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I Will Marry You

I Will Marry You


Elizabeth never thought that she would have suffered such a series of misfortunes. Firstly, when she finished over-time working and went to meet her boyfriend to celebrate his birthday, she got rapped by a stranger on the halfway. When she felt helpless and broken down, she ran to her boyfriend's home in despair for his comfort. Out of the blue, she only found out the affair of her boyfriend and her best girlfriend! It turns out that as Elizabeth lost contact with her boyfriend when suffering the stranger's violation, her boyfriend called her best friend to comfort his loneliness and slept with her best girlfriend. Sad and angry, Bella returned to her own home. However, her mother and her brother never care about her feelings as a family member but to push her to get more money. Elizabeth felt hopeless and disappointed--to her love, her best friend, and her heartless families. She decided to break up with them all! Suddenly, her finger touched one thing: a purple diamond ring from the stranger who raped her. He said it's a token, and he would marry her! Elizabeth laughed at herself and regarded it as a joke. How could he? But... would he?
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As soon as the last bus arrived, Elizabeth Ye grabbed her LV bag and put it on her head. She hurried down from the bus, under the drizzle, and ran quickly to Yuewan Community.

Today is Devin Wen's birthday, and she has promised him to accompany him to his birthday tonight. But, she was busy again because of the sudden overtime work of the company and came here just now.

As she ran, she looked at the electronic advertisement screen at the intersection, which said "23: 52". That is, she would definitely not be able to arrive at Devin Wen's house in 8 minutes.

Unless... take a shortcut?

However, if she wanted to take a shortcut, she had to pass through these uncompleted, gloomy, and dark buildings at the roadside.

It's so late, was it too risky for her to walk alone through the building?

After pausing for a moment, she thought of Devin Wen waiting for her alone in the dark night. Then she stopped hesitating, turned around, and ran to the construction site which is like a beast's huge mouth at the roadside.

There were a total of three uncompleted residential buildings at the construction site, all of which were shut down after four or five floors were built. The ground was bumpy and piled up with various construction wastes. Elizabeth Ye took out her mobile phone for lighting and slowly moved forward along a wet rough wall. Soon she entered the third uncompleted residential building.

Less than 100 meters ahead was the back door of the Yuewan Community, and Devin Wen's rented house was next to it. She could make it.

But at this moment, she heard faintly "whirr, whirr whirr whirr-"gasps.

Why was there such a strange noise in the building?

Elizabeth Ye shuddered and did not dare to think much of it. So she ran faster.

However, unfortunately, the phone dimmed at this time, so Elizabeth Ye had to stop and pressed the phone anxiously.

The mobile phone screen lit up again quickly.

Elizabeth Ye breathed a sigh of relief and looked up to the front. Suddenly, she saw a hand just like appearing out of nowhere, and the breathe of a man could be heard clearly.


She was dragged behind the sidewall by the hand just before she could make a scream.

The mobile phone fell to the ground and went out.

Elizabeth Ye's heart was beating with fear. She wanted to open her mouth to cry for help, but one big hand tightly covered her mouth. Another big hand grabbed her arms because she was trying to resist. So she was pressed tightly against the wall to make her unable to move.

A man.

The attacker was a tall, muscular, and strong man.

Elizabeth Ye smelled the strong alcohol, sweat, and blood smell from the man. She was almost sure about what would happen next ...

Why did this happen?

Why did such a terrible thing happen to her?

Elizabeth Ye opened her eyes wide in fear, struggled frantically, and kept kicking him with her feet.

But her resistance was useless.

She was like a dying rabbit, with an injured and hungry tiger up her.

When Elizabeth Ye thought she was going to be treated horribly, the man unexpectedly opened his mouth. His voice was hoarse and repressed with what can almost be called kindness and harmless softness: "Woman, don't struggle, don't be afraid, I need your help ."

Elizabeth Ye couldn't calm down! But she knew that she was vulnerable to this man. If she continued to resist, she would probably suffer serious violence.

So she forced herself not to resist temporarily, but to pretend to agree first.

The man slightly relaxed his covering hand: "Are you married?"

Elizabeth Ye didn't know why he asked this question and said with trepidation: "No, no ..."

"Very good, it seems that we are predestined." The man whispered, "Someone is chasing me and I can't be caught, but I am injured and has to drink a lot of wine. Of course, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that I have been drugged and need a woman to get through this, and you are the only woman I can find now."

"So, I'm sorry," he paused, "I want to marry you and advance our wedding night."

Elizabeth Ye felt that something terrible was against her. Although she was still a virgin, she knew what it was because she had a boyfriend who had been in love for several years.

No, who can save her ...

Her whole body trembled with fear and tears fell down: No! She didn't want to meet that kind of thing! She couldn't accept such a terrible thing!

So she struggled violently again, just like a dying trapped beast.

However, it was still useless. Instead, her twisted body stimulated the man to become more fierce and his breathing became more rapid and heavy.

"Please calm down and listen to me." The man's voice was trying to keep gentle. "I promise you, I am tall enough, handsome enough, rich enough, young, unmarried, faithful, and a promise keeper. Although I am not a good man, I am definitely not a villain. You will never suffer losses if you marry me. Therefore, you should not be too afraid, and not to struggle, so it will not be too painful."

Elizabeth Ye vaguely heard his words, but only felt greater fear.

That is clear ... He will never let go of her.

She struggled even harder.

In the darkness, she felt that he grabbed her left hand and groped for something to put on her finger.

"This is the engagement ring." The man said, "I will find you and marry you within three months. Then no matter what you look like or who you are, I will keep my promise. this ring is a token."

Elizabeth Ye's tears dropped with fears.

She didn't want this person's ring or the engagement, she only wanted her innocence ...

The man felt her fears and tears and paused. "If you are not satisfied with me the next time we meet, you can either send me to jail or ask me to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. I have no complaints, but now, I'm sorry."

Then the man kissed her neck.

Kiss her very patiently.

It seemed that he wanted to soften her body and reduce her fear.

But, he didn't kiss her lips. Even once.

Slowly, Elizabeth Ye's mind, engulfed by fear, was in chaos. She seemed to have lost all five senses and could not think or move at all. Until the pain hit her whole body, her tears burst out again and her body trembled with pain ...

Don't know how long it lasts. The man finally left Elizabeth Ye's body.

Elizabeth Ye collapsed in pain and weakness between the wall and the man, feeling that she was going to die, let alone crying, struggling and thinking, even breathing was extremely difficult.

"I'm sorry, if I knew it was your first time, I would try to be more gentle." The man kissed the tears on her face, probably because the medicine was relieved, his movements relaxed a lot. "I'll double compensate you later."


Does he want to have "later"?

Elizabeth Ye's thoughts drifted off, and she hoped all this is just a dream ...

"Sorry, I have to leave." The man helped her to sit down, put his coat on her, then took her hand and left a kiss on the back of her hand. "See you then."

The man disappeared.

Elizabeth Ye closed her eyes and sat powerlessly in the darkness, feeling that she had become an empty shell ...