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My Honey, I Love You

My Honey, I Love You



  After waking up in one night, she was sold as a commodity to a mysterious man. She climbed up the wall, wanting to escape, but he grabbed her by the neck and threatened her, "If you dare to run again, I'll kill you!" Alright, there was no hope for her to escape. She could only enjoy it peacefully, waiting for the day when the transaction ends and she leaves. But, "How can you be pregnant? How can you be pregnant! " The man hugged her coolly. "If you're pregnant, then so be it." I don't want it! " The man narrowed his eyes. "If you dare touch my child, I'll cripple you!" F * ck, this is a naked threat! I'm looking for Uncle Police, boohoo.
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"I beg of you, I beg of you. Dad, dad, don't sell me, don't sell me to an old man …"

Yan Ruo Bing was awoken by the nightmare. Her entire body was drenched in cold sweat and his eyes were unwell under the bright light. She closed his eyes and slowly opened them.

This was a completely unfamiliar room. It was extremely luxurious and dazzling to behold. This place should not be a place for someone of her status to stay. Where was she? What was going on?

Where was she …

As he moved his body, his entire body felt sore and weak, as if it had been crushed by a tire. It was as if someone had torn a part of his body apart.

Fragments of images appeared of her being caught by her father when she returned home from school.

Without saying anything else, he gave her a few slaps on the face before saying to her, "Hurry up and take a shower and change into a more beautiful dress. Dad will go find a good man for you!"

Her father was a gambler, and he had borrowed huge sums of money all these years.

For the past few years, every time she came home from school, she would go out for a part—time job. In order to get a part—time job, she did not even attend her evening class.

Every time she came home, she was afraid of her father, afraid that the gamblers would make trouble for her.

It had been several years since he was fourteen, and now that she was eighteen, he still had his mind set on her.

But didn't she run away last night when her father went to the bathroom?

Why was he lying in this strange room now?

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The man's lean, muscular arms accidentally touched her, causing her to scream in fear. It was only then that she realized that she wasn't the only one on the bed.

"What are you arguing about? "Early in the morning..." The man's voice was as beautiful as a piano, but to Yan Ruo Bing, it was as if an ice blade had pierced into her body.

She struggled to her feet, her weak body unable to obey. She was about to fall off the bed.

"Are you a pig?" The man sat up unhappily, grabbed her arm, and pulled her back onto the bed.

Yan Ruo Bing stared at the man like an idiot, his heart suddenly shrunk.

What a handsome man.

No, now was not the time to see if a man was handsome or not. She quickly grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around herself.

"You … "Who are you?" He carefully got off the bed and stood one meter away, looking at the fretful man.

Si Tu Han Yu looked at himself who was only wearing his boxers, pulled a big towel from the chair by the side of the bed, and covered his lower body, quickly getting up. He did not even look at Yan Ruo Bing, and directly walked towards the bathroom.

Yan Ruo Bing was so angry that her whole body was trembling. She picked up the clothes on the floor and quickly put them on, chasing after the bathroom.

"Just who are you!" This time, her voice was filled with confidence as her anger flared.

Si Tu Han Yu stood under the shower, and after his short black hair was drenched, a few strands of bangs fell into his eyes, making him seem very sexy.

"I'm asking you who you are!" Yan Ruo Bing rushed over, and stood a meter away as he glared at him, "Why are we sleeping together? "Why would my body …"

"Your body is so sore and weak?"

With a boom, Yan Ruo Bing felt as if someone threw a bomb into her head, causing her to go deaf and blind.

"The first time was because you were tired. When you get used to it, you won't be as tired as you were last night."

Si Tu Han Yu took the soap and touched it, looking up at her: "Miss, you have been staring at me? Do you want to see a pretty boy bathe, or do you want to help me bathe? "

"..." Yan Ruo Bing stood there trembling, her legs extremely weak, and knelt down.

Si Tu Han Yu frowned, his voice cold. "Surely not?" Because he was so grateful to his?

Yan Ruo Bing glared at him as if he was her enemy!

Trembling, he squeezed out a few words, "Change …" State, evil … The devil … the devil … "Eggs, scum..."

"Are you scolding me?"

Damn man! She wasn't scolding him, but rather praising him!

"I hope you die! "Bastard!"

Finally, she found the right to speak. She took a few deep breaths, unable to catch her breath as the smoke filled the bathroom. Worried that her asthma would break out, she leaned against the wall and stood up.

Si Tu Han Yu's unfathomable pair of eyes were cold and unfathomable, a sentence popped out: "Miss, did you not volunteer last night?"

"Voluntary your head! I have no idea what happened last night! " After shouting, Yan Ruo Bing cried.

Si Tu Han Yu stood there and stared at her, he felt that she was not acting, he turned off the water heater, pulled a towel over it and walked out of the bathroom.

Yan Ruo Bing walked out with heavy steps, and heard the man's beautiful yet terrifying voice.

The man was talking to someone on the phone.

"Dammit, what is going on!?" She said she didn't volunteer last night, how did you do it! "

He didn't know what the other party said, but it made the man even more unhappy.

"Damned trash!" When do I, Si Tu Han Yu, need a strong woman to have a son! "

"..." Yan Ruo Bing was flustered, what son! Who wants to give him a son! What the hell is he!

The man hung up and looked down at her with a gaze that made him want to strangle her.

"So, last night you didn't do it voluntarily, and you don't know why I wanted to do it?"

Yan Ruo Bing didn't know what was wrong with her. She should have rushed over like a shrew to tear apart the man, but she didn't dare to look at his terrifying appearance.

The man stepped toward her and grabbed her by the chin, lifting her up a little.

"Please answer me seriously. If you have any bullshit or lies, let me know that you did it on purpose! I will make you spend the rest of your life in jail! "

Yan Ruo Bing shook her head, her jaw was about to be crushed by him. She was in so much pain that her face was twisted into a knot, how could she still have the strength to speak?

The moment Si Tu Han Yu thought about how this woman was so trapped, he immediately became angry and pushed her to the ground. He quickly put on his clothes and walked out of the room without even looking at her for the last time.

Yan Ruo Bing's mind was in a blank state, when a doubt suddenly popped up: Wasn't he bathing just now? He had just touched her body with soap, yet he didn't even finish bathing before he went out like this?

Is there something wrong with this man?

Yan Ruo Bing didn't know how angry and agitated the current Si Tu Han Yu was.

He walked out of his room and called his bodyguard to guard the room. He ordered coldly, "Watch the woman in the room. If she runs away, then don't even think about keeping your heads!"

He passed through the hotel corridor like a ball of fire. Just as he was about to get on the elevator, he was stopped by a man in his fifties.

"Hey!" Do you want to run away when you go to my daughter and she doesn't give you any money? " Yan Xiang Rong looked at Si Tu Han Yu with a confident expression.

Si Tu Han Yu, who was about to extend his hand to pull his away, suddenly stopped and looked at Yan Xiang Rong from head to toe.

The girl in the room was nothing like the old man in front of her. "Who's your daughter?"

"Hey!" "How can you be so disgusting? I saw you coming out of my daughter's room. Why did you turn back after eating?"