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Luna's Triplets

Luna's Triplets



Having a one-night stand with a stranger, Luna was pregnant with genius triplets. And Jack, who was known as the world's No.1 golden bachelor, was mistakenly treated as a call boy! Five years later, the genius triplets grow up. William Darcy was very smart in the economy. With his professional computer skills, William was already a talent hacker. Lucas Darcy was a gifted mechanic who could modify his private plane. Meanwhile, Willy Darcy’s medical skill was quite outstanding. He even invented an anti-cancer medicine. One day, the lovely triplets saw a picture of the world’s No.1 golden bachelor, the CEO of the world's top ten groups. The handsome man exactly looked like the triplets. Therefore, they took the flight by themselves to figure out whether the man was their father or not.
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“Hot… I am so hot.”

She had drunk several bottles of red wine, sent off her good friends and went back to a bar named “Ghost” in the central city. Luna Darcy rubbed her head feeling dizzy as coming into a room. She fell asleep in a daze, feeling her body more heated.

Drops of sweat wandered on her skin, as if she had just come out of the bathtub. Her clothes was all wet.

Jack leaned against the liquor cabinet and rubbed his chin. She was indeed a rare beauty, and he would accept IT.

Today is his twenty—six birthday. He returned to the suite, finding a woman lying in the room. He did not know who sent him the “surprise”?!!!

Under the gentle light, the woman's smooth long hair was scattered messily on the blanket. Her fair skin was suffused with a sparkling luster.

He hugged the woman who had her back to him. He smelled her unique aura and felt addicted to that. Heat overflew in his blood. That passionate was so wild that needs to be let off. His eyes are darkened, dumbed,

“I want her. Want to get into her body. So eager and desperate.”

Seeing the seductive lips of the woman in his arms, Jack lightly kissed her. This kiss was unstoppable. This woman's sweetness was far beyond his imagination, deeply attracting him.

His heated body full of muscles pressed down then, stirring up the temperature of the room to the highest…

The remaining aroma in the woman's mouth told him that this woman was like himself, fond of 82 years of red wine. The alcohol made Jack Murray extremely excited. As he stroked the smooth skin of the woman, his body gradually started to heat up.

Luna Darcy discovered that her body was getting hotter and hotter in her sleep. Faintly, she saw an extremely handsome man. His pair of blue eyes seemed to absorb her soul, which gradually became addicted to it. Even he fiercely got into her body deeper, she did not wake up, without feeling a little bit of pain.