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Stop the Flirtations, Mr. Xiang

Stop the Flirtations, Mr. Xiang



Being five months pregnant, she never expected to see her husband and sister in her bed. In this new life, she swore to never be a fish on someone else's chopping board again! The handcuffs are ready for you, the ex-husband who cheats on his marriage; the sister who is addicted to digging walls, a thousand ways to slap your face are waiting for you to challenge her. But she was in new trouble: her new president seemed to be an enigma. Using all his strength to solve this mystery, yet falling into the thirty-six plans of a marriage …
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An unbearable feeling of nausea welled up from her stomach.

Tao Chuliang supported herself on the sofa as she stood steadily. Her body was constantly cold as though she was sick.

However, she was well aware that all the discomfort she was feeling now was not because of her five months of pregnancy, but because of the happy voices of the couple in the room before her.

The door was concealed, from the living room to the bedroom floor, along the road were the clothes they had thrown away, Tao Chu looked coldly, feeling all this more dazzling.

Along with the clothes, there was also a pile of printed A4 paper, which seemed to have hit the ground accidentally when they were burning with passion.

Tao Chuliang caught a glimpse of her name from above inadvertently, so she endured the discomfort of the body as she bent down to pick up the information and read it carefully while holding her stomach.

The black and white characters clearly read "The Consent for the Transfer of Property". On the bottom of each page, Tao Chuliang's name was displayed impressively.

Unbeknownst to her, Tao Chuliang had transferred all her personal belongings to her husband, Lu Zixuan. Lu Zixuan and her cousin were making love in her bedroom.


Tao Chuliang kicked the bedroom door open.

"Who is it!" Tao Yifei who was sweating profusely used a blanket to cover her naked body and turned to look outside the door.

"Didn't you say that you were going to stay in the old house tonight?" Lu Zixuan stood up from the bed, he donned his bathrobe unhurriedly and asked with a questioning tone, "Why did you come back?"

Tao Chuliang's eyes turned red, "Lu Zixuan, you really make me sick!"

When she was 21 years old, Tao Chuliang put on a white wedding dress. With everyone's admiration and blessings, she married the Lu Corporation's boss, Lu Zixuan.

Not long after their marriage, Tao Chuliang became pregnant as she wished. She thought everything would go on like this.

At this time, Tao Yifei had already donned her bathrobe, she tightened her belt, and her curvy body stood out immediately. She ruffled her short hair and said tenderly, "When did Cousin come back?"Every ... Do you see everything? "

Tao Chuliang clenched her teeth, she took a deep breath and stared at Tao Yifei with her teary eyes, "Was the transfer of wealth your doing?"

"Ha!" Tao Yifei pursed her red lips lightly, "So what if I am? Could it be that Cousin came back specifically to praise me? "

Tao Yifei got up and spread her long legs, "I had originally wanted to tell you later in a special way, but since you found out, I don't have to hide it. I have transferred all the property in your name, and now you are just an empty shell, an empty shell with nothing. My cousin ,do you like this surprise? "

How is it possible!? How could it be! Tao Chuliang's vision turned black.

She raised her trembling hands and pointed at Tao Yifei with her fingertips, "Tao Yifei, why did you do it to me?"

"Why?" Tao Yifei raised her eyebrows, her eyes revealing a trace of despise, "A fool like you, is worthy of being blessed? It's time for you to open your eyes and take a good look. Only smart people in this world can protect their happiness and wealth. And you? Ha—ha. Do you think that Zi Xuan only married you because he liked you? What a crazy dream! You are just a fool that we play with in the palm of our hands."

Tao Yifei's provocative eyes and arrogant tone struck directly at the bottom line of Tao Chuliang's tolerance. She clenched her trembling hands tightly which were numb from excessive anger, grabbed onto the ceramic piece beside her and smashed it towards Tao Yifei.

When it was about to land on Tao Yifei, Lu Zixuan stepped forward and kicked it away.

"Tao Chuliang! What are you doing? "Look at your current appearance. You look just like a shrew!"