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The White Thorn Flower

The White Thorn Flower



  In the year of Di Jian, the human race had usurped power, and all the royal blood of the dynasty had been slaughtered. The young princess took the remnants of her navy out to sea in a flurry, and thus began the legendary sea route that had never been seen before. Cursed lands, the dubious state of the Submarine Chestnut, the lawless black market archipelago, the mysterious Dragoncry Pavilion... All the forces were present, what kind of fortuitous encounter and danger would the fragile White Thorn Flower face?
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In the year 26 of the Yi Dynasty, Human King Wan Dong Die had designed and usurped power. In less than a month, the VW Armoured Cavalry advanced from the south to the north, directly attacking the capital's Autumn Leaf. History is known as the false moon change.

On the battlefield, the slanted white honeysuckle flower flags could be seen everywhere, announcing the fall of the Schroeder's disease's regime. The rain had washed away the traces of war, and blood was flowing from the piles of dead people. The knife that had pierced his chest was hung with broken organs and blood, and it shone with a cold light against the rain. Dirty mud clung to the body, and one young face after another emerged from the rain. Their eyes stared blankly up at the sky. No matter how heavy the rain was, they wouldn't blink again.

The pack of wolves were tearing at the warriors' armors, gnawing at the eyeballs on the faces of those corpses. No one stopped them, and no one could stop them either. A few months ago, the VW's siege hammer had destroyed Qiu Ye Jing's city walls, smashed the city gates with a roar, and the human cavalry wantonly massacred the citizens of the city. The innocent people who were unarmed scattered and fled, the killing dust that rose up covered everything, and the lost Autumn Leaf was crying silently.

At this moment, the three hundred heavily armored cavalrymen charged through the heavy rain. Their hooves ruthlessly trampled on the soft soil, causing it to roll away, leaving behind a deep pit. The last of the white honeysuckle flower blood was protected by this line of Feathered Cavalry, but she was obviously unconscious. This incomparably weak girl was wearing a battle dress. Just before she fainted, she attempted to lead the Yujia Army in a last round of charge. If not for General Yu Mu Yang who knocked her out in time, she would have died in the clash between the two parties.

Yu Mu Yang's entire body was wounded, the armor was full of blood stains, one of his arms was holding the sixteen year old princess tightly, afraid that she would fall down from the bumpy ride. Until now, the tens of riders behind him had almost all lost their combat power. Even though these elite soldiers were originally good fighters who could fight against ten enemies at once, they were still unable to fight back against the greedy and greedy human warriors. After a few months of fierce battle that spread throughout the large cities and counties of the Lan Province, this group of lonely soldiers seemed to have crawled out from the bones of the dead.

They advanced towards the south, breaking through the encirclement formed by the VW's army of several levels. Of the original eight hundred cavalry units, there were less than three hundred left. After the pursuers pressed on, people died everyday. Yu Mu Yang looked at the unconscious Xue Ling Lan, and looked at the congealed blood clot on her white face. Her heart throbbed in pain.

The blood was left behind by the last soldier who had escorted the princess. He had used his back to block six arrows without injuring the princess in the slightest. Before he died, he sent the princess off to Yu Mu Yang, and then stood in the rain by himself and watched his companions leave. Yu Mu Yang had witnessed the scene of his head being chopped off by human cavalry, but he could only continue forward and fight his way out.

The shouts of his comrades interrupted his recollection. The enemy was closing in once again, and the blade light cut through the rain of arrows, causing the rain of arrows to fall down. All the soldiers pressed close to their horses when they heard the taut bowstring. They let out sharp whistles, and the warlike horses immediately spread out to seek shelter. Even the rain of arrows was unable to slow them down.

With the exception of Yu Mu Yang, who couldn't dodge the arrow, the Princess could only allow the arrow to pierce through his armor and bite his flesh.

"How far is it from Xiayang Port?!"

"We'll be there before dawn."

"The fork in the road ahead will split open. Yu Xun's team will follow me. Everyone else, take the main road." Yu Mu Yang judged the situation, and said calmly, "We have less people, so they will think of us as bait. We won't split up too many people to chase them."

"Then... Leader, where should we meet up? "

"No need to meet up! Go south, the further south you go, the better. Once you get rid of the pursuers, all of you will take off your armor and stop being white honeysuckle flower warriors … " The young general said in a low voice, "Go to the south, avoid the war, raise a forest and fields, have children, don't live your life in danger."

"But …"

"Execute it immediately!"

The lone army split into two, with the original three hundred handicapped veterans leaving only a few people for Yu Mu Yang. The warhorse was breathing heavily. Even in the rain, the horse's body was soaked in red sweat. The hot air that was emitted carried a sour smell of blood. Yu Mu Yang did not dare delay for even a moment. If he continued to travel another ten kilometers, he would arrive at the Suo Bridge Pass. That was a place with a heavenly risk, the water depth sixty feet, only a team of horses could pass through the Suo Bridge. He and his companions could guard the Suo Bridge Pass and buy the princess more time to reach the Xiayang Port. He had arranged for fast horses to send word to his father, who was guarding the summer sun, that the princess would arrive at dawn. He believed that the reinforcements were also on the way.

