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Love a Superstar

Love a Superstar



  The way to catch up to a male God was to have thick skin, thick skin, and extremely thick skin. After the three male gods of TFBOYS had transferred to their class, Su Qiao, who was TFBOYS 'brainless fan, naturally used this opportunity to push down Wang Junkai! Coincidentally, she had also successfully attracted their attention on the first day of school. After that, they began to chase after her relentlessly. Who would have thought that the heavens would reward her with unprecedented luck and actually succeed in being together with Wang Junkai. "Wang Junkai, who fell in love with whom first?" "Of course it's you!" Wang Junkai smiled. He would not tell her that he was waiting for her to confess.
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In front of a large transparent window, a young girl with long black hair was sitting at the window, wearing a white nightdress. She was staring blankly at the stars in the sky as if she was thinking about something.

Suddenly, a meteor with a long tail drew a beautiful arc in the sky.

"The news is right, there really is a shooting star!" The young girl widened her eyes in excitement.

Then, he suddenly thought of what he had to do, and immediately closed his eyes and clasped his hands together, "Oh god, please, I want my kaiju, let me see my kaiju, I want to throw him down!"

The young girl murmured her wish, and then looked up at the sky with a sincere expression. She only wished that this little wish of hers could come true.

It was said that as long as she made her wish when the meteor streaked past, then her wish would come true.

No matter if this was real or fake, she was willing to give it a try. As long as someone said it was something very spiritual, she was willing to try it out, and they all had the same wish, which was to give her the chance to meet Wang Jun Kai one day.

She only had one wish in her life, and God wouldn't be so ungrateful.

Su Qiao Qiao stretched lazily after making that wish, "Oh my god, for the sake of waiting for this meteor baby's life to almost end, go to sleep, I still have lessons tomorrow."

It was already past one in the morning, and Su Qiao Qiao felt that she really had to go all out for Wang Jun Kai.

The weather on the second day was very good. The bright sunlight shone through the window onto Su Qiao Qiao's soft and tender princess bed.

Su Qiao Qiao got the driver to bring him to school at the fastest speed possible.

"Qiao Qiao!"

In the last second before the bell rang, Su Qiao Qiao successfully reached the classroom.

The person who affectionately called Su Qiao Qiao's name was Su Qiao Qiao's good friend.

Although Qian Xiao Duo's name sounded like she was very rich, it was actually just the opposite of Su Qiao Qiao's. It was just that a normal kid from a well—off family couldn't compare to a rich family like Su Qiao Qiao. As for why these two people could become good friends, the only reason was because they were both snake patients.

"Little Duo, why do you look so excited?" Su Qiao Qiao saw that Qian Xiao Duo was laughing so hard that her chin almost fell off.

"I have to be excited. I'm so excited that I'm going to explode to death at any moment!" Qian Xiao Duo was so excited that she maintained her sitting posture, but her legs were still stomping excitedly, as if this was the only way to suppress her excitement.

"What is it?"

Su Qiao Qiao, on the other hand, was calm. Before Qian Xiao Duo could say what exactly happened, even if Su Qiao Qiao wanted to get excited, she did not know what she should get excited about.

Su Qiao Qiao realized that not only Qian Xiao Duo, but the surrounding students were also very excited. Of course, all of them were female students who had expressed their excitement, and she seemed to have faintly heard Wang Jun Kai, Wang Yuan and even Yi Yang Qian Xi's name.

If it was another name, Su Qiao Qiao would probably not notice it at all, but as long as this name was related to TFBOYS, especially the three words Wang Jun Kai, it was impossible for Su Qiao Qiao to ignore it.