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Master of The Dragon-shape Dagger

Master of The Dragon-shape Dagger

Author:Yu Cheng


Lin Mu, a son of a down-and-out aristocratic family, was given the Immortal-Killing Flying Dagger by chance. The flying daggers could devour gods, devils, and other living beings and could see through all things in the world. Since then, Lin Mu, used to be a trapped dragon, flew into the sky and became invincible. He was a martial god and death. When the flying daggers were in his hand, he could slay the strongest enemy and defeat the chosen one. He could break through the sky and devour the stars. He could make sounds like a dragon that shook heaven and earth. He regarded life and death as unimportant and finally became the god of martial spirits! He clashed with all the darkness when dark clouds blotted out the sun. Even in a chaotic and terrible world, he created a great cause that would last forever and was honored as the super god.
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Wild geese perched on willow shoots and the moon was reflected in the blue lake.

The weather was a bit cool and there was a haze like smoke on the lake. There seemed to be a shadow dancing like a leaf in it.

This was a teenager.

He was only about 14 years old, with clear facial features and thick eyebrows. His thin lips were tightly pressed into a line, looking a little cold.

His appearance was not very beautiful, but what really attracted people was his eyes. His eyes looked calm at first glance, but if you looked deeper, you could find extraordinary persistence and firmness.

At this time, he was naked and his waist and crotch were in one. His palms were constantly waving and his spiritual strength was pounding the lake unceasingly as it gushed out.

What he was practicing was the inferior martial skill----" Pace-through Fist".

Martial skills could be divided into inferior skills, medium skills and superior skills. Although the “Pace-through Fist” belonged to inferior skills, it was inherited in the Lin Clan and was the most suitable for consolidating the foundation.



The teenager's eyes showed a faint look of madness. Even his fists were worn out and the lake was stained with blood, he seemed to be unable to see it.

However, no matter how hard he had tried, his spiritual strength did not increase at all. His body was like a sea.

"Damn, why still can't I achieve a breakthrough!"

No one knew exactly how many punches he had hit. At this point, his face was pale and his body faltered.

This was a phenomenon that his spiritual strength had been overdrawn. In the end, he could only suppress his inner pain and angrily smashed his fist on the lake.

"Didn’t the ancients say that God helps those who help themselves? But why am I still a second level martial disciple even though I have worked so hard and never dared to slacken off?"

"If it wasn't for my poor cultivation base, how could I be arbitrarily oppressed by others?"

"If it wasn't for my poor cultivation base, how could I drag down Xiaowan?"

"If it wasn't for my poor cultivation base, how could the examiners of Lingfeng College assume that I poisoned him without verification?"

The strong unwillingness flashed in his eyes.

The teenager, Lin Mu, was a former young master of the Lin Clan, which was one of the five great clans in Xichuan City. He was the only son of Lin Nan, a former head of the Lin Clan.

The word "former" was added because Lin Nan had disappeared inexplicably three years ago. As a result, his position had plummeted since then.

According to the general principle, he had the Lin Clan’s own blood after all. Even if his father was missing, he should not be treated like this.

But the fact that such a thing happened to him made everyone who knew the facts take it for granted.

The reason was quite simple.

When Lin Mu was only five years old, he took part in the martial arts qualification test of the clan and his qualification was of the red level.

All living beings were humble, and only those with spiritual martial arts were noble.

In the Spiritual Martial Continent, the innate qualification of a martial fighter was determined by the strength of the martial meridians. Therefore, there was a saying that there were seven colors of martial meridians.

The seven colors were red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, and purple. The more powerful the martial meridians were, the more effective they were in absorbing spiritual qi, and vice versa.

While Lin Mu's martial meridians belonged to the lowest level of the red level martial meridians and the red level was also the lowest level of all martial meridians.

With this kind of qualification, his cultivation speed was extremely slow. In the eyes of others, he was destined not to become a martial fighter.

When Lin Nan was there before, those people did not dare to deprive him even if they were jealous of his resources. After Lin Nan’s disappearance for three years, those people could not bear it any longer.

Without rich resources, the cultivation speed of Lin Mu, who was inherently poor in talent, became slower.

