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Lose Control

Lose Control


The "Bestie" stole Sandy Su's boyfriend and her design. Sandy was humiliated by the shameless newly-wed couple at the wedding. Accidentally, she got in a stranger's luxury car. That night, by the sea, they comforted each other wildly. Then Sandy fled away, leaving Vincent Fu who kept thinking of her for 3 years. One day, they met in a design competition. Sandy said that night was a mistake. Taking her back to the car, Vincent approached her, "3 years and 1,095 nights, you can't pay them back in one night."
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The night by the sea was intoxicating. The night breeze blew by, and wisps of wind permeate from the half-closed window, blowing Sandy Su's short hair as if to tease the two people in the car.


Sandy Su was pressed against by one man's thin lips, and she could only snort lightly.

Sandy Su has indulged herself with the man's charm. Sandy Su knew that this was not right, but they could not resist each other.

What's more, they were all under the effect of the wine, everything was just right.

She was pressed hard on the seat. After the kiss, his obsidian-like eyes were fixed on Sandy Su's cheek, and his big hand gently caressed on her lips.

When their eyes met, there was like a fierce fight between them.

The temperature in the car kept rising again and again. The strange and attractive feeling, like the waves by the sea, drowned Sandy Su.

She fell into the hands of the man, and there was not much to think of except the man in her mind.

The charming breath of the man was invading little by little, overbearing, and strong.

Her low voice circled in the car, begging, "Please, give it to me."

The man smiled mysteriously. The silhouette of his side face was flickering in the dark, though very bright.

Sandy Su was surprised. How could a parking attendant be so handsome?

The "war" in the car had just begun.

Sandy Su grabbed hardly on his shoulder and couldn't help shouting, "Ouch, it hurts!"

Her delicate voice echoed in the car, and the intense pain was unbearable.

The man paused for a moment and seemed to be a little surprised. He held on to the car chair with his hands. "Is this your first time?"

Eight hours ago.

The wedding was arranged in a hotel near the Windermere sea. Sandy Su stood in front of the hotel and pondered for a long time.

After all, the host of this wedding did not send her an invitation.

She was definitely unwelcome at the wedding of her ex-boyfriend and one-time best friend.

When she stepped into the hotel, she was destined to humiliate herself.

In the hotel room, the beauty expert was helping Flora Xia do her make up. Flora Xia, who in front of the mirror, was exquisite and eye-catching, with a coquettish complacent look in her eyes.

Sean Xu stood beside her with his eyes full of love. "Flora, you are really beautiful today. It's my honor to marry you."

Flora Xia smiled enchantingly and winked at Sean Xu. "Why don't you go to the wedding hall to take care of the guests?"

Sean Xu stood up and walked toward Flora Xia, holding her shoulder intimately. "The beauty is in the room. How can I go somewhere else?"

Flora Xia said jokingly, "You're annoying. There are other people here!"

When she finished, Sandy was standing in front of the door in great embarrassment.

She looked straight at the affectionate couple.

Sean Xu and Flora Xia changed their face instantly.

They looked at Sandy Su as if she was a monster. Almost at the same time, they said, "Why are you here?"

"Why are you here?"

They sounded all disgusted.

Sandy Su was upset. "If it wasn't me, could you walk into such a sacred palace of marriage? I'm a matchmaker after all. It's fine if you don't invite me, but why did you drive me away?"

Flora Xia's expression changed completely. She stood up in a rage, pointed at Sandy Su, and said, "Sandy Su, I didn't expect you to be so bad. You even wanted to ruin my wedding!"

Sandy Su shrugged. "When did I say I was going to ruin it?"

She just couldn't help but want to come over. Perhaps she herself was destruction to them.

But these two people destroyed the track of her life. Why didn't she do anything?

Sean Xu also took a step forward. "If you really don't want to make trouble, leave here now. We don't want to see you, especially at this time."

Sandy Su looked at the man in front of her who once said that he would not marry anyone else but her. She felt that everything was ridiculous and horrible.

"Do you feel uncomfortable even when you look at me now?"

She looked at Sean Xu in a daze and asked him without any hesitation.

Flora Xia realized that something was wrong and went up to slap Sandy Su, who was then stunned.

"Get out of this hotel now! I won't allow anyone to ruin our happiness. I will use everything I have to protect our love!"

Sandy Su's hand covered her blushing cheeks. "You're not protecting. You're robbing!"

After enduring for so long, she finally broke out.

"It took you a year to get close to me, just to steal my boyfriend. You said that you wanted to work with me, but just to plagiarize my work, and then blame me. Aren't you satisfied now? My boyfriend has become your husband, and my work has also become yours. I was also framed up with a copy title and was banned in the field. Are you satisfied, Flora?"

Sandy Su had never thought that her best friend would trample the path of her life mercilessly.

Before Flora Xia could speak, Sean Xu stepped forward and pushed her outside. "Don't talk nonsense here. If you dare to slander Flora again, don't blame me for being rude!"

In fact, he had already done it.

Sandy Su staggered and fell to the ground. Her ankle was already in pain, but her dignity made her stand up though in great pain and looked straight at the two people in front of her.

Flora Xia ran to Sean, pretending to be delicate with her tears nonstop.

In fact, this crying person is totally fine.

Sandy Su took a deep breath and finally said, "No one can destroy your happiness because b*tch and villain will live forever!"

Sandy Su left in a hurry. She could still hear the curses behind saying that she was lunatic.

She didn't want to wait for even one second for the elevator, so she took the stairs.

She did not pay attention to the place where she was heading. When she realized, she had already been in the underground parking lot.

The lights in the parking lot were dim.

She was in a panic because of a slight darkness phobia.

She vaguely saw a uniformed driver looking for a car in the distance. The light of a luxury car near her lit up, and she hurriedly ran over.

The parking attendant frowned seriously as if he was alert to the people who suddenly approached him. He was already in a bad mood, but he was even unhappier when he was suddenly disturbed.

"Leave my car."

Vincent Fu said unfeelingly.

Sandy Su was not much better. Right at this moment when the luxury car had been unlocked, she quickly opened the door at the side of the passenger seat.

"Is this your car? But you're just a parking attendant!"

Vincent Fu's eyes were cold. No one dared to challenge his endurance like this.