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Destined to be your's

Destined to be your's

Author:Sharon sareen


Lucifer seller, a big name in U.S . A big billiniore in the business circle of california. Unafraid of anything that crosses his path, he is a devil of hell. An innocent pure soul Dawn Autumn, unaware of this whole world. Living her own life... she is an orphan and physiotherapist in a hospital of LOS Angeles. she has a love of her life Rehan frensby. Rehan Frensby is a Pyschology teacher in a school... On the day of their relationship, Dawn Autumn was going to propose Rehan Frensby to marry her and be together for all her life... But on that day Rehan Frensby told Dawn Autumn a truth that changed all her life... What was written in Dawn's life... What was her destiny? How the three of them get connected together?
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  I ‘DAWN AUTUMN’ believes that everything that happens has a reason behind it. Everything has some meaning, nothing happens without reason I think this is called ‘DESTINY’.

  AMBER- you are such an idiot. I don’t believe such things. If everything happens for a reason then tell me Dawn why our parents gave birth to us and abandoned us like this to live a life of orphans.what was the reason behind that?

  DAWN- There must be some reason behind it Amber. They must be helpless,otherwise tell me why our mother who carried us for 9 months in womb will leave us on the steps of orphanage.They must have some reason.

  AMBER – Whatever.

  DAWN- What’s more important is we are standing strong.we have endured all the hardships and see we are living a good life. You are a successful party planner and I am a physiotherapist. What’s more we need. Everything is perfect.

  AMBER- Yaa that’s true.



takes out a box

See Amber. Isn’t it beautiful.

  AMBER- Wow Dawn. This is beautiful

that was a ring box having a ring of platinum with beautifully carved small square white diamond in it


  DAWN- Today is very special day for me. Today I am going to propose love of my life ‘RYAN FRENSBY’. We have been together for 1 year but it feels like we are together since eternity and I want to continue this love till eternity.


while rolling her eyes

Ahh Dawn, you are beautiful, smart, intelligent , self-dependent. You could have anyone rich with lot of money. Still you chose that psychology teacher. What have you seen in him?

  DAWN- Amber, love and money are two different things. I can earn money myself I don’t need anyone for that. But in case of love its different. RYAN makes me feel safe, the person you love will always be there, he will never let you feel alone and will love you with every breathe. I love him that much that I can give my life for him that’s love. And he is simple, smart ,intelligent too with a less adventurous  that I have always wanted, a sweet and simple life without much complications.

  AMBER – Ok ok who can win from you .

  Dawn was happy that day. She called Ryan, call quickly connected.

  Hey Ryan, where are you ?

  “I am in middle of lecture, say Dawn what you want to say” – RYAN Replied.

  Ohh nothing much, I was just thinking of meeting you at evening if you have time- Dawn said.

  “Ofcourse Dawn I always have time for you love. And most importantly I have to tell you something very important”- Ryan said.

  Dawn smiled happily and said “ok then we will meet at park near my orphanage building. I will be waiting , love you”.

  “Love you too, honey”- Ryan said with doting voice.

  Soon after the call disconnected..

  Ryan’s subordinated said with a thinking expression “why don’t you tell her the truth sir. You are a well known one of the top officer in our ‘SPECIAL OPERATIONAL FORCE’. Whats the reason behind hiding this thing .

  With a serious tone Ryan said “ kenn , you know this our department doesnot allow us to share these secret informations. It can put her in risk too.

  At orphanage…

  With tensed look Amber was talking to her client. Then after the call hung, Dawn asked “What’s the matter Amber”.

  Amber said “Dawn accidently my two parties have been clashed together and I have to present in both of them. Second client is calling me immediately and I cant make up to first party with such a situation”.

  With this Amber gave Dawn a hopefull look and said “ Dawn you are with me since childhood and you know my work pretty well. So can you go to the first party In my place. please,please,pleeaasee.  

  Dawn starred her and said “ you know I have a important day today its Ryan’s and mine anniversary. And I have to meet him at evening.

  Amber said “you will be free by the evening. Please Dawn you are my only hope please don’t say NO”.

  Dawn with exhausted look replied “ok ok but I will not be their for extra one minute”.

  Dawn was on the way to the party. she was crossing the road but suddenly a car came and was about to hit her.. Suddenly the person put brakes and the car diverted to the left side of her. Dawn got frightened. She looked back to the person driving car but the car was gone. The person who was riding the car saw her through his rear view mirror and continued talking in phone.

  He was the famous business tycoon of the LOS Angeles and was well known figure in business world in California. It is said that he is involved in many illegal businesses but never got caught.. He is “LUCIFER SELLER’’..DEVIL OF HELL..