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In The Name of Love

In The Name of Love



  She was still innocent, but she had already been dominated by him. He was the king of the night, and he used marriage and love to bind her. One day, when the girl was faced with love and freedom, how could she choose? "Xu Lijing, you said that you would not force me!" "No!" "Then, then what are you going to do after taking off your clothes?" Forced you! "
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Night fell.

At the same time, in a certain nightclub's private room.

Xu Li Jing was conversing with a few people. Under the light and shadow, his handsome face looked cold and aloof.

Suddenly, the private room's door was pushed open.

His Assistant walked in, and whispered: "Chief!"

Xu Li Jing raised his hand to signal for them to wait, and after he finished talking to the people around him, he looked towards Assistant and asked: "What's wrong?"

Assistant stepped forward.

He moved closer to the man's ear and said respectfully: "Chief, I saw Miss Jo outside!"

Xu Li Jing was slightly startled.

He seemed a little surprised and his brows gradually furrowed. "Bring her here!"

"Yes sir!"

The Assistant received his order and immediately left.

After a while, the private room's door was pushed open once more and a shy girl walked in.

She was very pretty, with a delicate face the size of a palm, and her eyes were as black as the stars.

However, her expression was one of fear.

However, Xu Li Jing was very clear in his heart that all of this was just an illusion.

He had raised this little girl for nearly eight years, so how could he not understand her?

When he thought here, he opened his mouth: "Qiao Qiao, do you know where we are?"

Qiao Xiao Mai pouted, and silently lowered her small head.

She pretended to be pitiful as she said, "I'm sorry, brother—in—law, I shouldn't have come here."

Xu Li Jing's face darkened.

"What should I do if I already know the answer?"

Qiao Xiao Mai did not speak.

At this time, Assistant walked in with a camera in his hand. He said, "Chief, this is something that Miss Jo left behind."


Qiao Xiao Mai raised her head, and when she saw the camera in Xu Li Jing's hand, she ignored everything and pounced towards him.

Her goal was clear: the camera in the man's hand.

It was a pity!

She was still a step too late.

The man only gently lifted his hand, but not only did he avoid the girl's hand, he even easily pulled her into his embrace.

Her body was very soft.

That was the only thought in his head.


Qiao Xiao Mai wrinkled her nose.

She raised her head and looked at the man eagerly, "Please give me back my camera!"

Xu Li Jing squinted.

He fixed his gaze on the girl's eyes and asked with a hint of sharpness, "Why did you bring a camera to the bar?"

Qiao Xiao Mai bit her lips and did not reply.

Xu Li Jing released the hand on her waist and said: "Wait for me outside!"

He is majestic!

Qiao Xiao Mai did not dare to disobey, but she was not willing to give up.

She placed a pair of small hands on her back, feigned innocence, and blinked her eyes, then asked: "brother—in—law, then why did you come here?"

Yo, not bad at all. He even learned how to retort!

Xu Li Jing's expression did not change as he spat out two words, "A gathering of colleagues!"

Qiao Xiao Mai opened her mouth wide.

She tilted her head and looked around the room, only to discover that everyone was looking at them with different gazes.

She couldn't help but swallow, her face slightly flushed.

"About that …"

She stuttered, laughed and waved at the rest: "Hi, hi, hello everyone, uh, my name is Qiao Xiao Mai!"

"Get out!"

Xu Li Jing said in a low voice, and was already extremely displeased.

No matter what, we have lived together for so many years, Qiao Xiao Mai more or less understood his temper, and immediately saluted with a clear and melodious voice: "Yes, chief, I will leave immediately!"

After saying that, he turned around and walked out.

Xu Li Jing saw it and felt a headache.

He knew that this little girl did it on purpose.

"Chief, look …"

At this time, Assistant came over and carefully looked at the man, waiting for his instructions.

Xu Li Jing sighed, feeling helpless: "Forget it, just follow that girl first, get the driver to drive the car over, I'll be there shortly!"

"Yes sir!"

The Assistant saluted and walked out.

In fact, he was not surprised by this order.

After so many years, she had always been like this. Every time Qiao Xiao Mai stirred up a mess, the leader would personally clean up the mess for her.


Just then, after Assistant left, Xu Li Jing conversed with the people around him for a while and then left.

The others were puzzled. "Who was that little girl just now?"

When a friend who knew about the inside information heard this, he could not help but explain: "That little girl is called Qiao Xiao Mai, she is the sister of Xu Li Jing's fiancee!"

The bystanders were all surprised when they heard it, "Xu Li Jing has a fiancee? How come I've never heard of it? "

Qiao Xiao Mai is the only one of the Qiao Family left behind. Back then, when Xu Li Jing saw that she had no one to take care of her, he brought her to his side and personally raised his for a whole eight years! "" Ah!

"Then according to what you're saying, Xu Li Jing is still single?"

"Of course!"

… ….

On the way home.

The inside of the carriage was extremely quiet. Qiao Xiao Mai knew she had made a mistake and kept her head lowered without saying a word.

Until she heard a strange noise coming from the side.

She turned her head and saw the man looking at the photo in the camera.


She let out a soft cry and reached out to grab it.

Xu Li Jing instantly turned his gaze over, his vision pitch—black and sharp.

Qiao Xiao Mai's breathing stagnated, and her small hand just stood there in midair like that.

Her heart was pounding.

"Who is he?"

Xu Li Jing turned the camera over and pointed at the young man on the screen.

Qiao Xiao Mai bit her lips and did not reply.

Xu Li Jing sneered and continued to scroll down.

As a result, the camera was full of photos of the boy, and it was not hard to see that most of them had been stolen from him.

The air pressure in the car was dropping.

Xu Li Jing's face darkened.

Qiao Xiao Mai swallowed her saliva, and gently opened her mouth: "brother—in—law, listen to me. This boy is my classmate, uh, he's sitting right in front of me. She usually treats me pretty well, and then …"

"You're dating?"

Xu Li Jing suddenly interrupted her words.

Qiao Xiao Mai was startled.

She hurriedly shook her head and said: "No, brother—in—law, we are only classmates, and … we have yet to get to know each other …"

"Not yet?"

Xu Li Jing squinted: "Looks like you have that thought!"

Qiao Xiao Mai was extremely embarrassed.

She pursed her lips and blushed.

Her voice was very, very soft. "He is a good student of both education and education. How could he possibly like me?"

The bottom of Xu Li Jing's eyes shone with sharpness.

He expressionlessly spoke out: "Qiao Qiao, you are still young right now. The most important thing for you to do is to learn, not to talk about love, do you understand?"

"Oh …"

Qiao Xiao Mai nodded.

She hesitated, then said, "There's one more thing …"


Xu Li Jing nodded.

Qiao Xiao Mai pursed her lips and continued: "I have already applied for a placing in France for a student exchange. If nothing goes wrong, I should be able to leave by the middle of next month. brother—in—law, can you lend me your account book? Well, I might need it when I do the formalities. "