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Annoyed  Marriage and Sweet Love

Annoyed Marriage and Sweet Love


At the wedding of her fiance and his mistress, she was framed by her mother-in-law-to-be, and spent a wild night with a handsome stranger. When she woke up, she thought she wouldn’t meet him again. Unexpectedly, she was pregnant a month later. When she was ready to give it up, the man appeared, promised that, “Marry me, I will take care of you and the baby.” Half a month later, the most dignified man of A City held a grand wedding with her. In the first beginning, she thought everything was perfect, but then... “Sweetheart, wanna do some exercises with me tonight?” “Sweetheart, you know dad and mom always hope us to have more kids, so that they won’t feel lonely.” “Sweetheart, I've told your boss, no overtime work anymore, then we could have more time to sleep...you know.” This man!! She couldn't bear it anymore, and handed him a paper, “enough! Rocky Mu, I want to divorce you!” Hearing this, the man didn’t panicked, he smiled dotingly, “Love, stop kidding me. No lawyer dares to take over your case.”
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The soft glow of the city lights danced along the limousines lined up at the entrance of the grand Hilton Hotel.

Jessie, dressed in a stunning black gown and high heels, made her way through the lobby. Her hair was tied into a bun. She looked neat and tidy.

At the hall center, the wedding ceremony was at a splendid moment with the handsome groom kneeling on the ground, tenderly looking at the bride, and swearing. "I will cherish our love faithfully, for better for worse, till the end of my life. Dear Vivien, will you marry me and be my one and only?"

"Yes, I do!"

Gazing at the lovebirds kissing and hugging each other, Jessie, standing in the crowd was heart-broken. Her eyes were sore and full of tears. Auntie Lu hadn't lied to her. Salmon Lu would get married with another woman. But one day ago, he had told her he would leave for a business trip.


It's totally a lie. He took the so-called "business trip" to marry another woman.

Shameless liar!

Jessie furiously rushed forward and intended to slap Salmon. However, she was blocked by someone. "What do you want?"

Jessie clenched her fists. "I..."

Auntie Lu chuckled and said, "I know we did you wrong by ending the engagement on our own. You probably know better than anyone else that we'll go bankrupt if Salmon doesn't marry Vivien. No one can afford your grandma's treatment fee, then. To leave or stay, it's your choice. But, I bet the best choice for you is to congratulate the newly married couple."

Jessie bit her lower lip so hard that her lip was almost bleeding.

How shameless! Her father left respectable inheritances which were full enough for her and grandma's lifetime expenses. If she hadn't taken the money to cover deficit for Lu's Family, how could she rely on them to cure her grandma!

Being angrily trembled and paused for a second or two, Jessie said, "Fine, I'll go and congratulate them!"

The wedding went to an end.

Dressed in fitting suit, Salmon looked so gorgeous. He gracefully walked down the stage with hugging his bride in his arms.

Jessie rushed before them and said loudly, "Cheers! Here's wishing you both a lifetime happiness!" After saying that, she raised her head and drank her wine bottoms up.

Salmon stared at Jessie 's red eyes and seemed to say something. Finally he restrained himself. He could not give up at the very moment for he had sacrificed so much for marrying Vivien Mu only by whose family's support could Lu's famliy survive.

Noticed certain emotions between her son and Jessie, Auntie Lu said, "My dear, you'd better toast with guests elsewhere." She cunningly blocked Salmon's sight and dragged Jessie's hands with a smile.

"Fine, Mom, entertain Jessie." Salmon said to his mother before he left.

"I will." Auntie Lu laughed.

Right after the couple's leaving, Auntie Lu instantly stopped smiling, "Jessie, Vivien almost see you through for you've been acting so obvious just now."

"I am born with no acting skills. It's your Family that deserves an Oscar Award." Jessie coldly interrupted her.

"You!" Auntie Lu scolded angrily.

"Auntie, I'm leaving. I may say much more harsh words if I stay still."

With goggling at her for seconds, Auntie Lu waved, "Go, as fast as you can. You should not be here."

Sharply the faint voice pierced her ears like a needle.

Jessie paused and then left.

At the moment she walked out of the hall, Jessie instantly shed a tear.

She told herself not to cry for crying would only make her more embarrassed. But tears couldn't help falling like beads on a broken string.

Twenty years ago, Lu's Family survived with Jessie's parents' support. To express gratitude, Salmon promised an engagement to Jessie. For the past two decades, Jessie faithfully took Salmon as her future husband. She even covered Lu's deficit by using her father's inheritance.

Lu's family then suddenly ruined the promise and forced her to accept it by not paying for her grandma's treatment fee.

Jessie felt disgusting about the kisses between Salmon and another woman.

She couldn't wait to slap him, point at his nose, and expose him in the public!

But she couldn't do that for her family had declined and her grandma was seriously ill. she had to rely on Salmon's Family to afford her granny's fee.

Alone, Jessie walked to the top floor of the hotel with an unbearable anger in her heart.

Sitting on the edge of the rooftop, Jessie looked afar and weeped more severely. "Salmon, you are such a liar! I'll never forgive you."

Suddenly, she was hit and almost rolled down. Fortunately, a tragedy was prevented from happening because she hurriedly grabbed the railing. And at the same time, her wrist was hold by someone.

Staring at the bottom of the building, all the frightening and anger tortured her the whole night burst out in a second. "What is wrong with you? Didn't you see me standing here on the rooftop? You almost killed me!"

After turning her head, Jessie saw a gorgeous face with clear and deep facial features. He got such a strong magnetic field in the chilly wind with his starry eyes lying under a pair of straight sword-shaped eyebrows,