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Love Her for a Lifetime

Love Her for a Lifetime



This was the first time they had met, and she tenderly clung onto him, "It feels so bad, save me …" "Oh, how can I save you?" The man looked at her with his phoenix eyes. His deep and magnetic voice was bewitching. He thought she was a spy sent by his opponent, and he wanted to smash her to pieces, but he couldn't resist being drawn to her. So it turned out that the self-control he was so proud of was not even worth a single blow in front of her. Such a man was elegant, dignified, and peerlessly handsome. His IQ was both high and his hands were in the wind, yet he was willing to give up everything for just one woman, even his life. He held her at the top of his heart and doted on her, lingering night after night, sinking into depravity. She thought this was the happiness of her life.
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In the serene night, the crescent moon was like a hook, its bright silver light sprinkling over the vast and boundless sea, a magnificent giant wheel standing majestically.

In a certain high class VIP room, the door to a gorgeous and elegant room was pushed open from the outside, the dim light from the lamp's shadow reflected a tall and straight, dignified and imposing figure. Even though the light was dim, one could still see the man's cold and deep face, extraordinary handsome, elegant and noble black suit gave him a cold and distant feeling.

The handsome man walked towards the direction of the large bed with steady steps, but his black eyes, which were as sharp as stars, suddenly became cold, and his long, powerful, straight legs paused.

Inside the house, there was someone!

His sword—like eyebrows slightly furrowed, he paused for a few seconds before moving again. His expression was calm, but his eyes were sharp like a falcon as they stared at the direction of the large bed.

The beautiful double bed was shining with the radiance of spring.

He couldn't see her face, but he was sure it was a woman, kicking at the quilt.

"It's so hot, it feels so uncomfortable, mm …" A coquettish moan came from her mouth, like the tender and alluring lips of a flower petal full of water. It was alluring at first glance, but she had no idea what kind of danger she was in.

The man narrowed his cold eyes and slowly walked to the bed. However, he was caught off guard as a pair of soft hands embraced his waist.

"Save me, I'm hot, I feel terrible, please save me …" It was smooth and exquisite to the touch, and a faint fragrance wafted to his nose.

The man's wide hands unconsciously reached over and asked in a low voice, "How do you want me to save you?"

"I think you …" The broken words suddenly stopped. The girl finally raised her head. Her almond—shaped eyes were filled with traces of confusion as she looked at him with a dazed expression.

In the eyes of the man who was used to seeing all sorts of beautiful women, the woman's face was not considered extremely beautiful, but it was also clean and elegant. Her skin was white and transparent, and her elegant and refined temperament made it hard for others to imagine that her owner would have such a wild and fiery side.

Because of the 'heat', she was already clinging onto his strong and masculine body. He seemed to be able to smell a faint fragrance that belonged to a young girl.

"Hmm, tell me, how can I save you?" The man's lips curled up into a strange and unfathomable sneer. The man in the acoustic line had a dense and low voice, but his lips revealed a shallow coldness.

The confused young girl subconsciously wiggled her beautiful body. It was unknown what she murmured as she intimately leaned on him.

"I feel terrible, save me, save me …" The sound of her voice echoed throughout the entire room.

The man's quiet, handsome face gradually changed. His black eyes were like the deep depths of the ocean. Even though he didn't know why this woman appeared in his room, he was sure that she had been drugged.

Who is it?

Who sent him such a gift? Congratulations on the anniversary of his creation of the "King's Age Xi Group"?

No, it shouldn't be. If they really wanted to curry favor with him, they shouldn't have presented such a gift so meticulously.

That's right, this accident must have been meticulously planned out. But behind the scenes, what kind of scheming was behind it?

He couldn't help but admire the other party's strength once again. Although the girl in front of him wasn't a beauty that could topple empires, although she wasn't experienced in battle, she had successfully aroused his desire!

He, Ji Chen Xi, who had never been near a woman before, who was calm in the face of all sorts of beauties, had an unprecedented lust aroused by a pure girl.

Ji Chen Xi was clear in his heart that what followed next would definitely be a fiery—hot, wild, soul—eating, and passionate entanglement.