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Admit, You Want Me

Admit, You Want Me



  "It was an elaborate conspiracy, a trap set in the clouds and mud, but she learned to endure it and not let it happen." "You want to go back to the days when you were completely carefree and there was a shortcut to marry me." She had married into a rich family, but had started cursing from all directions, saying that she was willing to do anything to get the upper hand. Ye Yeye forced him to turn around and push her down, "Wife, in this world, only I can bully you." Before the wedding, he was the cold-faced heir of billions, dominating one side. After the wedding … "Bastard!" "I said not to force me!" His breath was scorching hot, "Do you dare to reject? "I will make you beg me."
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The wedding banquet had already begun, and apart from the courteous attendants who came and went in the crowd, there were also well—dressed men and women.

The jubilant background music suddenly stopped and was switched to a soothing and gentle romantic piano piece.

On stage, Li Yan, who was the bridegroom today, was slightly excited. He was going to marry An Mu Xue soon.

He looked towards the direction where the bride had come from, his gaze burning with passion.

He stood on stage and announced, "Li Yan is a good son—in—law. He is extremely intelligent and outstanding. As a father—in—law, I feel that there is nothing more to be picky about. Here, I also have something to announce. Li Yan will become the General Manager of our An Yue group's East China Region and officially become a part of the An family. "

An Guoqiang never approved of him, he never thought that he would be given such a heavy and heavy gift on the day of the wedding.

After all, Chairman An did not have a son, and his three daughters loved this eldest daughter the most. It was highly likely that the An Ming Group would be handed over to An Mu Xue for him to inherit in the future.

In the crowd, she walked towards him. Her dark blue skimpy evening dress made her body even more sexy and slim. Her curly brown hair fell behind her shoulders and her face was adorned with exquisite makeup.

"Li Yan, long time no see?" Yan Sheng's red lips slightly rose, a hint of disdain in his eyes as he lightly swirled the red wine cup in his hand.

A look of displeasure flashed across Chairman An's face as he frowned, "What happened to Li Yan?"

"Yan …" It's you! " There was no time to retract the smile on Li Yan's face; it was frozen on his face, and he couldn't even conceal the ambition in his eyes.

"Hur hur." The clear and cold laughter, accompanied by the creaking sound of high heels on the carpet, caused everyone's heart to be in suspense. She raised the glass in his direction, her small red mouth half open as she smiled sweetly. "I wish you a happy wedding, cheers."

A soft voice drifted over, "Who is this lady?"

"Why does Li Yan look so guilty?"

"Then, that …" Isn't that Yan Family's daughter? How could she appear at the wedding! " A voice caused the waves to surge beneath the stage.

Yan Family's daughter... But he had a "considerable" relationship with Li Yan.

It seemed like the wedding wouldn't be held well.

Some people swallowed their saliva.

"What are you doing here!" Li Yan suddenly lost his composure, but she was smiling happily, which made Li Yan even more afraid.

"Why are you so nervous?" Yan Sheng's slender eyebrows slightly knitted together, "Of course I'm here to give you a big wedding present!"


She raised her wine cup, and the bright red wine poured over Li Yan's head, drop by drop landing on his pure white clothes, forming red lotuses.

Yan Sheng continued to look at Li Yan with a smile, "How is it? Do you like my big present? "

"A scum is a scum. What is this little humiliation of gaining power? "You did not hesitate to marry me and carry me to my best friend's bed, you should have thought that this would happen!"

"Slut!" Taking advantage that he wasn't prepared, Yan Sheng kicked hard at Li Yan's crotch area.


"Guards!" Guards! What are you doing! Quick, quickly, someone drag her out for me! " Li Yan's face contorted in pain.

Chairman An's face turned green, "Yan Sheng, don't go too far!"

A group of guards surrounded her from all directions like a tide, Yan Sheng frowned slightly.

At this time, a man wearing a dark blue striped suit stepped out from the crowd. His handsome outline made people's eyes light up. He narrowed his eyes and warned, "With so many of you here, bullying a little girl is not a good thing."

The guards stopped, unsure of what to do. Surrounding him were the gasps of the guests.

It was actually the only son of the real estate magnate Wen Beisheng, Wen Hao Yu!

In recent years, this legendary figure had gradually grasped great power, and his strength couldn't be underestimated. Although he was usually low—key, everyone had heard of his name!


Before he could even react from the shock of Wen Hao Yu's appearance, he heard a sharp scream from the backstage!

The voice was … An Mu Xue's!

Li Yan endured the pain. He did not care about Yan Sheng and rushed to the backstage.

Yan Sheng winked at Wen Hao Yu, "I owe you another one."

"Now is not the time for you to be grateful." Wen Hao Yu looked at the source of the scream, rubbing his chin, "It's a big play."

Chairman An was shocked, "Hao Yu, you!"

Yan Sheng stood by Wen Hao Yu's side and turned around, the corners of his mouth raised, "Chairman An, shouldn't you go over first to see what is happening?"

In the backstage area of the wedding, a woman with a pure white dress that revealed her back dragged along the ground. Her long hair that was as thick as a wave was tied up. It should have been a beautiful scene, but …

But now, the woman's wedding dress was in a sorry state as it was being pulled by an old woman.

Li Yan's complexion changed from green to purple, from purple to red.

When the middle—aged woman saw Li Yan, she became even more agitated. Now that she was free, she slapped Li Yan twice in anger.

Pa, pa, two crisp sounds.

"Good for you, Li Datong! How dare you hide such a big matter from me! If I came a little later, I wouldn't even know that my own son changed his surname. The son that I have raised for so many years is for someone else to raise! "

"It's all because of a fox spirit like you that took away my son's soul." As Li Da Ma spoke, she didn't forget to pull on An Mu Xue's hair.

"You old woman, let me go." An Mu Xue's face turned pale white.

An Mu Xue had always lived a life of luxury, and had only ever seen others bow to her. Just like now, she had never been scolded shamelessly by others, "Ai, what do you mean by this! Don't take advantage of your age! I respectfully call you mother because of Li Yan! Otherwise, with your character, you still want to be relatives with our family, you don't even have a chance! "

Auntie Li was angered to the point of laughing, she pulled Li Yan and said, "Big Friend, look, this is the good wife you're looking for! You haven't even passed the door yet and you're already giving me a hard time! "

The noise at the entrance was loud, and even the people in the inner hall could hear it clearly. The guests were so embarrassed that they didn't know what to do. The An family was holding such a grand wedding ceremony.

Li Yan felt his head buzzing, "All of you, shut up!"