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Fragrant-smelling Lady

Fragrant-smelling Lady



Aroma is Nero’s original and legal fiancée. Also, she is a special girl with a born fragrant smelling. Meanwhile, she is also beautiful and sexy, who has the deathly charming to men. However, her prospective bridegroom, Nero, doesn’t like her and even calls her as an evil Siren. When he knew Aroma got his baby, he even asked her to get rid of this child while having an affair with another woman. Nero’s coldness and unfaithful hurt Aroma, so she sneaked away and escaped from this heartbreaking engagement. Five years later, Nero came across to a hot female starlet at the Big York airport who reminded him Aroma, this Siren-like attractive woman. He thought it would be the last time he met this seductive woman. Unexpectedly, she broke into his life over and over again. Not only his life but also his business had significantly influenced. When seeing this sexy starlet, Nero continually thinks of that Siren-like woman, Aroma. Who is this lady? Is there any relation between Aroma and she?
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“So fragrant! Does such pleasant smell from you?” It's for the first time that I sniff such a floral fragrance from a human. Are you made from flowers?

"Aroma, you have the fragrance of flowers, and Nero is the Flower Emperor in the future. You two are connected by fate."

"From today onwards, Aroma, you will live here with Nero. When you grow up, marry Nero and be his wife."

"Aroma, you are going to be Nero's bride …"

"Aroma, Aroma, Aroma Stock!" A somewhat irritable voice called out, bringing Aroma Stock back from her thoughts. Aroma Stock blinked her eyes, tilted her head and looked at Nero Hawk who was driving, and his mood was obviously not well.

Nero Hawk looked at her and said with a heavy face: "We're here."

Aroma Stock held onto the seat belt and looked at the white colored building.

The three big words' Brook Royal Hospital 'made Aroma Stock's pretty face pale.

Trembling, she looked at Nero Hawk. Tears welled up and she pitifully shook her head: "No, , please, I beg you, I don't want to go to the hospital."

"The child must be killed. Let's quickly do it before our family members discover." Nero Hawk pursed his lips, coldly refusing her plea.

Aroma Stock covered her own abdomen with her trembling hands, feeling an intense heartache, Aroma Stock started to sob: "Why, I'm your wife, and I'm carrying your child, neither our father or mother will oppose this. Why do I have to kill our baby, I don't want that."

"Shut up! I have never acknowledged our engagement!” Nero Hawk was obviously not as calm as he looked on the surface. His heart was extremely irritated as he angrily went over to Aroma Stock and pinched her chin. Nero Hawk glared at her with his beautiful eyes: "You seduced me on purpose. At such a young age, do you still have any shame?"

"No, that night, it was clearly you …" Aroma Stock's face was pale and she wanted to explain.

"You want blame me again for forcing you? Ridiculous! I was drunk and I was going to find Ellie. How I get seduced and go to bed with you, I don't even remember!” Nero Hawk's body moved very close to her, and an ethereal fragrance was drifting in the air, coming from Aroma Stock. This fragrance made Nero Hawk even more irritable.

Aroma Stock's face was pale as dead as she tried to defend herself, "I didn't seduced you! I don't need to. I am your fiancée.

"Are you afraid? After all, I've never been fond of you. Once I become the CEO of the Stock's Corporation, you can leave at any time." Nero Hawk interrupted her and said sarcastically: "Then,you're afraid that I won't marry you in the end, so, you took advantage of your mysterious smell to seduce me to go to bed. It's just good for you to consolidate your position as Mrs. Hawk in the future. "

In the air, the fragrance from her body became a little stronger. Nero Hawk slightly leaned back, but he was still unable to get rid of it.

Damn it! Damn it! This kind of fragrance, even if one was extremely disgusted with it, would still cause his blood to boil and their breathing to become ragged.

This girl, her body was covered with such siren fragrance and it was keeping on seducing men. She was so dangerous.

Aroma Stock cried out as she raised her hands to wipe her tears, "That's not it. I've never thought about those things.

"If you love me, abort it for me." Nero Hawk tilted his head and used a pair of moving black eyes to stare at her: "Come with me to the hospital to have an abortion. When we return home, you are not allowed to say anything, and even not allowed to say anything to Ellie. If you love me, you can do it for me. "

There was no trace of emotion in his eyes. His gaze was ice—cold.