He stopped thinking about what happened after that. All he had to do was defend the bridge. To defend.

After running frantically to the Suo Bridge Pass, he looked back, and could vaguely see the sinister shadow of the pursuers. Yu Mu Yang handed the princess over to a trusted aide, then he smacked the horse's butt. The warhorse let out a long roar that resonated through the sky and shot towards the direction of Xiayang Port like an arrow. Their silhouettes were drowned out by the rain and the sound of the horses' roars. Only a sigh that was like the wind could be heard.

Yu Mu Yang waved in the direction in which the princess had left, then turned around to look at his remaining ten or so subordinates.

"Next, it's time to settle the score with those human bastards." He pulled out his saber and looked at the war horse that had followed him, feeling a bit reluctant to part with it. After being silent for a moment, he bent down and pressed his face against the horse's neck. He stroked its mane with his hands, and no matter how Yu Mu Yang tried to push it away, the horse snorted with his nose, unwilling to take a step forward.

"Won't go? "Sure." Yu Mu Yang sighed, gritting his teeth, he took out a red cloth from his bosom and covered his horse's eyes. The other soldiers followed suit. When the two armies charged on the battlefield, in order to prevent the horses from slowing because of their fear, the soldiers would often cover the heads of the horses with cloth, so that the war horses could fearlessly charge forward. However, the difference was that the Yujia Army did not blindfold his beloved warhorses for them to charge at him.

Yu Mu Yang raised his blade, and the other soldiers followed closely behind. They raised their blade and cut down their warhorses' heads with all their might. The horse head fell down from above and the blood that splashed out dyed Yujia Army's bloodstained battle robes red again. The soldiers had killed their horses, and their faces were smeared with blood. They wanted to fight to the death against the human cavalry.

It was right at the bridge gate!

The arrogant human cavalry did not give them any extra time. They did not even get down their horses. Instead, they rushed towards the pass. However, the gap shrunk, and they could only rush straight into it. Yu Mu Yang and the others were hidden somewhere to hide. When the cavalry soldiers got closer, the arrows flew out in a flash, the leader of the riders didn't even have the time to make a sound before he crashed onto the ground. After the death of the first cavalryman, the rest of the cavalrymen in front of the cable bridge suffered the same fate. The human cavalry realized that they could not rashly move forward and began to retreat. They had nearly five hundred people. Facing the narrow bridge, no one dared to take another step forward.

"Dismount, set up the shield, and move forward on foot!" The archers all shot their arrows at the same time to suppress the enemy! " The leader of the human cavalry responded and quickly gave out his command. Immediately afterwards, all the human cavalry soldiers held their shields in hand and once again advanced slowly.

Along with this torrential downpour, the footsteps of human beings seemed heavy and murderous. Looking at the scene in front of him through the rain of arrows, Yu Mu Yang's eyes started to bleed. Featherman's bones were hollow, he had never been good at killing people head—on, and the threat that the dozen or so arrows posed to the humans holding the shields was negligible.

But he had to fight, he couldn't back down. If they could delay for even more time, the princess would have more time to rush to Xia Yang. There would still be hope for the Yi Dynasty's future.

Yu Mu Yang and his subordinates grinded their teeth and nocked their bows, doing their best to aim at those disgusting human beings, until the quiver was completely empty, until it shined with all the arrows. Without the sound of arrows piercing through the sky, the human race's pursuers laughed sinisterly and started to move forward quickly without hesitation. Yujia Army, who had been through a lot of killing, had run out of bullets.

There was no need to have any more expectations, Yu Mu Yang clearly knew this. As the rain fell, a sorrowful singing voice suddenly sounded behind him. The familiar melody caused Yu Mu Yang's eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets. He turned his head and saw his comrades, the wounded Featherman s were humming war songs as they pulled out their swords. Facing the human troops who were ten times stronger than them, none of them had fear on their faces.

"That day, we made a vow in front of the white honeysuckle flower's banner, and today is the day to abide by it. Even if all the Yujia Army s fall under the bridge, we will definitely not let you take a step forward." The more they sang, the more the warriors felt their blood boil. Yu Mu Yang led all his subordinates and appeared from behind the pass. He glared at the pursuers.

Carrying the revolving blade edge, Yu Mu Yang stepped forward. Behind him, the Yujia Army who had a death wish in his heart also stepped forward. The air was filled with the smell of blood, the rain washed the bow and blade bright.

When Xue Ling Lan woke up, she was already in Xia Yang.

