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How to Pursue Prince Charming

How to Pursue Prince Charming



Dear, do you have an unreachable male god in your heart? Do you want to pounce on him, seize him, make him pamper you, love you, pester you day and night! Ding — welcome to the Hunting Prince System! This system will sincerely provide you with the opportunity to bring down the god in your heart in every plane … Yun Xi'er wrongly believed in the advertisement. Her soul was absorbed into the black-hearted system and she had to complete a predetermined mission in order to be revived. She was just a woman, how could she complete so many male chores … Sniff... Sniff... Crying in the toilet …
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There was a hot spring in the middle of the rising clouds. The surface of the hot spring was covered with rose petals, and an endless fragrance lingered in the air.

A beautiful man was leaning against the water,he looks like a white lotus flower; his eyebrows were raised , and under his thick, long eyelashes, his eyes were like silk, captivating people's thoughts; his thin lips were even more alluring than rose petals; his jet—black hair was scattered on his shoulders, it makes him look more beautiful.

Yun Xi Er was drunk. She touched the corner of her mouth and started drooling profusely.This wasn't it the God of Men in her heart, Yu Fan?

Why did she appear in her dreams and become an ancient person?

"He is not Yu Fan. No, it should be said, he is not the Yu Fan that you know. His name is Chu Ling Chen."

A Four—eared Cat appeared out of thin air in front of Yun Xi Er.

"What are you?"

Yun Xi Er crossed her arms in front of her body.

"I am not a monster. My name is Miao Nan, I am the administrator of the male god hunting system. How about it, do you want to take over your male god, Yu Fan, forever? "

Miao Nan's voice was exactly the same as Yu Fan's, with a bewitching tone, as if Yu Fan was inviting her.

Yun Xi Er once again set her gaze on the unparalleled pretty boy, from his handsome features, to his well—shaped neck, to his wide chest, and shifted her gaze downwards. Her breathing gradually quickened, and she swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

That is she wanted.

She could hardly contain herself.

"Do you want to have him? ell me the answer in your heart... "


Yun Xi Er could no longer suppress the desire in her heart, and growled deeply.

"Good, very good! Welcome to the Male Deity Hunting System! "

She was standing in an ice—cold room with walls made of metal. In front of her was a gigantic computer, and on the screen was shockingly Miao Nan, the person who lured her into the system.

Miao Nan straightened his body, stretched his body, and said slowly.

"Welcome to the male god hunting system. From now on, your number is 1314, and your soul will be implanted into the system to carry out the quest of chasing after the male god Yu Fan."

"Soul "Where is my body?"

How could a soul leave the body?

"Your original body will remain in deep sleep. Only after completing all of the hunting missions will you be revived."

"And if it doesn't?"

Will she die?

"If you fail , I'm sorry, your soul will be like fireworks in the sky,be ashes!"

Miao Nan blinked his eyes and laughed sinisterly.

"What! let me go! I am just a housewife, I can't even touch the side of the male god Yu Fan! "

She did not want to be reduced to ashes.

"Sorry, the moment the soul enters the system, the program will be activated. Only after completing all the missions can it be revived. The program will not accept any form of quests, forfeiting is tantamount to failing a quest. If the quest fails, your soul will .... "

Miao Nan smiled sinisterly.

It vanished like smoke in thin air!

"Why didn't you say that before?"

You can't leave now that you're here. How can it skip such important information?

Bad miaow!

"I'll tell you in advance. Are you still willing to come?"

Miao Nan embarrassedly squeezed the corner of his eyes, as if to say, you think I'm stupid!


Yun Xi Er screamed crazily and fell to the ground, staring at Miao Nan unwillingly.

"This is a fraud! I want to file a complaint!"

"A complaint is invalid!"

Ding !!!!

The gigantic computer suddenly emitted intense waves of energy, enveloping the resentful Yun Xi Er. Her soul seemed to be struck by lightning, trembling non—stop.

"1314, your current recovery soul is 0, every completion of a quest will increase your recovery soul by 10 points, and if the quest fails, the mission will be deducted. Of course, you can choose to restart the mission,but there is only one chance. Go and hunt down your god! "

Accompanied by the sizzling sounds of the electric currents, Yun Xi Er's soul gradually disappeared from the metallic room .

Bang! With a loud noise, Yun Xi Er was awakened by the intense pain on her waist.

... What a terrifying devil!

He had a ferocious face, copper eyes, four nostrils, and his lips were as big as sausages. Drops of saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth, as though he had seen an especially delicious meal, and he was preparing to heartily devour her.

"The skin is white and tender, it must be delicious!"

The demon man rubbed his chin as he looked at Yun Xi Er.

Eat her?

"I'm not tasty at all. Don't come over here!"

Yun Xi Er trembled her legs as she retreated.

"Mo San, don't be greedy for now. At least let me play with such a beautiful human princess before we start to eat!"

Another demon's face appeared in front of her.

This person's face was a little longer than Mo San's, but he had an evil smile on his face. He stretched out his hand trying to pinch Yun Xi Er's cheek.

"Go away!"

She flailed her arms, trying to brush away the disgusting pig's hand.

"Yo, and it's even a little chili. Awesome!"

The man grabbed her small hand and pulled it towards his eyes, clicking his tongue in admiration.

"A pampered princess is indeed different. Look at her skin, it's very tender and smooth, unlike the women of the demon race who rely entirely on their devilish arts. "

Devil race?

They were demons!

The darn System threw her into the fantasy world!

Or was she a human princess .... What a pity!

"The tender skin and tender meat will definitely taste good. Mo San, when the time comes, you must leave a portion for me to eat!"

The third demon dweller walked in front of Yun Xi Er, extending his tongue, which was scarlet and sticky, and smelt that fishy smell from far away.

They all wanted to eat her!

Mother, she wouldn't become the demon dweller's food as soon as she come , Fuckt?

Was there anyone else who was more miserable than her?

Whoosh! Her red tongue slid over her delicate cheeks. She was scared to death.

"It smells so good. Her blood must be sweet!"

The long tongue curled greedily.

"Is it really that sweet? I want to try too! "

Whoosh ... A gust of wind blew past her neck, and before she could react, she heard a scream of excitement.

"So delicious! I can't wait to eat her! "

An indistinct shadow floated in front of Yun Xi Er, bent over and slapped the demonic person that was filled with Evil Qi.

"Huo Xin, if you want to play, then hurry up. We're still waiting for the meal to start!"


Yun Xi Er shrunk her shoulders in fear, and with an unknown source of strength, she shook off the fire mantis's pull. Her feet brushed against the cold marble ground, and retreated, not daring to stop even when she came across a flight of steps.

She climbed up the steps. The demon's hand stopped in front of the steps, and she didn't dare take another step forward.

Behind her. Could he be a great devil?

Yun Xi Er trembled as she turned her head around.

Huh... It's Yu Fan!

No, it should be Yu Fan from this space?

In her memory, the Yu Fan was handsome to the point of dropping dregs, but made she felt a coldness that could not be seen from a thousand miles away; Now, the man leaning against the golden throne was extremely handsome, his half—closed phoenix eyes were as lazy as a leopard, and his body had an indescribable magic. With a glance, she would be bewitched, and easily take away your mind. Two words were written all over his body: Danger!