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Scent of Her

Scent of Her


She was arranged to be his fiancee since they were very young. But he never loved her, even required her to give up their unborn baby. Before that operation, she ran away. Five years later, when they met each other, one was the newly rising sexy star, the other was the CEO of the Mu's Group. He asked her coldly, "what do you want? Don't even think of getting any money from me, even though you have my kid." But she smiled brightly, "Mr. Mu, don't take me wrong. No baby at all, I have given it up a long time ago." Hearing this his heart somehow ached. His attitude towards her changed. In the past, she thought her natural-born scent could tie them together. But he disdained her, criticized her trying to seduce men by using the scent. Now he claimed that her scent was only for him. She smiled charmingly, "I'm sorry, Mr. Mu. My scent is for all the men in the world." Deeply inside her heart, she had gotten a plan, "Watch out, Mr. Mu. My revenge is going to start."
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"How sweet taste it is! Is it from you?" For the first time, I smell the fragrance of people. Are you made of flowers?"

"Ava, you have the fragrance of flowers inherently, while Helios is the King of perfume in the future, you are connected together by fate."

"From today on, Ava, you should live here with Helios.And when you grow up, marry Helios as his wife."

"Ava, you're going to be the Flower Queen of Helios..."

"Ava, Ava, Ava Gu!" With a burst of call, Ava Gu came back from the chaotic thoughts. Ava Gu blinked her eyes and turned to look at Helios Mu who was driving car but his face was clearly not looking well.

Helios Mu looked at her and said calmly, "Here we are."

Ava Gu grabed the seat belt and looked at the white building outside.

The name of "Anzhen Hospital" made Ava Gu's beautiful face pale.

Looking at Helios Mu, Ava Gu's eyes burst into tears, and pitifully shook her head:"No, Helios, please... I don't want to go to the hospital."

"The child must be aborted, and when all the family members have not found it, let's do it quickly." Helios Mu indifferently compressed his thin lips and coldly refused her entreaty.

Ava Gu covered her abdomen and her heart was sore. She began to cry,"Why? I am your wife. And the child I having is also your child. No matter Dad or Mom, they will oppose it. So why do we must to abort the child? I don't want to... I want to retain your child."

"Shut up! I never recognize the marriage contract between us!" Helios Mu was obviously not as calm as it was, and he was so irritated. Angrily, he moved closer to Ava Gu's face, and pinched her chin. Helios Mu stared at her angrily with his beautiful eyes, "It's because you deliberately seduced me. Are you ashamed at a young age?"

"No, that night was clearly because of you..." Ava Gu's face was pale and she wanted to defend herself.

"Do you want to say again that I forced you?- It's ridiculous! I was drunk and was supposed to go for Zoe. How did I get seduced by you and slept with you? I don't remember it at all!" Helios Mu's body was close to her, and there was a fragrance in the air, which came from Ava Gu. Helios Gu became more grumpy.

Ava Gu's face was pale and she defended herself:"Seduce... or something, I'm not at all! I don't have to do that. I would have been your fiancee. We are --"

"You're afraid, right? After all, I don't like you at all. Once I'm the president of Gu's group, you may be abandoned at any time." Helios Mu interrupted her and said sarcastically,"So you fear that I won't marry you in the end, so you take full advantage of your own to seduce me to the bed. Now you're pregnant with the baby, right? To consolidate your status of Mrs.Gu in the future."

In the air, the fragrance of her body became slightly stronger. Helios Mu slightly leaned backwards, but he still could not get rid of it.

- D*mn it! - D*mn it! - This kind of fragrance can also make your blood boil and your breathing slow even if it is abhorrent to the extreme.

This girl had a foxy aroma, always seduced men, which was annoyed.

Ava Gu cried out and raised her hand to wipe the tears,"It's not like that. I didn't think about it. I just like you."

"If you like me, you can do it for me to abort the child." Helios Mu tilted his head and stared at her with the appealing black eyes,"Going with me to the hospital to abort the child. You can't say anything after going back home, and you mustn't speak to Zoe.If you like me, just do that."

There was no emotion in his eyes, and it was cold.

Ava Gu was a little afraid of him. It was always terrible when Helios Mu started to get angry. And she really liked him. From before, she subconsciously went to follow his orders.

Ava Gu timidly walked into the hospital behind Helios Mu in a rigid way. She looked at him arranging everything for herself in silence. She dared not refute by a sentence and dared not leave.

After the formalities were completed, the doctor arranged her to the ward,"Let's wait here for a second. We're going to schedule it."

Although Helios Mu's financial resources made the doctors who were doing the surgery to be very polite, Ava Gu was still able to see the contempt from the doctor's eyes.

With hands covering the abdomen, Ava Gu suffered a pain and felt a sense of contempt for herself when she thought about aborting the child of Helios Mu and herself.

Child, Mom can't protect you.

It would be good for her to abort her child. She was only 19 years old this year and had her studies. If she had a child now, it would be a scandal.

Moreover, the child's father did not want this child.

It's not like she liked Helios Mu, and Helios Mu was averse to her.

The nurse walked in and wanted to give her an injection. Ava Gu looked at the needle and was afraid extremely. She asked in a low voice,"Please, please tell me where is the person coming with me? I think I want to see him."

"He called at the corner of the corridor, and hurry up if you want to see him, and you'll get into the operating room." The nurse said impatiently.

What's wrong with the girls now? It's so shameless that she can take an abortion at a young age, and she can't do that just because the man is handsome.

Ava Gu knew that the nurse reproached her in the heart, and she dared not to let the nurse to call Helios Mu, and she left the bed silently.

She still wanted to beg him again, and she did not want to abort the child in that way. This was their child.

The floor was the VIP floor and was quiet all around. Ava Gu approached the end of the floor and heard Helios Mu's voice coming out of the corridor.

"I have something outside. You need to eat lunch well for you're so weak. So you'd better to eat more." The soft and gentle voice was never given to her.

Ava Gu leaned against the wall and knew he was calling Zoe. There was no time when she could find to go out and talk to him.

Zoe Qu, the girl that Helios Mu really likes, had a pure appearance, and a soft body. Unlike her, was always said to be foxy by Helios Mu.

Stretching out her hand, Ava Gu humbly touched her lacrimal nevu in the corner of the eye. Helios hated the lacrimal nevu so she would remove it after she earning money in the future.