The princess has awoken, "a girl appeared in front of her and brought her a cup of water. At the same time, her fingertip brushed across her forehead, and a faint green light flashed for an instant, before she could ask the servant," Go inform Sea Governor that the princess is fine, we can go out to sea immediately. "" Understood.

"To sea?" The princess, who was still lost in her thoughts, was stunned. She struggled to sit up, "Why must we go to sea? Where's General Yu Mu Yang? "

The girl in white shook her head, her tone remained unchanged: "The entire Yu Mu Yang army has been annihilated, the general has held onto the metal chain bridge, and died in battle."

Xue Ling Lan still wanted to say something, but she swallowed the words once again. Clenching her teeth, she forced herself to walk out of the bed while enduring the pain.

"Who are you?" Xue Ling Lan asked this girl who looked slightly older than her.

"I am Yu Ling." She replied, "It's the Xiayang Port's secret master. While you were unconscious, General Yu Mo Sheng ordered me to take care of you."

The words that came out of her mouth had no emotion. It was as if she was simply saying these words. There were no ripples in her eyes, making it impossible for others to see her emotions.

"You seem to know General Yu Mu Yang?" However, Xue Ling Lan felt that it was a little strange and asked subconsciously.

"He's my brother." After Yu Ling finished this sentence, he turned his head around, and no one could see her expression.

Hearing this, the princess suddenly felt a little sad. The land of the Feather was being eaten by the fierce wolves, and those young warriors were dying in the middle of protecting the Feather Empire one after another. As the last prince, she could only run for her life, helplessly watching those fresh lives fall to the blade.

"The Xiayang Port is about to fall behind, the VW's army is already outside the city gates, the Yujia Army has been fighting with them for a long time, and both of them are injured. If we keep defending like this, we can survive for a while, but when the hundreds of thousands of humankind's armies push us down, we won't be able to stop them. "

"Didn't you say we were going to sail at once? "Okay, then let's go to the sea. We'll escape to the sea." "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …" Xue Ling Lan frowned, he knew that the girl in front of him was not lying. When Qiu Ye Jing first broke through the city gate, she, her twin brother Xue Zhengyuan and all the other great ministers of the Yi Dynasty had never thought that the human emperor, who had always been respectful to their father, would actually have such wild ambitions. Even more so, she had never thought that the human army, which had been peaceful for decades, would already grow to such an extent under their noses. In addition to the continuous miscalculation and miscalculation, the always proud imperial army seemed to no longer be able to handle the VW's fangs.

Without a doubt, other than going out to sea, there was no more life in the Nine Provinces. Looking at the expressionless Yu Ling, the Princess suddenly said, "But the humans in the Central Continent's apocalypse have warships too. The sea might not be safe, but we still have to escape."

"No, Princess." "Halfway through his words, Yu Ling suddenly grabbed onto the princess' hand. The warmth coming from his palm allowed Xue Ling Lan's tiredness to slightly ease up. "Follow me." Yu Ling brought the princess out of the room. The moment the door was opened, a blinding light shot in from outside, causing Xue Ling Lan to be unable to open his eyes.

It was not sunlight — the rain did not stop, the clouds were black, everything was in the rain — it was the light of thousands of men in full armor, their dark silver armor reflecting the light. The rain washed away the mud and blood on the armor, revealing its original metallic luster. The sound of the friction between the armor and the armor penetrated through the rain and travelled very, very far away.

The anger of the white honeysuckle flower was piled on top of the thick clouds. Xue Ling Lan saw that in the distance, there were twenty—four ships docked at the sea, which was the Feathered Navy's greatest pride. No fleet would dare to confront this navy on the sea, this invincible fleet that stood at the peak like a mountain, enough to suppress the roaring ocean!

In the middle of the group of soldiers in the harbor, there was one man who looked even more imposing than the rest. He had a sharp sword in his hand and his arms were extremely thick and sturdy. Other than his tall stature and brown eyes, he did not have any of the characteristics of a Feather warrior. When he saw Xue Ling Lan being helped to walk over, his bloodshot eyes couldn't help but flash with a hint of relief.

He raised his sword, and all the Yujia Army on the drill grounds pulled out their weapons. Thousands of sharp blades pierced through the rain curtain. This was the most noble Sword Draw ceremony a warrior had ever given to a Monarch. The banners that filled the sky had the Schroeder's disease's white honeysuckle flower emblem engraved on them, and the vermillion blood flag had the word "feather" written on it. The rain was roaring, the sea was roaring, the lightning had cut through the boiling sea of clouds above Xia Yang, and was shouting the name of Yujia Army!

"Xiayang Port and the generals of Yujia Army are willing to follow the princess to the end of their lives. This subject will keep our promise and protect the dignity and honor of the white honeysuckle flower. As long as this general does not die, the Yujia Army will protect the Feather Empire forever! "

He stood straight as a mountain. His temples were gray, but he was incomparably sharp.