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Magic Alchemist

Magic Alchemist



  Hua Ruge, Great Zheng's number one good-for-nothing daughter, abandoned by her family and looked down upon by the world. This was something that his uncle could not tolerate! The Queen of the Ancient Martial World teleported here, and from then on, this trash made a comeback. She was extremely coquettish and flirtatious, dazzling the eyes of all the people in the world! Bullied her? If you kill him, so be it! The number one genius of the continent? She was very easy to deal with! Refining pills to control divine beasts? That was a small matter! Some people could not stand her arrogance and complained to the incomparably noble Battle-King on the streets. Under the watchful eyes of the masses, he looked down upon her disdainfully. "This King's woman is the truth." "Brother, are we familiar with each other?" "Anyone who can get within three feet of me is either my woman or a dead person!" "Then can I choose a comfortable way to die?" Fine, let's kill first before we kill! "
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In a desolate forest in the northern part of the Mystic Moon City, four men had combined their efforts to throw the sack in their hands onto the ground, creating a loud 'bang'.

"Big brother, why don't we take advantage of the fact that she's not dead and enjoy it for a while? Although her face is ugly, she's still a fledgling." A man with a wraith head said with greed written all over his face.

When the rest heard that, their eyes lit up, and said to the leader: "Third Miss only said that she wanted to die and throw her away, she didn't say how she died."

"Right, right, this woman comes from the number one family. If it wasn't for the fact that she's crazy about trash, how could this fat even be in our mouths?"

The leader was a burly man. Upon hearing her words, he tore the sack open and walked towards the unconscious girl with his hands rubbed. He used his actions to express his thoughts.


Hua Ru Ge felt like her head was going to explode. She was clearly dead, how could she still feel her?

Moreover, a lot of memories had appeared in his head for no reason.

He was kicked out of his family because he was a waste of his physique and couldn't cultivate?

He was a pitiful guy who even had to look at the faces of his subordinates while living under someone else's roof?

Weak, self—abased, infatuated, and his face ruined?

Everywhere he tried to make up for it, yet he was killed?

F * ck! Can you be even more useless?

The moment the man walked forward, the young girl's eyes suddenly opened. A sharp gaze shot out like a poisoned knife, causing chills to run through one's body. In addition, there was a malevolent cross on each of her cheeks, causing one's hair to stand on end.

The big man was startled, but when he thought about the girl's useless and weak character, he felt reassured and said:

"Stupid girl, if you listen to me obediently, I might even let you feel comfortable. If you want to resist, then don't blame us for not holding back on you."

This girl had always been timid. With just a few casual words, she was able to scare her to the point of being obedient.

This had already been practiced by the Shangguan servants countless times, it definitely had an effect.

"You're courting death!"

Hua Ru Ge parted her thin lips slightly, as her two cold words reverberated in the air.


The big man was stunned as he only saw a shadow flash in front of him, and then his wrist was broken. Broken bones pierced his skin, and white bones and blood could be vaguely seen.

Hua Ru Ge snorted, and quickly broke his neck.

The big man's eyes were still wide open as he fell to the ground, as if he couldn't figure out how a cripple could kill a rank 2 warrior like him.

"You dare kill our boss, you're courting death."

Previously, when the Spirit Demons bellowed and rushed towards him, Hua Ru Ge's feet moved, and he appeared behind him.



… Nagase Komi fell onto the ground like a broken sack. Its neck and body were in a strange posture.

The remaining two men, seeing the lack of killing intent in their eyes, kneeled on the ground and kowtowed, "My lady, please spare our lives. We, the brothers, do not harm you. Please forgive us."

"Tell me who sent you, and I can consider letting you go." Hua Ru Ge coldly said as she stood in front of them.

"It's Third Miss Shangguan."

"We said, we're leaving now."

After the two of them finished speaking, they rushed towards the edge of the forest, afraid that Hua Ru Ge would change her mind a second later.



With two clear sounds, two tree branches pierced through their necks at the same time. Their eyes widened as they fell forward with their bodies straightened.

"Someone who has angered me and can still live has yet to be born." Hua Ru Ge clapped her hands.

That's right, when she woke up, her body had already become a new owner.

She was a descendant of an ancient martial arts family, and was proficient in the essence of Chinese martial arts. Her medical skills were also superb and her talent was exceptional, she was always the only one who bullied others, how could she be bullied by others. And after digesting the original owner's memories, every humiliation made her feel the same.

This was something that his uncle could not tolerate!

The original owner was originally the young miss of Great Zheng Empire's number one family, the Hua family. When he was born, he tested her spirit root and found out that she was a genius that only appeared once every ten thousand years.

For some reason, the original owner was unable to produce even the slightest amount of spiritual energy. Patriarch Hua's fury at his defeat gave her no chance, so he chased her out of the Hua family at the age of seven.

What brought her back was a small family compared to the Hua family – the Ye family and Shangguan family. They had also engaged her in hopes that one day, a miracle would happen to her and change the future of their family.

The pitiful original owner's heart was tied to that young man. He was deeply grateful to the Shangguan family, but he didn't know that he was being used. He was thrown into the wilderness when he had lost his value.

After combing through the original owner's memories, aside from being angry, Hua Ru Ge also discovered a huge suspicious point.

Others might not know, but the original owner was clear that she was a genius and her cultivation speed was very fast. However, the strange thing was that this spiritual energy came and went even faster and disappeared without a trace before she could feel it.

Since she was so timid, she didn't tell anyone else. That was why people mistook her for someone who couldn't cultivate.

"Looks like this body isn't simple. I need to study it carefully. Maybe I'll be able to turn the tables."

As Hua Ru Ge thought of this, she sat cross—legged on the ground and cultivated according to the method in the original owner's memory, completely disregarding the fact that there were still a few corpses on the ground.

After half a day, Hua Ru Ge trained for an entire morning and still did not manage to save a single bit of spirit energy. Relying on her strong perception, she discovered that all of the spirit energy was flowing towards the white jade ring on her finger.

She stopped her cultivation and carefully examined the ring. This was a normal storage ring that her mother had left for her, so it shouldn't be this problem.

As a result, she once again probed the ring with her spiritual force. The ring was empty, but the most obvious thing was a white egg. It looked like an egg, and she had an impression of that.

Her mother gave it to her when she was five and even signed a contract with her, so she still felt that her spiritual energy was absorbed by this egg.

With a thought, she took out the egg and held it in her palm. It seemed like the egg felt a crack appear in her spiritual power, and then slowly cracked open. She only saw a white light flash, and a small beast appeared in front of her.

On her shoulders appeared a small beast the size of a palm. It was blue in color, with a big head and a small body. It looked like a shaved dog, but its claws were on the ground, and its forelimbs had evolved quite well.

"What are you?" Hua Ru Ge looked at the little thing that suddenly appeared in her hand, with a face full of disdain.

This little thing had absorbed the original owner's spiritual energy for so many years, so she felt that it was better to stay as far away from him as possible. She didn't want her spiritual energy to be sucked away as well.

"You are the thing! I am a God Beast, a God Beast!"

The little beast jumped around angrily on her palm. However, its voice was too soft, and no matter how it shouted, it sounded cute.