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Righteous Warrior

Righteous Warrior



“Human beings are born to die. Could it be avoidable for someone without superpower.” “In my entire free life, I’ve been unrestricted from love, hate and kill, and I once enjoyed my honorable time. Now I’m dying, and I think it’s worth it.” In a rough thatched cottage, a man of about thirty years old lay in bed, with a huge wound on his lower abdomen. It was such a terrible wound that the man was almost cut into two parts.
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Five Years of Grave Maintenance

“Human beings are born to die. Could it be avoidable for someone without superpower?”

“In my entire free life, I’ve been unrestricted from love, hate and kill, and I once enjoyed my honorable time. Now I’m dying, and I think it’s worth it.”

In a rough thatched cottage, a man of about thirty years old lay in bed, with a huge wound on his lower abdomen.

It was such a terrible wound that the man was almost cut into two parts.

However, it’s amazing that the tough man still managed to breathe and talk.

His handsome face and heroic temperament could be hidden nowhere, even when he was moribund in blood.

A juvenile about eleven or twelve was kneeling on the ground, and his eyes were filled with tears.

“My master, tell me who did this to you, and I swear that I will spare no effort to make him pay for this, no matter where he is,” the juvenile could not help sobbing and screamed out.

“Shut up.”

The handsome middle—aged man scolded. The unbearable move brought him a racking cough, and blood leaked out through his mouth.

“The power of my enemy is beyond your imagination, never think about revenge until you become a strong man of the State of Milky Way.”

The juvenile was shocked by the State of Milky Way, a state that was totally beyond his imagination.

The juvenile belonged to Qianyuan Zong, one of the best Zongmens in Qingzhou. However, none of the masters of Qianyuan Zong has ever reached that state.

One reaches the State of Milky Way could communicate with the nine Milky Ways extending across the universe, including the billions of stars. Then he could be able to use the power of the Milk Ways and become a super strong man.

What a powerful enemy the master had faced!

“Now, listen to me carefully, my son.”

“After my death, you should be my grave warden for five years. Within the five years, you may go nowhere, and you must everyday cultivate yourself with the Pattro Leaf Sutra I taught you, without one day off. Besides, you were born with limited gifts and you have always been bullied, so without my protection, your life will be more dangerous in the coming days.

Thus, whoever bullies you, or whatever the insults could be, you must not try to play the hero and never resist. Remember, bear with it.”

“Five years later, you may open my grave, and then you can find out what I want to say.”

“What?” Hearing this, the juvenile was so surprised. “My master...” he tried to argue about this.

It is immoral for a man to dig the grave of his master, so he insisted that he would never do this.

“Don’t you follow my words?” Angered by the reaction of the juvenile, the handsome man brought up with blood again. “Are you trying to make me die with everlasting regret?”

The juvenile felt emotional, and he nodded with tears in his eyes, “I promise you, my master.”

“Great! Great!” Then the handsome man suddenly shook in his laughter, and blood spurted out from his mouth.

He spoke out with his weak voice, “I have a heart of immortal, but it has been locked by the temporal affairs. One day, the light of immortal will break the temporal restriction and shine the world...”

His voice became lower and lower till it finally disappeared. The handsome man lay in bed with a smile, and he just seemed asleep.

The juvenile still knelt on the floor, and a sense of determination flashed his tearful face. “Don’t worry, my master, I will do as you told, and I will be your grave warden in the coming five years,” he muttered to himself, “five years later, I will open your grave as told, and I will continue to cultivate myself.

One day, I will find out the murderer and make him pay for this.”

The juvenile stopped muttering and carried his master out of the room. He excavated a tomb near the cottage with his own hands and buried his master. His hands were covered by blood after the excavation, but he seemed isolated from the pain.

The death of his master took away all his tears, and his heart was occupied by the hate and the ambition of being strong.

In the past, the death of the No.1 genius Yan Qingyu did not draw enough attention from the people of Qianyuan Zong.

The Kingdom of Qin extended hundreds of thousands of miles in every direction. Among the total area, Qingzhou covered tens of thousands of miles in every direction, while the Danyang County took about ten thousand of miles.

Among dozens of Zongmens in Danyang County, Qianyuan Zong was a famous primary Zongmen. Yan Qingyu joined Qianyuan Zong 25 years ago, and he had already reached the 9th level of the State of Houtian when he was 11. When he was 12, he broke through the State of Houtian and opened the door of Shenmen for himself to step into the 1st level of the State of Shenmen


Before Yan Qingyu, the record of the Kingdom of Qin is 13.

The State of Shenmen was also called the Mystery State, while Shenmen was also called the door of fortune. After one entering the State of Shenmen and opening Shenmen, he could then go to the Mystery State.

Incalculable treasure was hidden in the Mystery State.

After opening the Mystery State, some people may gain strong soul of martial arts, some for a piece of magic weapon, some for a great skill, and some people may gain an opportunity for better development of physical conditions. According to the legend,

someone even gained one part of the laws of heaven, which remained after the very ancient heaven being destroyed, and then he was directly destined to be the strongest man in the world.

Briefly, after opening Shenmen, it would be a totally different state, a man could be significantly improved in capabilities, which would make the man much more powerful.

Then, people at the 9th level of the State of Houtian could no longer fight against that of the State of Shenmen for even one move.

After opening Shenmen, Yan Qingyu got a sword of fate, which was as powerful as a strong mystery state that all swordsmen wished to access.