Aroma Stock was a little afraid of him, when Nero Hawk got angry, it was always very scary. However, she still loves him.

Getting off the car stiffly, Aroma Stock followed Nero Hawk into the hospital like a pitiful puppy. After watching him arrange everything for her, she was silent, she didn't dare to say a single word, and didn't dare to leave either.

After the procedures were done, the doctor asked her to stay in the ward and said, "Wait here for a while, we will back in seconds and start the operation."

Although Nero Hawk's financial capabilities made the doctor who was going to operate on her extremely polite to her, Aroma Stock could still see the contempt in the doctor's eyes.

Covering her belly with her hands, Aroma Stock thought they will kill her and Hawk's child. Aroma Stock's heart ached immensely, and she also felt a sense of anger towards herself.

My son, your mother can't protect you.

It would also be good to kill this child. She is only 19 years old and still in school. If she had a child now, it would be a scandal for her.

Moreover, the father did not want this child.

She loves Nero, but he hates her.

When the nurse came in to give her an injection, Aroma Stock looked at the needle, feeling extremely terrified, and asked softly: "May I ask, where's the man who came with me? I want to see him. "

"He's at the corridor around the corner. If you want to see him, then hurry up. You have to enter the operation room soon." The nurse said impatiently.

What's wrong with these young girls? They don't have any sense of shame. Even at such a young age, they would have an abortion. They couldn't be after men just because they are handsome.

Aroma Stock knew that the nurse was unhappy with her, so she shamelessly lowered her head and did not ask the nurse to call Nero Hawk. She silently got off the bed and walked out.

She … she really wanted to beg him again. She didn't want to kill the child. This was their child.

This floor was available for the VIP. It was very quiet, Aroma Stock approached the end of the corridor and heard Nero Hawk's voice.

"I have some things to take care of outside. Lunch must be finished on time, you're so weak, you must eat more." Such a soft and gentle voice was something he had never given to her before.

Aroma Stock leaned against the wall, knowing that he was calling Ellie. She was at a loss of what to do, and unable to find the chance to talk to him.

Ellie Pink, was the girl that Nero Hawk loves. She had a pure appearance and a weak body. Instead, she was always Siren—like in Nero's eyes.

Aroma Stock stretched out her hand to touch the cinnabar mole at the corner of her eye. Nero hated this mole.

"You don't have to worry about Aroma Stock, I won't marry her. She isn't going to have the surname Hawk and she has never been someone from my Family. Fiancée, I never admit. In fact, my parents are very clear that the matter between her and I is just a matter of pity. "

"Alright, I will speak to my family a few days and let Aroma Stock leave Hawk Family. It's so troublesome. If only she could disappear, it would save me all this trouble."

Aroma Stock stood around the corner, trembling as she covered her mouth.

She felt a dull pain in her abdomen, and a wave of nausea began to rise. Aroma Stock tried hard not to make herself cry, but her tears fell down painfully.

“Nero really hates me. Even though I like him so much, he still want to break off the engagement and even wished I can disappear. Even now, when I was going to have an abortion, he just focused on the woman on the phone.”

He didn't care about the child in her womb at all.

In the end, even if she obediently aborted the child, she would still be kicked out of Hawk Family.

If so, she should make changes, and wouldn't lose her child and wouldn't be alone! This was her child, her child! Even though his father hated the baby so much, she would not kill him.

Trembling, Aroma Stock supported herself against the wall as she staggered away.

Nero Hawk called for a long time before hanging up. Thinking that Aroma Stock should already be on the operation, he held his forehead because of a little bit headache.

He already imagine that Aroma Stock would definitely cry endlessly after the child was aborted. Although he hated to coax her, he has to be nice to her to prevent her from speaking carelessly or show any signs of abortion when she returns home.

Placing one hand in his pocket, Nero Hawk walked back into the sickroom. When the nurse saw him, she quickly asked: "Where is that young lady? Does she still need the operation? Time has already been delayed."

Nero Hawk was surprised, and his heart jumped for no reason when he saw the empty ward.

Where was she?