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The Alpha's Obsession

The Alpha's Obsession

Author:Haryor Writes


With no idea of the mythical world of werewolves, Corrine Devan, a twenty three old artist and singer gets hauled off on her wedding day all the way from Cuba to Europe by a strange man who called her 'Mate' Wesley King Hrodwulf, a thirty year old, playboy with a loveless heart and Alpha of Starmoon pack, finally meets his mate first in a boutique but was stopped by his Secretary from going to her in order not to scare her off, and next, he gets hint she's getting married the following day. He let Jay, his wolf, take over by stopping their mate's wrong marriage. He swore not to have anything to do with love but neither is he letting his mate off the hook.
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" Corrine!!! Corrine!!!" Oliver, Corrine's best friend barged into Corrine's room, waking her up from sleep.

Corinne sat up in alarm, a little disoriented and groggy, her hair totally messed up and wild.

" What is it?!"

" It's Charles!" Oliver continued in a alarming tone.

Corrine was up from the bed in an instant, " what happen to Charles?" She drew her robe closer, her heart and head pounding simultaneously.

" He's in trouble."

" Trouble and he needs your help."

" Charles has never been in trouble since I know him."

" Well he is now and don't just stand here looking confused, let's go!"

Oliver grabbed Corrine's hand and pulled her out without waiting for reply.

Corrine followed her dumbly, a deep frown plastered on her face.

Oliver opened the front door of her car and pushed her in then walked over to the driver's seat.

She put the car in ignition and drove off.

" But I spoke to him before I slept."

" And that was when?"

" Yesterday's night." Corrine admitted. " Is he hurt?"

"I'm driving, don't distract me please." Oliver said bluntly.

Corrine frowned deeper when she remembered something " My parents! Where are they? I noticed the house is silent."

" Went to work?" Oliver shrugged.

" Today is Sunday."

" Are you worried about your parents or your boyfriend!" Oliver half yelled and screeched the car to a halt in front of restaurant.

Corrine did a double take at the restaurant and Oliver. " Is this where Charles is?"

" Yup"

Corrine felt something is not adding up but kept mute about her suspicions.

Oliver opened the restaurant door which read closed and ushered Corrine in.

" Are you sure we're in the right place?" Corrine asked again to be sure. " Why's this place dark?"

The lights came on, illuminating the whole room on cue.

" Surprise!!!!!" People shouted.

Corrine placed her hand over her chest in shock.

" Suuuurrrrppprriisssee...." Oliver cooed in Corrine's ears.

She turned to glare at Oliver, giving her the fiercest glare.

Oliver ignored her and pushed her into the circle formed by the people around.

As Corrine walked into circle, she noticed her family members around, everyone all smiles.

Her heart was thumping fast....... -Whatever happened to Charles being in trouble??- she thought.

The crowd opened to let her into the circle where Charles was kneeling with one foot and an opened ring box in his hands.

" Will you marry me Corrine Devan??"

Corrine's hand flew to her mouth, she'd never imagined in a thousand times that Charles will actually propose to her.

" Yeah." she nodded, sad and happy at the same time.

She moved closer for him to slip the ring into her fingers then she gentle it raised him up and hugged him, her heart fluttering in excitement.

************** One week later **************

******* Two days before her wedding.********

Oliver put a long sequence gown on her body, " Here. This cloth is good for your bachelorette party."

" I don't want something too revealing."

" It's your last day as a single lady and you don't want to wear something revealing?? Can you even listen to yourself?"

Corrine shook her head and opened her mouth to argue. The look Oliver directed at her caused her to snap her mouth shut instantly.

" Good no arguments!"

" Can we try more clothes out?? It's my bachelorette party for goodness's sake!"

" Yeah, sure. Let's go over to that aisle." Oliver pointed at another cloth section.

Corrine looked at the headboard over the aisle Oliver was pointing. It read " Be a seductress."

" Actually, I'm going this way." Corrine protested and walked the opposite way, not minding where the aisle would lead her.

" Ohhh, you're such a bore." Oliver grumbled behind her.

" Or maybe not!!!" Corrine screamed and ran towards the aisle that said ' be a seductress."

Oliver grinned happily, together they both changed in and out of dresses. Both of them acting like teens searching for the best clothes to wear for Prom night. An hour and 23 dresses change each, later, they both settled on four dresses each.

Together, they ventured into the jewelry section, where they tried necklaces and see which fits best.