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Melt Cool Husband's Heart

Melt Cool Husband's Heart



  "In this happy moment, please let the bride and groom pass through the aisle of love together and step into the center of the dance floor to dance with each other!" The emcee and the audience all looked at the pair of golden couple on stage in envy, but our golden boy didn't move his face at all … She, the eldest daughter of the Ke family, was not a famous lady, but she was pretty. He, the Leng Clan's Eldest Young Master, rich and powerful, Diamond Wang Ol'fifth. This was because of Granny Leng's words: "Ruyan can save Xuan from disaster!" Just like that, the two of them chose to marry each other. She married him only for his power, he married her only for his grandmother's orders. He didn't like her and she annoyed him, but why was every little detail of her life so sweet? Who was the first to lose their minds, and who was the first to lose their footing?
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City A.

A remarkable century—old wedding was taking place.

Tens of thousands of candles created thousands of stars, reflecting the splendor of the white roses.

The guests were all talking and laughing. They all looked at the couple in the center of the hall with either their blessings or admiration or envy.

Amidst the host's suppressed praise, the groom, Leng Ming Xuan, did not look happy at all. Not even glancing at the bride beside him, his normally refined and gentle face was covered in a thick layer of frost.

Ke Ru Yan, who was standing beside him, felt as though she was standing next to an iceberg.

"In this happy moment, please let the bride and groom pass through the aisle of love together and step into the center of the dance floor to dance with each other!" The wedding host's excited voice incited warm applause from the guests below the stage, but Leng Ming Xuan, who was the main character of the banquet today, did not move an inch.

The applause gradually thinned out, and everyone started to whisper to each other, some even started to point at Ke Ru Yan.

Ke Ru Yan tilted her head slightly and looked at Leng Ming Xuan who looked like an ice sculpture. Seeing that he was still not moving, she couldn't help but sigh. Originally, this was an unblessed marriage.

Ke Ru Yan secretly extended her slender hands and tugged on the hem of Leng Ming Xuan's suit without anyone noticing. Her red lips parted and said in a barely audible voice, "Even if you are unwilling, you should at least pretend. Otherwise, you would lose the face of your Leng Jia. "

Although the voice was soft, Leng Ming Xuan heard it clearly. He expressionlessly shot a glance at Ke Ru Yan before he walked towards the rose path, minding his own business. He didn't care at all whether Ke Ru Yan, who wore ten centimeters of high heels, could keep up with him.

Ke Ru Yan held onto the thick and heavy dress with both hands as she quickly followed behind Leng Ming Xuan, maintaining the same distance with small steps.

When the two of them danced on the resplendent dance floor, the guests' seats burst into warm applause. Using the sounds of the applause as a cover, Leng Ming Xuan lowered his head and leaned close to Ke Ru Yan's ear and said coldly: "Are you satisfied now?"

Ke Ru Yan paused for a moment, and then quickly followed behind Leng Ming Xuan. She did not expect him to actually speak to her.

Raising the corners of his mouth into a beautiful smile, Ke Ru Yan looked straight into Leng Ming Xuan's eyes and said: "I'm satisfied, why not?"

The thing that entered Leng Ming Xuan's vision was not Ke Ru Yan's delicate and pretty face, but her pair of bright eyes that was curved like crescent moons.

He was stunned. Truly, he never thought that this woman would have such a beautiful pair of eyes. It was clear and intelligent, as if she was looking into his heart.

"Humph!" , who had regained his senses, was secretly vexed at his previous moment of absent—mindedness, to think that he would actually be distracted by this woman! He snorted coldly, turned his head, and was no longer willing to look straight into Ke Ru Yan's eyes.

"Today's wedding is actually just a transaction. You should be well aware of it! You, Ke Ru Yan, in my opinion, is just a piece of goods! " Using his height, Leng Ming Xuan looked down on Ke Ru Yan and forced the words out of his mouth.

Even though he was already mentally prepared, Ke Ru Yan was still startled when he heard her.

She bit down on her lower lip until blood oozed out, only then did she stop her anger.

"Yes, of course I know about this marriage. But shouldn't I be glad to have such great value? Furthermore, no matter what, I still earned the title of Madam President, right? " Ke Ru Yan's blood—stained lips opened and closed, becoming even more dazzling.

"You!" Leng Ming Xuan never thought that this woman could actually say such a thing. The hand he used to support Ke Ru Yan's waist was ferociously used, and the slender waist was instantly grasped in his hands.

"Ah — —" Ke Ru Yan did not expect that Leng Ming Xuan, who did not get the advantage in words, would actually make a move.

"A gentleman doesn't say anything, I never thought that the famous CEO Leng Da would actually be a villain!" Ke Ru Yan was in so much pain that he inhaled deeply, his legs still dancing without stop.

Seeing that she was clearly in so much pain, yet she forced herself to act so arrogantly in front of him, Leng Ming Xuan couldn't help but laugh angrily. She had a gentle and gentle appearance, but her mouth was still unforgiving!

Relaxing the force in his hand, he put on his usual refined smile. "Little one?" Other than you, no one else has ever evaluated me like this. "Alright, then from now on, I'll show you what a true villain I am."

Ke Ru Yan remained silent. She knew that if this went on, she would be the one to suffer.

The other party remained silent. Leng Ming Xuan smiled with satisfaction, as though he was the victor. To fight against me, you still have a long way to go.

The grand and grand wedding was very dignified, but it was also very complicated. After going through so many procedures, Ke Ru Yan was so tired that she could no longer hold her breath.

In the new room.

Ke Ru Yan laid on the bed like a pile of mud, not wanting to move at all.

Leng Ming Xuan coldly glanced at the direction of the bed and tore off the Big Red Thoracic Flower that he was wearing. He threw it ruthlessly onto the ground, and the word "groom" on top of it trembled.

"Ke Ru Yan, congratulations on marrying into Leng Jia. However, I want you to understand one thing — I will never love you in this life! Of course, tonight's bridal ceremony belongs to you as well. Take your Madam President title and prepare to die alone! "

With that, he walked out of the room, unwilling to stay any longer.

Ke Ru Yan remained motionless. She didn't even bother to open her eyes. Originally, she didn't have any extravagant hopes, so it didn't matter if she was disappointed or not.

A person's bridal chamber candle, no love, no you Nong I Nong, no soft hair, and no glue—like. On the night of Ke Ru Yan's wedding, there was only one person alone.

And this was just the beginning.

Yes, she did. She accepted the deal willingly.

Betting on her own youth, burying her fantasies of love, offering her desire for happiness, under the envy and jealousy of so many people, she received the title of Shijia department store. She also received this night of candles without wine cups, without bridal chambers, as well as a heart full of dissatisfaction and deep boredom from the groom.

However, it was all worth it, wasn't it …

The corners of Ke Ru Yan's mouth lifted, her long eyelashes trembled uncontrollably, and her tightly shut eyes were covered by sparkling and translucent tears …