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Revenger Princess

Revenger Princess

Author:Lu Feixi


She escorted her husband to be crowned as the Emperor, but the day he took power became the day all her family members were slain brutally.  She was reborn five years ago when her parents were healthy and alive, and she was unmarried. Above all, nothing started yet. Ye Muxi swore to take her revenge to eliminate all the regrets she committed in her previous life.  Carrying the memories she collected for these five years, a weak Miss, who always got bullied, had transformed attractively. She protected her younger brother and stamped on the scum cheater. She took every step seriously and always took action first. However, how did she accidentally enthrall this scheming and handsome Royal Master? She killed people, and he set the fire. She poisoned someone, and he killed others. If she was willing to love only one person in the world, then he would spoil her all her life and stay with her forever.  A couple, both invincible, held hands together. He would be loyal to her until he died. 
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23rd Year of Jian'an

A. D.218

, in the Crown Prince Mansion in the capital city.

Ye Muxi, with her beautiful eyes pinning away, slapped the door desperately while wearing a golden phoenix tail long dress and a veil. But that locked door didn’t even budge an inch no matter how hard she was pounding.

“I want to meet Crown Prince, let me out! We Lingwu Marquis Mansion was wronged! My father was not complicit in the rebellion!”

Ye Muxi had been held for 3 days, and her voice was hoarse since she hadn’t drunk a drop of water, but she struggled to live until the last minute, dying to see Huangpu Sheng even for one second.


Finally, a crack from the door signified the red door was opened by someone, and a woman in luxurious outfits gathered by a horde of people walked in. She was wrapped in expensive silks and looked elegant and gorgeous. She was precisely the rival of Ye Muxi----Xu Qiongying, the imperial concubine of Crown Prince Huangpu Sheng.

“Crown Princess, that’s all vain efforts. Crown Prince won’t see you. He had the order that, you, disgraceful Lady Ye, colluded with Family Ye and offended the superior as a lower one. You are ordered to get killed with the intention of plotting rebellion.” Xu Qiongying was looking at Ye Muxi with a smile on her face. Undisguisedly, she was smug, "Ye Muxi, you are doomed to die. Everyone in your Lingwu Marquis Mansion will be killed, and your Crown Princess's position is in my possession since now. I will be the Queen of the Da Qian Dynasty, and I will be the winner who laughs to the end.”

Ye Muxi clenched her fists, staring at her coldly, "Xu Qiongying, my father didn't scheme any rebellions, and it was you who set us up! You framed me up only to usurp the Queen’s position! Your Family Xu set us up only for power and a prestigious position!”

“What if we really set you up? What will you do? Your Family Ye deserves it!” Xu Qiongyao walked in a rolling gait to Ye Muxi, slapping her in her face, “You have descended to where you are now, and how dare you look at me with that attitude? You are not reconciled, right? You thought that your Lingwu Marquis Mansion could have another rescuer? Don’t have any illusion. Check this out--what is this?”

Xu Qiongying took out a Plum Blossom Token from her sleeves.

In the meanwhile, a woman dressed in brocade clothes walked from the outside of the Palace. It was Ye Muxi's best friend who grew up together with her ----Ye Wanrou.

After Lingwu Marquis Mansion had been labeled with the rebellion crime, Ye Muxi handed her Plum Blossom Token to Ye Wanrou and told her to give this to father. This Plum Blossom Token had an extraordinary history, and it was the only thing that might save their family’s life.

But at this moment, the Plum Blossom Token was taken by Xu Qiongying, while Ye Wanrou was standing by her side.

“Cousin, why? Why did you betray me! I treated you well, and even if Xu Qiongying bought you with a bulk of money, how could it compare with our relationships as siblings?” Ye Muxi’s nails were now buried into her flesh, and she couldn’t believe what she was staring at. She had never expected that the person she gave the most credit would surrender the Plum Blossom Token voluntarily to her enemy, for which could salvage her entire family’s life.

Ye Wanrou looked sorry, “In fact, I wanted to be the sister of the Queen and could collect some benefits from you. But unfortunately, I feel on edge when you are alive. I am too scared that you may know about the things that happened before. But now, I could tell you honestly."

“Cousin, I am the culprit of the conflagration five years ago. Your mother died because I burned her to death, I also ruined your appearance, and I pushed your brother into the pool and drowned him to death. If you were always stupid like before, maybe I would let you go. But you are getting tougher in the wake of years of battles for power. The tougher you become, the closer I am approaching death. So, I have to let you die first." Ye Wanrou said these verbatims, so brutal and cruel.

Ye Muxi had never suspected Ye Wanrou, and the minute she knew the truth, she felt her heart was cut into pieces. She almost went mad.

“I will kill you! Ye Wanrou, I will kill you!” Ye Muxi was yelling at the top of her lungs which made her veil dropped, unveiling a face covered with multiple scars, which was so horrible.

Her mother and brother ended up with miserable tragedies, and she took her, the one who killed them, as a good sister for her whole life. So ridiculous! Hateful! Pathetic!