The realm of martial disciples was mainly awakening the martial meridians, which consisted of ten levels. Lin Mu had been cultivating since he was five years old and had been doing so for nine years till now, but he had only awoken two martial meridians. Therefore, he was still a second level martial disciple.

Although he had been working hard, others only looked at the final results. His cultivation base was low, so others thought he was useless. Everyone did not want to be close to him. After Lin Nan had disappeared, the situation became even worse.

Lin Mu himself knew that all this was rooted in his own weak strength, so he had been silently enduring it.

But this time, he couldn't continue to endure.

Today was the time for Lingfeng College to come to Xichuan City for enrollment examination. From the beginning, his talent and cultivation base were ordinary, so he did not hold much hope. He only went to the challenge arena to compete with others with a focus on participation.

He didn't expect Gao Jianfeng, Gao Clan's disciple, to be so ruthless. Every move he made wanted to destroy all his cultivation base.

If it weren't for his slow improvement in his cultivation base over the past nine years, thus laying an unusually solid foundation for himself, he was afraid he would have let Gao Jianfeng's plot succeed.

What was even more infuriating was that Gao Jianfeng framed him for poisoning after his plot to cripple him had failed, and there were indeed signs of poisoning on him.

However, only Lin Mu was certain that he had not poisoned Gao Jianfeng, and it was likely that Gao Jianfeng had poisoned himself. But others do not believe him, after all, the evidence was conclusive.

Then the examining officer of Lingfeng College announced on the spot that they would cancel his examination qualification and he would never be enrolled.

Lingfeng College was the largest college in Tianyuan Prefecture. Xichuan City was only one of the nine cities in Tianyuan Prefecture.

The news was tantamount to cutting off Lin Mu's road to progress. Lin Mu, who had already been despised, was now even being shunned.

There was a breeze blowing gently.

This seemed to be a normal natural phenomenon, but as a martial disciple, Lin Mu's perception was much stronger than that of ordinary people.

"Who is it?" A cold light flashed across Lin Mu’s eyes.

"You're really on guard, you piece of shit." With a woman's voice, a man and a woman came out.

Looking at them, Lin Mu immediately showed an angry expression, "Gao Jianfeng, Gao Lanyue, this Meteorite Lake is a domain of our Lin Clan. What are you two doing here?"

"We are here to kill you!" The young man beside Gao Lanyue suddenly spoke coldly.

It was Gao Jianfeng, Lin Mu's most hated enemy.

With this, the sharp sword in Gao Lanyue’s hand seemed to be premeditated to stab out to Lin Mu quickly.

"Their cultivation bases are higher than mine. Besides, I'm overdrawn with spiritual strength now and I'm more inferior to them. I'd better run away first."

Lin Mu was thinking quickly.

Gao Lanyue was a martial disciple of the seventh level, while Gao Jianfeng had a stronger level which was the eighth level.

However, when he was ready to move his body, a paralysis like an electric current suddenly enveloped his whole body.

"My blood..."

"I am poisoned!"

Lin Mu's mind sank in an instant.


Lin Mu's movements became sluggish. Even though he tried his best to dodge, Gao Lanyue's sharp sword still cut his arm and blood spurted out.

"This is the coagulation powder. Gao Jianfeng, you did poison yourself."

As a disciple of Lin Clan, Lin Mu had certain insights and he kept staring at Gao Jianfeng.

The toxin Gao Jianfeng was poisoned in the entrance examination of Lingfeng College was exactly the coagulation powder.

"What can you do even if you know? Today is the day you die."

Gao Jianfeng looked at Lin Mu as if playing the game of cat and mouse.

Lin Mu knew the timing was very urgent. The more he procrastinated, the less likely he was to survive. So he could only make a quick decision and bit the tip of his tongue violently.

The bloody tingling brought Lin Mu's body back to normal briefly.


The water splashed and Lin Mu turned and plunged into the lake.

"You little bastard want to run for your life?"

Gao Jianfeng showed an angry look and he hurled his sword at Lin Mu's back.


The cold sword light, like a meteor, pierced the sky and pierced into Lin Mu's vest with accuracy.