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Ex Wife

Ex Wife



She stared at him with nothing but emptiness holding in her beautiful grey eyes. What are you doing here. She mumbled in a blank tone waiting for him to spit out the reason of him showing up. Amy I-I am sorry I just. His throat contracted in a painful way as he couldn't find the right words to speak further. It's Amelia. And I already forgave you. Didn't I then why are you here. He shook his head stepping forward which only caused her to step back from him. Please Amy I want you back. I know what I did was wrong but it was a mistake and. His words cut short with a small laugh that escaped from her lips. An empty painful laugh. Wrong. You call this wrong. A mistake. Destroying someone's life isn't a mistake Mr. Stone. It's a sin. An unforgivable sin. And a forgiveness to a sin is God's right not mine. This is the last time I am giving you a warning. Stay away from me or I will forced to contact my lawyer. A one wrong accusation turned their lives ups and down. One wrong step snatched everything from him. One wrong decision made the only person who loved him purely hate him the most. Here's the story of a Ex-Wife Amelia Kales. And the broken man Liam Stone. WARNING: IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A TYPICAL DRAMATIC EX WIFE STORY THEN KINDLY THIS STORY ISN'T FOR YOU. LASTLY IF YOU WANT A PATHETIC FEMALE LEAD THEN PLEASE EXIT. THANK YOU.
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Author Pov

She smiled sadly at the file in her hands. She wanted to tell her husband but what should she do. It’s already been a week she came to know about this but she just couldn’t get a strength to tell him.

“Babyy.” She got startled at her husband’s voice before immediately hiding the file under the pillows. She stood up smiling at him as he came inside and instantly hugged her.

He moaned slightly heaving his head in her crook smiling happily. “What happened Babe. Your looking tired.” He hummed before tightening his grip on her and placing kisses all over her nape.

“Oh come on Liam go fresh up. I will arrange dinner. Come on. Enough enough big buddy come on.” She exclaimed trying to pull away from the pig but he just whinned kissing her neck.

But finally she pushed him away making him pout. She chuckled pointing at the bathroom. He walked towards the bathroom sulking. She sighed grabbing the file and again hiding it in the cupboard. No matter what happens she has to tell him. It’s important.

She prepared the table after heating the food. Liam started eating the food as she was busy with the chores. His phone started ringing making him to answer it.

“Ok. Ok fine I am coming.” Amelia looked at him with raised eye brows.

“I have to go. Kate and Luna asked for me they said it’s urgent. I even heard kate crying. I need to go there.” Amelia nodded her head and Liam ran outside after kissing her forehead.

She frowned slapping her forehead remembering that she has to meet her brother today. She was about to get her bag but then she got a message from her brother’s fiance asking her to come to the place she messaged her.

Amelia wanted to know why but after reading that it’s urgent she went to the place. She knew Kelly would never message her something like this. The matter seems serious.

She went to the place and was left petrified seeing Kate. Luna. Her brother. Kelly and even Liam. She ran towards her brother after witnessing severe bruises all over his face.

“My God. What happened to your face. Who the hell did this.” She said touching her brother’s face who stared at her with sad eyes.

“Don’t touch this piece of shit Amy your hands will get dirty.” She gasped out hearing her husband’s words. Kelly was about to snap but Amelia shook her head at her.

“What is wrong with you Liam. How dare you insult my brother like this.” She said glaring at him who scoffed. Kate was crying hugging Liam while Luna was also there glaring at Amelia and her brother Harry.


She looked at her brother for confirmation and Harry instantly shook his head. “I swear on our deceased parents Amy I did no such thing. She’s lying. I swear. I am not like this Amy I swear.”

Liam was about to snap at him but stopped when Amelia said “I know brother I know you can never do such thing. I know.” She nodding her head. Even though at first she felt extremely disgusting thinking that Kate was about to get raped but again.

She trust her brother more than herself. Harry loves Kelly more than anything. He never even in his drunken state looked at other woman than to touch. It was impossible for them to believe.


Liam yelled out pushing Kate in her mother’s arms and walking closer to Amelia who shook her head “I am not saying that she’s lying. But I wouldn’t accuse my brother blindly as well. Being a woman doesn’t mean I will believe other woman’s accusation blindly. We need proofs. We need to look in this matter carefully. Rapist and Rape victim are not some kind of simple titles Liam.”

“We need to contact police. My brother will handle this matter fairly. Police will look into it and if my brother is culprit he will be punished but if not then.”

“Then what. Huh then what. My daughter will be consider as a liar. A disgrace. No. No we can’t do this. Liam ask this man. He will marry my daughter. We are religious people Amelia. I can’t let my daughter be called as a disgrace.”

Luna Kate’s mother exclaimed making Harry instantly work up. “No I wouldn’t marry this sly woman. Why don’t you people believe me. I didn’t even touch her a little. I swear to God she’s lying. Please I love Kelly no one else.”

Liam again punched him making Amelia to push Liam away from her brother who cried out. “Amy I wouldn’t marry her. I didn’t touch her I swear. She’s setting me up. I swear Kelly I only love you.” Kelly nodded her head and hugged Harry.

“Enough Liam. I wouldn’t tolerate more violence against my brother. He’s innocent till proved guilty so suck your anger up.” Liam shot her a glare before hugging her sister who was crying.

“Fine then. We will go to court and then all of this will be decided. I swear you will regret taking his side.” Liam said side hugging his sister who looked at her mother with scared eyes.

“Liam I don’t think going to court decision is right I mean people.” Liam glared at her.

“I don’t give a shit of what people think about my sister. I need justice. I will put this bastard in jail and will make him suffer. He will pay for what he did to my sister. I don’t want him to touch my sister again. So no marriage. I don’t think kate being a harrasment victim would like to marry the one who harassed her.”

Liam exclaimed tensing both Kate and Luna who looked at each other with scared eyes. Liam looked at Amelia who was looking at him with sad eyes.

“Choose Amelia. Him or Me. If you choose your brother then be ready for divorce. But if you choose me then you have to end your relation with your brother.”

His eyes were practically begging his one and only love to come to him. To choose him but no. Her brother was always more than anything to her.

“I will never leave my brother when he needs me the most. What kind of a sister will I be if i wouldn’t stand with him in this condition.” Liam chuckled sadly as he nodded his head.

“Fine then tomorrow. My lawyer will contact you. For a divorce and also for the attempt charges on your brother.”

“No Liam wait--” Harry tried stopping Liam but Amelia grabbed his wrist shaking her head.

“Fine. If your sisters accusations matters more than our 5 years relation and 3 years marriage then fine go head divorce me. I will sign the papers. But.”

She walked closer to Liam with her teary eyes. Liam also stared back with almost begging her with his eyes to not do this.

“Once I signed those papers. We will never be one again. Never.” Liam nodded his head before pulling kate with him followed by Luna who avoided eye contact with the brother and sister.

Harry hugged his sister who smiled rubbing his back. He was blaming himself. But Amelia knew it wasn’t him. It was Liam’s ego. His blind trust on his step sister and his lack of respect for her and her brother.

Even though everything crumbled down that time. But the man who crushed it never thought that one day he will cry trying grab those shattered pieces only to have nothing in return. Nothing


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