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Take Me to Your Palace

Take Me to Your Palace



  "On the day of the marriage of the Western General's direct daughter, the marriage was annulled and she became the biggest laughingstock of the imperial city overnight." "I want you to remember that I, Yao Danqing, don't want you today." Under the red veil, she tore a set of clothes. A dream of complete destruction is the beginning of a conspiracy. In order to take revenge for her blood feud, she returned in defeat, pacifying the chaos in Yuzhou, the disaster in Qingzhou, and the struggle in the imperial court. She was renowned throughout the world, and a decree was given to her as a concubine. She had given herself to marriage for love, but he had loved her wholeheartedly. Three years later, she smiled as she saw how affectionate he was to others. "Dan Feng, as long as you like it, I won't fight with you for it." She undid the bangle and smiled, her eyes fixed: — You and I have known each other since we were young, and we fought our way out of the siege together on the battlefield. Staring at your bloodstained white feathered armor, you know that love has arrived as planned. You said that Wen Hao was lucky enough to know the location of the brocade. If one day, you find out that the person you neglected for three years is Yao Danqing, will you feel that little bit of pain for me?
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It was the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth month of the third year of Ming Jin.

Tonight, the most lively place in Capital City was undoubtedly the joyous occasion that the Duan Clan was having, and the one engaged in the wedding was Western Great General's daughter, Yao Dan Qing.

In the eyes of the people of the world, this senior servant had cultivated several lifetimes of good fortune in marrying Yao Dan Qing. What kind of character was the Western Great General?

Yao Cong Xing was a dignified Western Great General but he was famous for being fearful of others. For many years, the household had no concubines, and only had one Madame. Unfortunately, he had no son, only two daughters, and the eldest daughter was Yao Dan Qing. He had always worshipped her like a treasure, and had nurtured her well since young, and at the age of eighteen, he was already capable of writing and martial arts.

However, Yao Cong Xing did not hide anything, and from today on, Yao Dan Qing would inherit her family business.

Although Yao Cong Xing said it like that, but everyone knew that girls were still girls, so naturally, such a huge family business was carried by men. The people who had come to Yao Mansion to propose marriage all these years had quickly stepped through the doorstep, and many noble clans were rejected outside.

And now, he had actually taken in a fourth grade acolyte as his son—in—law.

His name was Duan Shao, and as the young man became famous, he was recognized by the Crown Prince, and was recruited into the Crown Prince to serve him.

Now that Duan Shao had married Yao Dan Qing, it was only a matter of time before he could ascend to the sky in a single step.

Outside of the wedding hall, the courtyard was filled with winter plums and snow. Deep red flowers covered the ground in a verdant shade of green. This was the auspicious omen of the wedding ceremony.

However, the wedding hall, which should have been filled with cheers and chatter, was now completely silent. It was still filled with guests, but not a sound could be heard from beginning to end.

"Duan Shao, if you dare to take a step into the wedding hall today, you will be my enemy from today onwards, you better think carefully!" Yao Cong Xing's every word, was sharp and threatening, with an aura that could not be resisted.

This Duan Shao, after all, was still young, and his aura was much weaker compared to the battle—hardened Great General s. He merely stood inside the wedding hall with his fists clenched, a look of patience flickering on his face.

However, Yao Dan Qing who was dressed in a beautiful wedding dress took off her red hair, revealing a bright and beautiful face, different from an ordinary rich girl, although her face was beautiful, it revealed a valiant look, that was from the inside, and was beautiful and threatening.

Duan Shao stared at his new wife, and suddenly laughed coldly: "I, Duan Shao, cannot afford to offend your General's Estate, and will be forced to do it again and again by you."

"Force?" Yao Dan Qing tightened her grip on the hood.

Duan Shao laughed sarcastically: "I originally had a beloved person, if it wasn't for your father forcing me to do so with my future career, why would I have married you? Just for the sake of marrying you, Mo Yan died tragically! "

"Duan Shao!" Hearing that, Yao Cong Xing's face changed, and shouted for his to stop.

