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The Evil CEO is Coming

The Evil CEO is Coming



  Five years ago, in a stratagem of some sort, she had sold herself to him and had been given an invalid check, a seed that had taken root in her body. When they saw each other again, he forced her to her bed. "Demon, let go of me, I'm your sister-in-law!" Sister-in-law? "Take out your marriage certificate with my big brother!" "No?" So I can only tear you apart and swallow you whole!? " He forcefully returned and with a flip of his hand, he turned his hand into the clouds and with a flip of his hand into the rain, he swallowed the Xiao family who had forsaken him like a pair of shoes. At the same time, he swallowed her whole family down before giving a sly smile, "The house, the car, and the son, all belong to you … Of course, I will also belong to you … " … …. She had once been tortured by her life. Now, she stood at the pinnacle of her life. She was the new pet of the fashion industry. She was doted upon by the most outstanding men …
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Peace City.

Night slowly descended and began the city's nightlife. The people in the dark were restless.

"Night Demon" was the largest club in Peace City. The ones who could enter were either rich or noble.

Yun Ruo Er carefully pushed open the door to the suite, and surprisingly the man sitting on the sofa entered his sight.

It was just a glance.

Yun Ruo Er lowered her head, not daring to look him in the eye.

The powerful aura coming from his body was so strong that it could almost swallow her whole.

He rubbed his hands together again and again. Then, with great difficulty, he walked to the front of the young man. "Hello, sir."


"I am Yun Ruo Er, I need a hundred thousand, please buy my first night."


There was a long silence.

Yun Ruo Er almost could not stand, her performance was not good enough, so if he did not like her, would he buy her?

His lips quivered slightly, and just as he was about to speak again, his low voice sounded out, "Come over here …"

Yun Ruo Er immediately walked towards him with small steps. She suddenly stretched out his long arm, pulling her into his embrace.

Xiao Jun Rui's finger that carried the scent of cigarettes suddenly lifted her lower jaw, forcing her to look at him directly.

That acute gaze seemed to be able to pierce through Yun Ruo Er, causing her to pant for breath. At that angle, the light in the room dimmed and his face became a little blurry.

However, he could still see that his facial features were deep and his gaze was deep. It was as if he couldn't see through it.

With just a glance, Yun Ruo Er didn't dare to look anymore. She slowly closed her eyes and became as obedient as a lamb.

Xiao Jun Rui seemed to be very satisfied with Yun Ruo Er's performance, he lightly pulled at the corner of his mouth and moved closer to her ear, his fingers slowly releasing her lower jaw, his fingers revolving on her skin, slowly sliding down …

Yun Ruo Er's body could not help but tighten. She felt a slight pain, and she also felt an unprecedented humiliation.

She knew.

This was the most direct way of checking that she was clean.

She could not refuse.

Before coming here, Mother Liu had already told her that if she wanted him to buy you, then you had to accept it.

That unprecedented feeling made him very satisfied, and he let out a low, evil laugh, "Not bad, very clean. "One million. One year."

Yun Ruo Er's reaction was slightly big, and she subconsciously wanted to push him away, "Sir, I only need a hundred thousand."

"Do it, or scram!"

Yun Ruo Er felt the displeasure in his tone and bit her lower lip.

In his mind, he saw his mother on the verge of death in bed, and the shameless scene of his father suddenly tightened his heart. Without the first time, if she needed more money in the future, she might not have such a good chance.

Yun Ruo Er! Yun Ruo Er, you are already on this path, you are filthy.

After a long struggle over her thoughts, she finally said with difficulty, "Alright, I promise you."

Xiao Jun Rui grabbed her shoulders once again, his long tongue brushing past her earlobes as he said in a voice filled with love, "Bring out all of your techniques, and let me feel that it's worth it!"

Yun Ruo Er's heart suddenly tightened. She was so nervous that she could not breathe.

The moment he touched her, almost all of his pores were shrinking, making her feel even more uneasy.

Xiao Jun Rui's temper was a little urgent …

Yun Ruo Er was somewhat unable to resist it, and even more so, did not know how to cater to its demands.

Under his guidance, Yun Ruo Er's entire being became even more gloomy.

… ….

After everything was over, Yun Ruo Er struggled to get up, pushed open the bathroom door, and took out the cold water from the shower, only to see herself kissing all over in the mirror.

Her eyes dimmed. She clearly knew what path she had walked.

At this moment, she no longer had the chance to retreat.

Instead of bowing his head to his family, it was better to be stubborn and be himself.

Xiao Jun Rui watched as Yun Ruo Er walked out from the bathroom. He curled his fingers and immediately sat down beside him obediently, "Sir …"

His gaze swept over her as if he were examining his prey.


He reached over and pulled the towel off her.

Yun Ruo Er hugged her body in panic, her face flushed red as she looked at Xiao Jun Rui, "Sir … Can I stop now? "I'm so tired …"

Xiao Jun Rui's fingers swept across her smooth skin and slowly pulled at the corner of her mouth. "Let's sleep here tonight."

"I... I have to go back to school. "

Xiao Jun Rui did not speak. That blade—like gaze of hers made it impossible for her to reject him. He immediately changed his words, "Yes."

Only then did the corners of his mouth rise in satisfaction. He embraced her and chuckled, "To be my woman, you must learn to be obedient. Otherwise, what about your one hundred thousand or one million? It could disappear at any time, you know? "


Yun Ruo Er was extremely tired, because she had been running around the hospital for a whole day. It was already early in the morning, and even though she was afraid of the man beside her, she could not resist her exhaustion.

The next morning.

When Yun Ruo Er woke up, the space beside him was completely empty. The wild man had long disappeared, and there was only a cheque of one hundred thousand on the bedside table. She picked up the check and felt its intoxication.

His chest was full of bitterness and sadness.

A hundred thousand.

Just like that, she handed over the body of a virgin that she had treasured for nineteen years.

He tried his best not to cry.

Right now, she didn't have the right to cry. She could only live on and be strong.

Ding dong.

The phone suddenly rang, interrupting her sadness. She picked up the phone and was stunned for a moment before immediately answering, "Mrs Liu …"

"Ruo Er, you're regretting it right before the moment, why didn't you tell me? Do you know how angry the customer is?" Hearing Yun Ruo Er's voice, Mrs Liu roared out in anger.

Yun Ruo Er let out a sound, and his entire person looked as if he had been struck by lightning. Last night? "

What was going on?

Could it be that the man from last night wasn't arranged by Mother Liu?

Then who is he?

The more she thought about it, the more terrifying she became. Cold sweat broke out on her back!

Had she gone into the wrong room?

So this check might not be true?

Thinking about this, he immediately hung up on his mother because he didn't have that much time to explain all of this.

He immediately grabbed the bag and went to the bank to exchange for cash.

Ten minutes later, Yun Ruo Er walked out of the bank with a pale face. She sat on the ground weakly, held her head and cried out.

He had lost his first time!

Not even a hundred thousand dollars.

What was his mother going to do?

Tears gushed out of his eyes like a flood. It felt like thousands of arrows piercing his heart.

What should he do?

What should he do?

… ….

Yun Family.

Zhuang Xin Ya came down from the stairs, and while stroking the hair around her ears, she said with a smile, "Ruo Er, you haven't been back for quite some time, why are you thinking about coming back today?"