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My Puppet Wife

My Puppet Wife



Being betrayed by her fiancé, she lost faith in love. So she decided to follow her mother's dying wish and marry Mr. Powell, even though she had never met him. The decision united her with Joshwa Powell, and her life was turned upside down ever since. "Remember, you're just my puppet wife, don't expect too much." He said. But his love is not something an ordinary woman can afford, and when she eventually became heartbroken and decided to leave, he dominantly took her into his arms, "You made me fall for you, and yet you want to run away?"
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Gabrielle was watching a video, in which a man and a woman were having car sex, and finally she suppressed the urge to vomit and clicked on the phone screen to turn off the video.

The man is Lorenzo, her fiance. Back then, in order to be with him, she even violated her mother's last wish, but he returned her in this way.

With tears in her eyes, she finally made up her mind and dialed a number: "Maria, I agree to what you proposed."

Two days later.

The night was chilly, accompanied by the darkened skies.

Gabriella was alone in a spacious hotel room. After taking a quick shower, she walked towards the bedside in a thin nightgown and sat down.

When the Powell family from Dikolo heard that she had agreed to their marriage offer, they immediately sent someone to purchase her a plane ticket first thing in the morning. Hence, she had to rush to the hotel and prepared to get up early to catch the first flight tomorrow.

Thunder sounded in the background.

All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning flashed across the skies, and the room plunged into darkness.

The power went out!!

Suddenly, someone opened the door. A tall and dark silhouette appeared from the outside.

Gabriella was so startled that she jumped from the bed. What the hell just happened? Did she forget to lock the door? Or was the lock just for display!?

"Be quiet!"

A black muzzle was aimed directly at Gabriella's head in the dark.

Gabriella was stunned for a moment. After a few seconds, she finally realized that the thing pointed at her head was a gun, which made her gasp immediately.

A moment later, the sounds of footsteps approaching their directions could be heard coming from outside. Then, Gabriella heard someone speaking in a deep voice, "He's injured. So he definitely couldn't run far. Search every single room now. We must find him!"

"Yes, sir!"

Almost immediately, the sound of footsteps was getting nearer and nearer. This was the first time Gabriella encountered a situation like this, and she was so scared that beads of cold sweat started dripping from her forehead. Then, she heard the man behind her whisper, "You know what to do when they come over, don't you?"

Gabriella nodded her head fearfully.

"Don't worry. If you dare to betray me, I'll make sure you suffer with me. You better not doubt me."

Gabriella nodded repeatedly in fear. When the man felt her body trembling, he was slightly taken aback, and he slowly released her. As soon as he let her go, Gabriella quickly reached out to support herself on the table next to her as she gasped for air.

The man quickly found a place to hide. Meanwhile, Gabriella held the table to prevent herself from stumbling as both of her legs turned to jelly. After stabilizing herself, someone finally knocked at her door. However, Gabriella remained unmoved. The thought of a determined killer standing outside the door with a gun made her so afraid that she wanted to run away.

"Do you want to die?!" A cold voice hissed behind her, startling her and making her break out in cold sweat again.

"No, of course not!" Gabriella quickly answered back as she shook her head. She bit her lower lip and wiped away the layer of sweat on her forehead. Slowly and reluctantly, she headed towards the door.

Gabriella was attractive and cute. But her body looked particularly thin and weak due to malnutrition over the past few years. Her face was already abnormally pale. And now, with her heart deeply frightened, her face was paler as a ghost.

As a result, when the two men in black outside the door saw her, they were so shocked by her appearance that one of them even took a step back as they scrutinized her.

Gabriella's hands, which were hidden behind the door, were trembling violently. She looked at the two men pitifully and asked, "Yes? What's the matter?"

"Good evening, Miss. Have you seen a tall guy around here?" One of the men standing by the door asked her as he looked deep into her eyes.

When she heard his question, her eyes flickered as she shook her head. "N-no, I was asleep this whole time."

