yu and revealed a hint of interest: "As expected of the daughter of the Tutor Song, he truly is extremely intelligent."

After saying that, around them, more than a dozen men in black suddenly appeared. All of them had a cold expression, with pairs of cold eyes staring straight at Song Ning Yu.

The servant girl behind Song Ning Yu immediately cried out in alarm and stuck close to him. Her almond eyes were already filled with mist, but after being glanced at by Song Ning Yu, she did not fall down, as she bit her lower lip to hold back her tears.

"Feng, bring my Madame back. Be careful, don't hurt her." Gong Zi Lin's tone was slightly raised, his brows slightly raised, and although the corners of his mouth raised to the point that people could not shift their gaze away, it made Song Ning Yu feel like he was a lecher.