When the super first—rate mystery state was opened by Yan Qingyu after he opened Shenmen, seven yellow lights consecutively flashed.

It meant that his mystery state was at least the yellow mystery state of rate—7, which was extremely rare, and Yan Qingyu was the very lucky one among at least a hundred thousand of martial artists.

Yan Qingyu was honored as the No.1 genius of the country when the news shocked the whole empire immediately, and he enjoyed the reputations and eminence.

From then on, he maintained rapid progress in his self—cultivation, until an unexpected emergency took place.

When he was 17, he went out one day, but then he was badly damaged by a mysterious person who was five levels higher than him. After the tragic accident, Yan Qingyu could no longer work on martial arts with his broken tendons. Accordingly, his state remained at the 4th level of the State of Shenmen.

People filled with anticipation felt disappointed by the fall of genius, so praise was replaced by ridicule, and then malicious curse and rejection followed.

As a core disciple, Yan Qingyu was soon demoted as a disciple of inner faction, and then he was further demoted as a disciple of outer faction. Finally, an old friend of the same faction helped him with a presbyter identity of outer faction, so that he could be relatively decent in killing his time.

However, Yan Qingyu seemed careless for such experience. He did not live in Zongmen, instead, he built a thatched cottage at the foot of a mountain and enjoyed his simple life.

He had a disciple named Chen Feng, and he is apparently the juvenile.

With obstructive tendons and vessels, as well as his hard Dantian, Chen Feng was gifted with nothing. This badly hindered his cultivation. As a result, he could not succeed at the 2nd level of the State of Houtian, even after six years of hard work, and this soon turned Chen Feng into a standing joke of the outer faction of Hanyuan Zong. Yan Qingyu and Chen Feng were even called the walking dead. Instead of being cold—shouldered, Chen Feng was instructed patiently by Yan Qingyu, who deemed his disciple as a son.

Chen Feng knelt in front of the tomb everyday with a dull face, but for the breath at his breast, he might already be buried as a dead body.

As a matter of fact, Chen Feng had been practiced with the Pattro Leaf Sutra instructed by Yan Qingyu. He studied and practiced with the Sutra for five years, but he had no idea about the Sutra. Unfortunately, the practice did not make up for his talent any more, and he had already been treated as trash. However, it was an order of Yan Qingyu, so the practice went on day by day.

Later, rumor has it that Chen Feng, the rubbish instructor’s disciple of nothing, went crazy. The news spread quickly in Hanyuan Zong.

Then, some people came to the tomb of Yan Qingyu and virulently cursed and insulted Chen Feng, and some people even spat at him. However, there was no response from Chen Feng.

This made the crowd even more rude and greedy, so they destroyed the thatched cottage and took away the valuables. As a genius of his time, Yan Qingyu once traveled around and collected a lot of nice instruments and medical materials. The crowd took everything valuable, but Chen Feng did not try to stop them. Instead, these rude behaviors seemed invisible for him,

He did not even give a response.

Half a year later, a lady in white came to the tomb.

The pretty and elegant lady appeared like a goddess at her middle twenties, and the vigorous genuine Qi sent out from her body showed that she was a powerful lady at the State of Shenmen.

She stood in front of the tomb with a complicated look.

The lady brought Chen Feng back to life, and he looked at the lady for a while. “You are aunt Ran Yuxue, aren’t you?” He suddenly jumped up with excitement.

The memory brought Chen Feng back to the past. Five years ago, when he went to the outer faction for Spirit Stone with Yan Qingyu, he caught a glimpse of her in a far distance. At that time, she was surrounded by a large number of core disciples and inner faction disciples, even the pretentious talents of out faction would flatter her with a smile.

At that time, Ran Yuxue moved away with her pride, leaving Chen Feng and Yan Qingyu ignored at the place.

After getting back home that day, Yan Qingyu got drunk, and then he told Chen Feng the story between Ran Yuxue and him.

When Yan Qingyu was powerful, a lovely dressed up girl always followed him and treated him as her elder brother.

That was Ran Yuxue, a very gifted younger female schoolmate of Yan Qingyu.

The two were once thought to be a couple of perfect lovers, and then they even studied and practiced together. Once, in order to protect Ran Yuxue, Yan Qingyu failed to escape from attack, and he was terribly injured.

But what was going on? Yan Qingyu did not finish the story. After sobering up, he remained silent when Chen Feng came for the end of the story.

In Chen Feng’s mind, since there was a relationship between Ran Yuxue and his master, it could be reasonable that she came here to hold a memorial ceremony for his master.

However, Ran Yuxue showed her unconcerned response to Chen Feng’s enthusiasm. She could not help but frowned after she dropped a light glance at Cheng Feng, because she had already known his level at first sight.

“You are obstructive in tendons and vessels, and your Dantian is as hard as iron. Your uncultivated body is useless for martial arts, and you could be nothing,”

said Ran Yuxue, despising Chen Feng with her cold look.

Like being poured with cold water, Chen Feng felt cold and surprised.

“Rubbish master could only instruct rubbish disciple, you and your master match each other well.”

After the heavy words, Ran Yuxue turned around and walked away, without any attention to him.

Glaring at her back, Chen Feng clenched his fists.

“Just wait and see, I will make you change your mind and show your respect to us,” Chen Feng screamed in his own mind.