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The Military Chief

The Military Chief



  In an accident, Luo An mistook the military commander for a matchmaking partner. Knowing the truth, when she met her blind date again, the military commander suddenly appeared, pulled her into the carriage, and coldly said, "You are my woman. If you dare to meet another man, I will break your legs." She looked at the cool man in front of her and struggled to say, "We've only met once." He leaned close to her and kissed her lips, saying, "You want money, I'll give it to you, I need a wife, you can be my wife …" Looking at him coming close, she shyly said, "Deal, but you can't be wanting the car to shake right now right?" Even so, Luo An didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse for her to be married into the Wealthy Class. From then on, the cold and solemn Big Gray Wolf turned into a pure and kind little sheep.
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In the coffee shop in C City, Luo An Ran saw that the clock on the wall was nearing 10: 30. A Nian had told her that people would come here at 9 PM, but why was it that she still hadn't seen anyone?

Luo An Ran was anxious, she was a little fidgety, but it was not good to call the person she was going to meet today. She couldn't get the money.

Mouth his lower lip, Luo An Ran quietly waited for people to come over. During this time, her coffee became cold, and the waiter gave her cup after cup, all the way until she indicated eleven o'clock in the morning. Finally, Luo An Ran saw a man with a copy of BLUE walking into the coffee shop.

The man wore a black and white suit and had a stern expression. He exuded an aura that prevented strangers from approaching him. His pair of deep black eyes flickered with a cold light that made people not dare to look directly at him.

Was this the person she wanted to see today?

Luo An Ran thought of what A Nian had told her. He, the manager of the construction company, had been out of town running projects all year round, so he still did not have a wife even at the age of thirty—two. Today, he would take this opportunity to go back to the T City and kiss Luo An Ran once.

The man was younger than she had expected, and he looked better than she had expected. Perhaps, this blind date wasn't the wrong decision.

Seeing that the man was walking over, Luo An Ran was afraid that he would not recognize him. Just as the man was about to walk over, Luo An Ran extended his hand out to greet him.

Leng Jue looked at the woman who greeted him, and his amber eyes contracted. He had just returned from the army today, so the old man gave him a call.

Was this the woman the old tutor had wanted him to see no matter what?

's gaze grew colder and colder upon catching sight of Luo An Ran's gaze. To have no appearance, to have a body, to have no figure, one had to say that her old man's judgement was getting worse and worse.

"Hello, my name is Luo An Ran." An Ran was afraid that others would think that he was rude, so he extended his hand out to greet him.

Leng Jue's gaze swept across An Ran's muddy fingers, then turned and sat opposite of him.

An Ran felt a little awkward. She placed her hand in the air, neither accepting nor accepting.

In the end, An Ran used her hands to stroke her hair behind her ears, and said, "A Nian's second aunt should have talked to you over the phone. I'm a single parent family, I have a mother and a brother, if you are willing, we can immediately get married."

When Leng Jue heard the two words "immediately get married", he frowned unhappily. "When is yours?"

An Ran saw through the meaning of his words and thought that he should hurry up and say, "Within a month..."

"Hmm?" Leng Jue's amber eyes instantly turned cold.

An Ran thought that he was dissatisfied and probed: "Then, half a month?"

Leng Jue scoffed, her voice was so cold that it caused people to unconsciously shiver.

The aura of the man in front of her was too strong, to the point that An Ran was a little afraid. She swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva, "If Mr. Wei is not satisfied, tell us what you think. We can discuss it."

Mr. Wei?

Leng Jue stared at her without moving, "Who told you my surname is Wei?"

Ah? Wasn't his surname Wei?

But A Nian had clearly told her that the person whom she had a blind date with today was surnamed Wei.

An Ran hadn't even realized that she had recognized the wrong person yet, but when Leng Jue heard the words' Mr. Wei, 'he knew that this muddle—looking woman had recognized the wrong person.

No matter how poor the old man's eyesight was, he wouldn't casually find a woman on the street and give her to him. However, he suddenly wanted to know what this woman would do next.

With a strange gaze, Leng Jue eagerly waited for her to speak.

An Ran was conflicted for a long time as she felt that she might have remembered wrongly. After all, it had been ten days since she had called A Nian.

"Then can you tell me your name now?" An Ran asked seriously.

He had been in the army for too long, he really hadn't talked to anyone as much as he did today, but he didn't mind spending some time with this woman. If he went back too early, the old man would know that he hadn't seen the woman he had arranged for him today.

Looking at the watch on his wrist, Leng Jue said: "My surname is Leng."


An Ran nodded without even thinking, bit her lips and said: "Mr. Leng, do you feel that I'm different from the ones in the photo? I know that I'm not beautiful, and I don't have any temperament, but if we get married, I will definitely take good care of my father—in—law.

A Nian told her security on the phone … No, it was because Mr. Leng's parents were not well and no one took care of them, so what she said should be enough to stop Leng Jue from worrying.

