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Last drop of love

Last drop of love



Triffany never expected her life will change after an unpleasant encounter with a stranger she never knew, this wasn't the life she dreamt of, force into a marriage she did not sign up for but will things really go well for her after getting married to a wealthy man who has no love for her.
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  "Damn it."

  Triffany sat down in her room desk going through her laptop, with disappointment on her face.

  "No hope this time?" Tanner her little brother who sat behind her asked her.Triffany shakes her head without looking at him. "What do you do now?" His little voice sounded softly.

  "I'm confused too." She touch her forehead as she spins the chair around to look at him. Just then her mother came in with a glass of water and some vitamins.

  "Triffany, here your vitamins." Laura said, she pause and looked at her daughter's worried face. "Still the same news?"

  "Yes mom... I'm not going to gain any employment, ten applications yet no goodnews." Triffany gave out a heavy sign.

  Don't worry you'll get one soon." Tanner comforted her.

  "How long is that soon?" Triffany asked searching their eyes for an answer but they both kept silent. "I guess it would be long." She rest her head on the desk.

  Just then an email pop-up as Tanner pointed at her laptop. "Triffany see you got another email."

  Triffany raised her head immediately as she looked at her mom and brother before moving gently to her laptop. "Let me take a look, this better be a goodnews." She opened the massage and read it.It was yet another failed interview.

  "Mom, i'm not going to submit any other application, I'm just going to remain jobless and get married someday to a wealthy man who's going to love and treat me like a queen." She blurt out.

  Laura hit her back almost immediately. "Is that all you have to say." Triffany whine in pain. "I hope it hurts. How can you sag that?"

  "Why won't I? I spent four years in the university studying and now in out no company want to employ me....what else should I say?"

  "From what I discovered, men of nowadaysdon't like jobless ladies, they love classy girls." Tanner told his sister. Laura looked at her little boy surprise.

  "You're still a little boy of ten years, what do you think you know, you still have a long way to go." Triffany couldn't agree with him.

  "Mom I'll I not right?" Tanner asked his amazed mother.

  "Who taught you that."

  "I have brains mom." Tanner smiled

  "I'm sure you do." Laura touched his hair his hair. "Unlike your sister."

  "Mom!" Triffany calls out upset laura will say something like that as Tanner burst out laughing. "Tanner you too, you're in support." She sighed. "Talking to you both is just so annoying, please leave my room now, I need peace." Triffany told them.

  "Mom I guess she need to reflect on how she spent her four years in the university and try to fit it into her current condition. Tanner said while heading to the door as Triffany scorn. " mom I better leave now cause she's about to blow up." He said finally before running out of her room.

  "Mom how can he be so annoying. This is not helping me". Triffany said with furrowed brow.

  "Have some vitamin and rest, I'd be downstair, don't think too much." Laura pet her shoulder before leaving the room.

  Triffany took the vitamin and lay on her bed. "I hate all these companies, do they think i need a job?" She paused and signed. "I need a job but not in your company either, rejecting my applications. I'm not even interested in your company!" She spoke to no one but herself. "My bed is much more comfortable than those chairs in your offices." She sighed as she whispered. "But I need a job!"