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My Little Empress

My Little Empress



The most foolish and adorable little princess of the New Moon Dynasty had honorably ascended the throne, and she was also a parturient. Having children in the throne room could be said to be a double blessing, and from then on, he would wear the mischievous hat of a diamond rank. When he became the Ice Mountain Regent, carrying the first foolish Emperor … "Regent! "The Emperor is going to bring the crown prince away from the palace!" "Capture them back!" The Regent! "The emperor set fire to his sleeping quarters!" "Shut up!" The Regent! The Emperor is going to bring the Crown Prince into the river! " A certain man left the royal study as fast as lightning, snatched a certain baby, and kicked a certain girl into the river. A certain woman was enraged. "How dare you cause trouble for the people! I am the emperor, and you dare to murder me!" A certain girl wanted to cry but had no tears. What was even more depressing was … For the sake of Mao Mengmeng's son, he looked more and more like an Ice Mountain ranked black fox?
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All the officials kneeled in the grand hall.

"Long live the Emperor! Long live the Emperor!"

As the only surviving heir to the previous Emperor, Duan Mu Yan was duty—bound to accept the throne and receive the kowtows of all the ministers.

The Dragon Throne's side...

The head servant, Chen Xi, was on guard as she watched her lord's every move to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

"Stand up!" Duan Mu Yan puffed her cheeks, within her big eyes, was a haze, giving people the illusion that they were still unconscious. Her long eyelashes were like two delicate little fans, flickering from time to time, making herself look extremely adorable.

Rather than saying that she was suitable to be a Emperor, it would be more accurate to say that she was more suitable to be a princess who was raised in a palace.

"Thank you, Emperor!" The officials stood up.

Li Yuan took a few steps forward, unfurled the imperial edict, and read: "The late emperor's imperial decree: King Rui is talented, outstanding. In the future, King Rui will take up the position of Regent, until the next emperor ascends the throne!"

"We obey!" All the officials said in unison.

Duan Mu Yan raised her eyebrows and looked at her personal servant: "Chen Xi! Who was King Rui? Is he fierce? Will he hit my butt? "

Chen Xi covered her mouth. Even if she did not raise her head, it was not hard for them to imagine the expression on her face when they want to look for a hole to hide in.

Furthermore, she had been protected too well since she was young, to the point that her entire person was like a piece of white paper.

"Emperor is joking, how could I dare to spank Emperor!" A cold, emotionless voice sounded within the hall.

Duan Mu Yan raised her eyes, and in the next moment, her pupils instantly enlarged.

He's so handsome!

On his clean—cut face, there was a pair of deep eyes, a straight high nose, and thin lips. People couldn't help but stare.

The corner of Chen Xi's eyes twitched, and she quietly wiped away the drool on the corner of her lord's lips.

"Emperor! "Pay attention to your nobleness!" Chen Xi reminded them with a voice that only the two of them could hear.


A trace of ridicule flashed past Gong Sheng Rui's eyes. With such a crazy Emperor, how could the country not go downhill?

"Emperor! Say a few words! " Chen Xi reminded her in a low voice.

Duan Mu Yan blinked blankly: "What did you say?"

"..." Chen Xi facepalmed.

She had just finished explaining and now she forgot?

"Chen Xi..." Seeing that she did not say a word, Duan Mu Yan innocently pulled on her sleeves for help.

Chen Xi secretly took a deep breath and whispered: "Announce the matter of you getting pregnant now!"

Seeing that it was getting closer and closer to the due date, she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hide it even if she wanted to!

Duan Mu Yan nodded obediently, she stood up and intentionally pulled her small face up, and said in all seriousness: "We are here today to announce a good news!"

All the officials looked at her and waited for her next words.

Duan Mu Yan was stared nervously by hundreds of eyes, "About that … I am so happy now. It won't be long before the New Moon Dynasty has a successor! "

When she said this, all the officials were in an uproar.

The Emperor should still be a virgin, how could she be pregnant?

Who was the father?

Why didn't they hear any words about it before?

Compared to the shock of the crowd, Duan Mu Yan had an innocent look on her face. Only when she accidentally swept a glance at the cold faced Gong Sheng Rui did she shrink back her neck.

His face was so cold!


It was still very pretty!

Chen Xi was not as magnanimous as her, she quickly looked at Xiao De Zi who was not far away and shot him a glance.

Xiao De Zi understood: Emperor is not feeling well, retreat!

"We respectfully send you off, Emperor!" The civil and military officials suppressed their curiosity and kneeled down one by one.