To take good care of his father—in—law... Leng Jue's eyes reflected the way she looked when she spoke and he sized her up. Before, when he didn't look carefully, he only felt that she wasn't very outstanding, but now, it seemed that she wasn't completely lacking.

An Ran's skin was very white, her facial features were small and petite, her clear eyes seemed to be filled with starlight during the night. Her eyelashes were very long, her nose was straight, and her lips were pink and tender, like a jelly.

Only, she was wearing a plaid shirt, white jeans, and canvas shoes. No matter how beautiful she was, her clothes didn't look like anything.

"Luo An Ran, right?" Leng Jue suddenly said.

An Ran's body stiffened, "Yes."

"How old are you?" Leng Jue asked again.

"Twenty—two." An Ran replied.

"Have you graduated?"

"I'm still seven months away from graduation."

Leng Jue lightly tapped on the coffee table, "You're only 22 years old and are already in such a rush to get married, why are you so impatient to experience your married life?"

An Ran was a little dejected, but she quickly recovered and lowered her head: "Sorry, this is my personal question, I do not wish to explain too much. If Mr. Leng's impression of me is not bad, we can continue to discuss the matter of marriage.

Yes, he was in a hurry to get married, but it wasn't that he was in a hurry. It was his family's old man who was.

Leng Jue suddenly wanted to know what exactly she was hiding. Wanting to marry someone at the age of twenty—two, could it be that she wanted the wedding ceremony to go on together with the graduation ceremony?


Leng Jue's amber eyes flashed a look of probing, but right at this time, the sound of high heels hitting the ground sounded out in his ears. He turned his head slightly, only to see a lady wearing a short dress, with painted red lips walking towards him.

Leng Jue did not know this woman, so, she came to look for Luo An Ran?

Just as Leng Jue had thought, this woman was here to look for Luo An Ran.

Meng Lin Nuo carried the new LV bag that sshe had bought this year, and walked a few steps forward with her high heels. Without saying anything further, he took out the money from his bag and threw it at Luo An Ran, "Here, you, don't you want money? Can you please stop looking for good fortune in the future? "You've only been dating for a few months, and you think you're the girlfriend of good Chen. You don't even care about your face anymore. Go to the Fu family's villa and cry and borrow money from good Chen."

"I'm really puzzled, why did good Chen date someone like you back then and pretend to be pure and innocent every day. In fact, I have no idea how despicable he really is!"

An Ran was smashed in the face by that thick stack of bills.

She looked at Meng Lin Nuo, sucked in a deep breath, and said lightly: "Please do not insult others."

Meng Lin Nuo felt that it was funny for no reason. Didn't you go to the Fu family's villa and borrow money from Liang Zhen? Luo An Ran, I really do not understand, what's behind the previous set, and how you even have a prideful look, aren't you tired? "

Luo An Ran's mind seemed to explode, her ears buzzing, she could not hold back her emotions.

Although there were not many customers in the coffee, there were quite a few people as well. Meng Lin Nuo's sharp voice just happened to reach everyone's ears, and all of them started to point and talk to each other.

Even Leng Jue, who was sitting opposite to her, had his expression darken a little.

She tried her best to remain calm. "I'll just take it as if you didn't say anything earlier. Also, please take this money back."

"Yo, you came to borrow money yesterday, did you not need it today?" Meng Lin Nuo said as the corners of her mouth hooked up, "I heard that you're dating someone everywhere now. What, do you want to find a man to rely on, or do you want to find a suitable person to sell yourself for a good price?"

She knew that Meng Lin Nuo did not like her, but if she could still maintain her composure after hearing those words, it would be called cowardice.

An Ran slowly got up from her seat and stared at Meng Lin Nuo without moving.

"Don't look at me like that, I'll tell you, next time …"


Before Meng Lin Nuo could finish her sentence, Luo An Ran slapped him hard. The next moment, Meng Lin Nuo's face had five finger prints imprinted onto it.

's eyes were wide open, she never thought that An Ran would hit her in front of so many people.

Meng Lin Nuo's expression instantly became sinister and she raised his hand to slap An Ran. But just as she was about to wave his hand in midair, she was caught by someone.

The one who grabbed her, was Leng Jue.

"Let go of me, I advise you to mind your own business!" Meng Lin Nuo said in a stern voice.

"Don't shout at me with your shrill voice. Besides, I'm going to meddle in this matter." Leng Jue's face revealed a little absent—mindedness, and the hand holding Meng Lin Nuo's hand didn't seem to use much strength.

His wrist felt like it was about to be crushed by this man. Meng Lin Nuo was in pain, but she still didn't back down, "Do you know who I am?"

"Do I need to know?" Leng Jue asked.

Her face was pale white, and she forced herself to speak while holding back the pain, "Let me tell you, my father is Meng Lin Sheng. If you dare to make a move, you will definitely regret it for the rest of your life!"