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Love Story in the Summer

Love Story in the Summer


Lizzy Zoe, 27 years old and single. She got a dream but slightly different from other ladies. She was willing to be a single unmarried mother. More than dreaming, she took the action which heard kind of crazy----she dated a handsome man in a night bar then invited the man to go to a hotel. She was going to steal... no, borrow his sperm to have a baby! “Luna, please don’t go...” Seeing this man mumbled a name repeatedly when drunk, Lizzy Zoe felt a little bit guilty. Since she decided not to bother this man’s private life, she figured it would be the last time she’d see him. Who knew, fate always likes to joke around with people. Just right at Lizzy thought she could secretly carry a baby of good genes. The next day, this stunning man surprisingly became Lizzy’s new boss! To add insult to injury, he recognized her, “Hello beautiful, we meet again. How’s the feeling last night?”
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Today is my ovulation cycle.

My name is Lizzy Zoe. I am 27 years old and single.

I caught the man tonight at the bar. I want a child and want to borrow his seed, because I'm not going to get married in this life.

"Luna, don't go ..."

The man kissed the cinnabar mole between my eyebrows and murmured vaguely the name of a woman.

Luna? Who is she? It sounds like the name of the woman he liked.

Ex-girlfriend? Ex-wife?

It doesn't matter. All that I want is a perfect baby.

So, I felt at ease, brazenly deceive him, "Yes, I'm here. I'm here..."

I didn't expect that I would suffer this kind of pain during my first time. Fortunately, the man's skill was good. Well, it's more than good. Finally, a tremendous satisfaction surrounded me.

It was so brilliant and fascinating that I thought I would die at that moment.

When I woke up the next morning, the man was still asleep. I choked back my aching pain and put on my clothes, ready to run away.

The moment I closed the door, I looked back.

The man slept soundly. In the morning light, he looked so handsome that I could hardly move my eyes away.

The quilt was wrapped around his waist, revealing his strong chest. He had a perfect shape.

Looking at this stunner, I solemnly swore in my heart that I will take good care of our child and make our baby a good child with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique, arts, and labor.

In a good mood, I hung out with my best friend, Katy Van.

"Katy, congratulations to me. I made it last night. Ten months later, I will be a mother!"

Taking a large cup of coffee, I told Katy the whole thing proudly.

Katy stared at me like I'm mad, "Really? How could you really sleep with a stranger? "

I pulled open my collar and proudly showed the hickey.

Katy had almost faint, "Awesome!"

She asked me with questions, "Who is that man? Have you done any background checks? Is he married? Does he have hepatitis B, AIDS, genetic disease? "

I totally had no idea. "…"

Katy rolled her eyes.

I added, "I have been watching him for a long time. On the 15th of every month, he would go to the Moonlight bar. He was all alone and never flirted with any women. So I think the guy is very healthy."

Katy was speechless.“……”

After arguing for a while, neither of us could convince each other. Finally, we began to discuss the personnel changes at the top executives of the company.

"The influence of this customer data leak was too bad. I heard that the board of directors has decided to give up Mr. Zhang." Katy said in a low voice.

She is always well informed.

"Who will replace him?"

"It is said that the new boss was invited from the top 500 companies, who is only 32 years old. "

"It doesn't matter. Though the boss is always changing, the company is always there. We are too insignificant to be affected."

Katy and I are colleagues and both work for a foreign insurance company.

I am from the actuarial department, and she is from the customer service department.

While chatting, my mother called.

"Lizzy, are you free now? I want to tell you something. "

My mother asked timidly.

I sighed, "Yes."

"Aunt Chou wanted to introduce you to a very nice young man. When will you be free? She could arrange the time for you to meet the young man. "

It was another blind date.

My mother is an unemployed old lady, and I never figure out where does she get so many single young men?

"Well, I'm free this weekend." I was very easygoing and agreed to her arrangement. My mother likes to cry. I don't want to see her tears.


Her tone of surprise made me suddenly sad.

She divorced my father for more than ten years. My father got married to his mistress and had other children. The family of four has had a prosperous life.

When I was young, I watched my mother being hit by my father and kneeling on the ground begging my father to break up with his mistress.

Disputes, quarrels, hits, betrayals ... This is all my impression of my parents' marriage.

Therefore, I don't trust marriage or men.