"Is that so?" The man did not believe her. He took a step forward and grabbed her thin shoulders. In a snide tone, he muttered, "You've never seen him before? Then why are you stuttering? Your face is as pale as a ghost. Is he in your room right now?"

Gabriella was already deeply frightened. In addition to his threat, tears began to roll down from the corners of her eyes. Then, a pair of small hands grabbed the man's arm. "I-I'm afraid of thunder."

God testified that what she said was the absolute truth…

"Afraid of thunder?" The man narrowed his eyes and was about to grab her. Suddenly, the other man who stumbled back earlier quickly stepped forward and stopped him. "Hey! Don't be too impulsive. You don't have to scare such a fragile girl."

Gabriella forcefully bit her lower lip, and it instantly turned white as tears started streaming down her face with sobs that were neither too loud or too soft.

In her spaghetti strap nightgown, Gabriella stood there and cried so hard that her shoulders shivered like a vulnerable high school student.

"Forget it. She looks like a timid little coward anyway. If she met him, she would have already told us. Don't waste any more time here. Otherwise, we'll be dead before we find him."

"Geez! Stop crying already! If you attract more attention, I'll personally teach you a lesson!"

Gabriella immediately fell silent. But she was still sobbing as she miserably wiped off her tears. She looked particularly pitiful at this point.

"Let's go!"

After the two men left, she still stood there and continued sobbing. A moment later, she finally felt more relieved as she closed the door.

As soon as the door closed, Gabriella heard a cold snort from the dark. "You are such a coward! Even something so trivial can make you cry!"

Immediately, Gabriella stopped. She cried so hard that it completely slipped her mind that a dangerous intruder was still hiding in her room!

When she thought about how he pointed a gun at her head a moment ago, Gabriella's legs were about to soften again.

"I-I..." Gabriella stammered in fear as her gaze fell on the silhouette of the man through the dimmed light. The moonlight was gloomy, and she could not see his face. But she was so scared that she closed her eyes and stood in place, not daring to move.

Suddenly, the man said, "Come here!"

Gabriella was flabbergasted. Why on earth did the man want her to go over? Still, she obediently walked over due to his intimidating attitude. However, because of the darkness in the room, she accidentally tripped on something and fell face flat on the floor.

Gabriella had no idea what she landed on, but she felt a sting of pain. However, before she could cry, she heard the man groan underneath her and furiously snapped, "F*ck! What the hell are you doing?"

Miserably, Gabriella cried bitterly, "I kept my eyes shut the whole time, so I couldn't see where I was walking..."

The man couldn't help but sigh. "Why did you close your eyes?"

"I..." Gabriella was about to burst into tears again. "I'm scared that if I see your face, you won't let me go..."

"Pfft—" The man couldn't help but laugh at her answer. Right after that, Gabriella felt him pinching her chin as she heard him scoff, "The room is so dim. Are you sure you can even see me? Open your eyes!"

"No!" Gabriella didn't dare to open her eyes at all, and she closed them even more tightly.

In the dim room, she lay motionless on his body.

"Heh!" The man suddenly sneered, "Aren't you worried? I might do something inappropriate to you if you stay on top of me like this,"

The drug in his body was working slowly... As this petite woman's soft body lay firmly against his body, her faint after-shower fragrance wafted into his nostrils, making it hard for him to control the lustful desires that were about to overwhelm him like flame licking his body.

"What are you going to do?" asked Gabriella, confused.

"What do you think I'm going to do?" His voice was hoarse, and his palms suddenly touched her slender waist. Almost immediately, Gabriella screamed in fear, and at the same time, she opened her eyes.

Unfortunately, she couldn't see his face since the room was dark. All she could feel was his warmth.

On top of that, Gabriella could feel his palms moving around her waist. She was so scared that she swiftly reached out to push him desperately. "I'll get up now. L-let me go!"

"It's too late!"

A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky.

The man suddenly flipped over and pinned her underneath him.