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The Almighty Personal Servant

The Almighty Personal Servant



  Leng Ye Chen was a man with monstrous power and willfulness. He had countless servants in his house, but he insisted on taking Lin Qian in as his personal servant. "Laundry, cooking, cleaning, Lin Qian is tired out to death every day. Finally, he will be responsible for warming his bed and giving birth to a baby!" I can't take it anymore! " "One day, a certain girl lost her temper and ran away." "Then concentrate on giving it to me..." A man smiled, pinched her cheek and fiercely kissed her. Let's see if you can still act so arrogantly! "I originally thought that keeping a stubborn little girl by my side would make her submit to him, but trouble keeps coming. In the end, she actually dares to provoke other men for him?" "Tell me, do you dare to run away with someone else's hand in your hand next time?" "I dare not …" Clutching the marks all over her body, a certain woman's tears indicated her temporary surrender.
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His consciousness became heavy, and he felt a tearing pain from his lower body.

Tears leaked out of the corner of Lin Qian's eyes as she bit her lips and let out a sound that she could not control. Her long eyelashes trembled slightly before she slowly opened them, looking at the man on her with blurry eyes.

"The first time?"

After a long while, the man's sexy and low voice landed beside Lin Qian's ear, and almost bit her earlobe as he muttered with an ambiguous and light smile.

"36b, her breasts and buttocks are small, and her face doesn't look too good."

Rough gasps reverberated beside his ears. Following his strong movements, with every move, Lin Qian felt his heart trembling, and tears immediately flowed down even more.

The pain was almost numbing.

Hearing the man's evaluation of her, Lin Qian felt a wave of disgust and anger in her heart. Within her tears, she could only vaguely make out the outline of the man's face.

But his body was so hot.

After it was finally over, Lin Qian felt a burst of exhaustion, and her consciousness was still blurry, as she laid on the bed.

Leng Ye Chen stood by the side of the bed, bare—chested and lean, with skin the color of healthy wheat. There seemed to be sweat all over his body, which flowed down along his firm chest and into his belt.

Lin Qian lit up a cigarette, the smoke curling up following her lips that opened up to spit out, blurring the man's face. Lin Qian's fingers grabbed onto the bed sheets tightly, her entire body weak and powerless, as she trembled.

She opened her mouth, but her eyes were stuttering. She struggled to speak, so before she could say anything, tears flowed down her fair and delicate face.

"Woman, you're not worth that money."

With an evil smile, Leng Ye Chen spoke.

"Just who are you?"

Lin Qian bit her lips as she looked at him, her voice weak. She simply did not understand what was going on, yet everything had already happened.

This strange man even had a relationship with her. She clearly remembered that she went to the night field to look for her little brother yesterday, so how did she become like this?

"To be more precise, my things are priceless. Even if you give it to me, your life is not worth that money."

"What are you talking about!"

Lin Qian could not hold back and grabbed onto her blanket tightly, tears flowing out of her eyes.

Her first kiss, for the first time, was actually all given to an unfamiliar man.

"It means that you've lost my ring, and your body won't be able to withstand it."

As he slowly turned around, Leng Ye Chen's black eyes slightly narrowed. A cold smile appeared on his face and the corners of his lips curled up as he looked straight at Lin Qian with a hint of danger.

That ice—cold gaze was like a nail, nailing her down.

Lin Qian trembled in fear, a chill straight up from the bottom of her heart, filling her heart in an instant.

She remembered, yesterday when she went to look for her brother at the night scene, the group of people his brother provoked were simply scum. She took her brother to flee and finally got rid of them, but when they hid behind a wall, someone suddenly covered her mouth from behind and she fainted.

When I woke up, it was like this.

This man gave off a very scary feeling. She didn't know him at all, so she didn't have any impression of him at all.

But what was he talking about, what ring, or had she lost it? How was this possible?

His mind was in a mess.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Leng Ye Chen walked over to her, bent down beside the bed, and slowly approached her handsome face while smiling sinisterly.