When the surrounding guests heard this, they then understood what had happened. Just as the two newlyweds were about to marry, a woman barged into the wedding hall without caring about stopping them, and shouted: "Attendant, Su Mo Yan killed herself! Before she died, she asked me to bring you word that her love for you had never ceased! "

Listening to their conversation, Fang Wen realized that Su Mo Yan was actually the person Duan Shao loved, and that he had only married Yao Dan Qing because he was forced to do so by Yao Cong Xing.

"Now, I want to see Mo Yan one last time, even if it means death." Duan Shao enunciated each word clearly as he gnashed his teeth, the hatred in his eyes obvious.

Yao Dan Qing stood where she was, congealing the figure of Duan Shao, when she suddenly remembered that day at the Thousand Buddha Temple, he had first met him. He was dressed in elegant green, talked about politics in front of the other great masters, and even got the attention of the Crown Prince with an < Heaven's Son Policy >.

When she unintentionally mentioned Duan Shao to her father, her father began to gather all of his information, and he gradually began to praise Duan Shao well. Suddenly, one day, her father excitedly said that Duan Shao had come to his house to propose marriage. Althoughhee had not interacted with Duan Shao before, he was still willing to marry him. Although she was the daughter of a general, she had always admired Duan Shao. Most importantly, his father was also very satisfied with Duan Shao.

She had always understood that her father was childless and had given all his hope to her, but she was still a woman after all. How could she support such a huge family business? For the Martial General Family, they had to have a man helping them in the end, so her father chose Duan Shao, a talented and resourceful young man.

She, Yao Dan Qing, was a proud person, how could she bear to be abandoned on the day of the wedding. She strode out of the wedding hall, stood in the snow with her beautiful red makeup on, and looked coldly at Duan Shao, "You said that it was my father who forced you to marry me?" Without waiting for him to reply, she ridiculed, "If it weren't for your greed for power, how could father force you? Su Mo Yan's death, was always caused by you, yet you poured this dirty water on the General's Estate, in an attempt to use the despicable General's Estate to help you achieve your high purity, right? "

Duan Shao had never seen a woman's eyes that were so sharp, he was slightly startled.

"You bunch of literati are always conceited, overestimating yourselves, underestimating others." As she spoke, she took off her wedding gown, and with a 'chi la' sound, the wedding dress was torn in front of him, "My father, he thought I was in love with you, so he made a mistake that would be committed by any father under the heavens. You can leave, but I have to make you understand, today, it's not that you don't want me, it's just that I, Yao Dan Qing, don't want you. "

As Duan Shao looked at the torn to shreds wedding dress that scattered all over the ground, and how Yao Dan Qing ruthlessly stomped on it, a vague smile finally appeared on her ashen—faced face. "Then, I'll have to thank the Miss Yao for her consent."

Finished speaking, he took large strides forward, only to see the crimson tint quickly disappearing into the snow of the Vast Expanse.

Yao Dan Qing, dressed in blood red bridal gown, sat inside the pavilion for the whole night without closing her eyes. That night, she seemed to have thought of many things, and only felt that last night's preposterous wedding had caused the Yao Family's face to be covered with dirt. Today, most likely, they would be discussing about this matter during tea time, and everything was just a joke.

"Dan Qing, open the door." His mother's affectionate voice came from the Shen outside the door, sounding a little anxious.

Yao Dan Qing focused her mind, she slowly got up and opened the door, only to see his mother looking at him with a face full of worry, accompanied by her own younger sister Yao Dan Feng. Looking at her, she looked about 70% similar to Yao Dan Qing, but upon closer inspection, one could see that Yao Dan Feng's face was filled with gentleness, as weak as a willow branch.

"How many princes and noblemen must my Yao Family's daughter be?! If Duan Shao can't marry you, it's because he doesn't have good fortune." Shen tightly held her hand with a look of consolation.

"This Duan Shao is really something!" Yao Dan Feng said hatefully, even though her face was filled with resentment and was still slightly touching, "If I thought about it earlier, this marriage was protected by His Highness the Crown Prince, I believe Duan Shao relied on his Crown Prince's backing to be able to break the engagement."