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My Angry CEO

My Angry CEO



  Six years ago, she forced the powerful Li Zhan Chen to marry her; five years ago, the ruthless Li CEO threw her out of the house with a piece of paper. Four years later, she walked in front of him, holding her son's hand. She smiled sweetly and said, "My darling, come here. This is Mommy's ex-husband. He is called Uncle." Li Zhan Chen looked at the adorable child carved from the same mold as him and growled, "Gu Zhi Qiu, did you secretly give birth to my child?" Great Beauty Gu smiled, "The child is born in the open, moreover, he is not your kind." CEO Li glared with his peach blossom eyes. How could this little doll that looked exactly like him, not be his? However, the blood test and DNA test were all done, and the result was that it really wasn't his seed? How could this be? He clearly had the same appearance! Great Beauty Gu sneered, "Back then, you gave me a pill every time you finished doing it. How could I possibly be pregnant with your child? The ex-husband wakes up, this is my seed and somebody else's. " Li Zhan Chen was enraged and pressed her down: "You can give birth to children that look exactly like me? Let me see who you and I are born like! "
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The night was dark and deep.

Under the dark and drizzling rain, Gu Zhi Qiu got off the carriage without holding an umbrella.

Gu Zhi Qiu pressed down on her dress with one hand and quickly walked towards her destination — City S's largest bar — under the drizzling rain.

Entering the bar, Gu Zhi Qiu covered her ears. Facing the bustling noise on the first floor, she moved sideways and walked inside.

It was unknown what kind of activity there was tonight, or if there were so many people in the day. Many men and women were holding wine bottles, dancing, and kissing in groups of twos and threes.

At most, Gu Zhi Qiu had been dragged here by her friends once before. This was the second time she had come, and it was to pick people up. Passing through the sea of people, Gu Zhi Qiu walked towards the stairs. Just as she stepped onto the stairs on the second floor, a strong force pulled Gu Zhi Qiu, causing him to stagger and stagger. She anxiously grabbed onto the banister, and looked back in fear.

A man looked at her obscenely and said with ill intentions, "Hey, you, are you a university student? Do I sell it? 10,000 in one night! "Tsk, he's so handsome."

Gu Zhi Qiu's long eyelashes trembled because she was a little afraid, but her hands were very nimble. She forcefully flung his hand away and said in a stern voice, "Please take care of yourself, if you continue to be like this, I'll call the police to sue you for sexual harassment!"

As Gu Zhi Qiu said this, she hurriedly went upstairs. The man was still shouting behind him: "Ten thousand is not enough, how about thirty thousand? Don't go, beautiful woman. "

Gu Zhi Qiu was so disgusted that she wanted to vomit. She hated this place from the bottom of her heart. did not stop. She found the elevator and pressed on the top floor.

When they came out of the elevator at the top floor, Gu Zhi Qiu was stopped by two men standing in front of the door: "My apologies Miss, this is a room that can only be used for VIP. Unless you have a membership card or a friend in the room, we cannot let you in."

Gu Zhi Qiu took out his phone and called his husband, but still no one answered. Gu Zhi Qiu sighed helplessly, and said to the two of them: "Sorry, I couldn't reach him on the phone, I'm here to find my husband, someone called me and told me that he was drunk enough to call for me to come and fetch him, he's the CEO of Li's group, Li Zhan Chen, you guys can recognize him."

When the two men heard this, their attitude changed from their previous cold and businesslike attitude to hurriedly bowing down and saying, "So it's you, Madam Li. We had eyes but did not recognize Mt. Tai and actually did not know about it. I am truly sorry, please enter."

Li Zhiqiu nodded and stepped forward.

It was not strange for their attitudes to have changed so much. After all, the Li's group was the biggest business in A City. Li's group Li Zhan Chen was someone who could crush them with a single sentence.

After Gu Zhi Qiu left the side of the elevator, she met the waiter and asked: "Excuse me, where is room 2001?"

"I'll take you there. This way, please." The waiter politely led her there.

Gu Zhi Qiu followed her and stopped in front of the door and pressed the doorbell. At this time, Gu Zhi Qiu's heart was filled with thoughts that since Li Zhan Chen was drunk, he would have to call for help in order to help him get on the carriage.

However, when the door opened, Gu Zhi Qiu saw a tall and ferocious man, who reeked of alcohol and looked extremely impatient.

Gu Zhi Qiu was startled, and subconsciously asked: "Who are you?"

"What are you doing here? We brothers have been waiting for you for a long time. Come in quickly." The man didn't listen to Gu Zhi Qiu, he embraced Gu Zhi Qiu's neck and dragged him into the room.

The door slammed shut.

Gu Zhi Qiu, who was dragged into the room, looked at the bottles everywhere and an unfamiliar man who was sitting inside the room.

Who, who were these two men? They weren't her husband, Li Zhan Chen, so where was Li Zhan Chen?