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The Alpha's Runaway Pregnant Mate

The Alpha's Runaway Pregnant Mate

Author:Eve Cheney


After experiencing the betrayal of her fiancé with her best friend, Ashley's innocence was taken by a mysterious man. As a royal blood witch, she never expected to be involved with a werewolf, let alone he seemed to be an Alpha. Releasing her uncontrolled power and erasing her every trace, she left home with a broken heart. Five years later, she returned home with a baby. Happy and successful. Then, she met that mysterious man again. And he claimed that she belonged to him!
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“Could you please hurry up?!” Ashley urged her royal tailor while tapping her feet on the ground.

As the noblest princess of Averna, Ashley was going to marry Prince Philip tomorrow, the dream husband of countless girls.

She still remembered how happy and excited she was when Philip proposed to her before others envy sights. They were in a relationship for many years and this was her dreamt moment. Yet somehow, Ashley only felt restless now.

“Yes, your royal highness." The royal tailor said with a smile that was not reaching her eyes, "We are trying our best to fix the dress to your liking.”

“I have been standing here for almost 3 hours while you fix your mistakes. Hurry up!” Ashley said her words with gritted teeth.

Only God knows how hard she was holding back her tongue not to whisper a spell that would turn the tailor and her helpers into toads.

As the royal blood, she was also a powerful witch. However, people in the Royal Palace were more afraid of her, than respectful.

It was said that she had inherited the terrifying power from her dark lord grandpa. If not controlled, it could be very dangerous.

“Ashley!” A familiar voice finally brought the annoyed princess a smile. It was her best friend and perhaps the only friend, Helen.

“Helen, you are finally here. Oh! Thank goodness." Ashley was practically shouting her words, "Look what a mess is happening on my dress and my wedding is tomorrow. Could you believe this?”

“It will be done soon. Tomorrow is your wedding and your birthday. It would be the happiest day of your life.” Holding Ashley’s hand, Helen answered. Her voice was so soft that no one could notice the weird light flashed in her eyes.

“It is done, Your Royal Highness.” At that time, the Royal Tailor stood up and sighed in relief.

Ashley waved them off and became busy checking her image in the mirror. The wedding dress was looking much better with the sparkles added on her long skirt.

“I just can't believe it. I’m really marrying Philip.” Ashley smiled but it soon froze as that restless feeling flooded her heart again. She turned to ask Helen, “Do you think we are rushing into this marriage?"

“Don't be too stressed.” Helen just smiled while handing her a glass of water, "Here, drink some water."

As always, Helen treated her with care and attentiveness. Ashley felt lucky to have such a nice friend.

They grew up together and became closer like sisters, especially after the death of Helen's parents several years ago. Tomorrow, as the maid of honor by her side, Helen would witness the happiest moment of her life.

And Ashley had already made a decision that she would pass her bride's bouquet to Helen directly after the wedding. Only Helen deserved her blessing.

However, while nearing the glass to her lips, Ashley suddenly sensed something was not right. The water smelled a little different.

“What’s the matter?” Helen asked softly. Looking at her innocent face, Ashley was in a trance for a moment.

“Nothing.” Ashley pretended to drink the water and stood up to walk to the inside room, "I'd better change first."

As soon as the door was closed, Ashley got a cup to spit out the water and strengthened her ears to catch the movement outside.

“She drank it” Helen whispered, as if she was talking secretly on the phone with someone. And her next words made Ashley gasp.

“Once she falls asleep, I'll let you in." Helen chuckled wickedly, "Don't forget the video camera. Tomorrow, let's treat all the guests with the lustful video of our noblest princess of Averna."

Ashley couldn't believe her ears. Was the woman outside there, who was planning to humiliate her in the most nasty way, really her best friend Helen?

For all the past years, she treated Helen almost like her own sister. Even though she also felt upset when Helen stole more attention than her from her parent; she controlled her temper and power in order not to hurt Helen.

Because she wished that they could be friends for life. But now, Helen betrayed their friendship.

Why? What went wrong between them?

Ashley wondered while tears collecting in her eyes and soon, she gasped to hear Helen's next words.

"I hate her." Helen continued with gritted teeth, "Philip was supposed to be mine! And so was the title of the princess!"

"I am the one who met Philip first, and I am the most liked and respected lady in Averna. Ashley, that bad-tempered witch only knows to cause troubles, doesn't match Philip at all."

"No one liked her! Even not including her parents. I bet, tomorrow as long as she loses her control in public to see her own sex video, everyone will abandon her for being the shame of the Royal. "

Every vicious word that Helen spoke was like a sharp knife piercing Ashley's heart.

No matter the happiness or sorrows, Ashley would always share them with Helen at the first time. And to save Helen from being bullied, so many times Ashley used her witchcraft even if it only brought her more blame and fearful glances and heavier punishment from parents.

She once thought Helen would be the person who understood her for the best. Yet, it all turned out to be lies.

Before the most important moment of her life, her so-called best friend was going to ruin her.

A mocking smile curled on her face. Ashley wiped out tears and raised her head. She won't let Helen get away with it.

Pushing her way out of the inside room, Ashley’s presence made Helen gasp and dropped her handphone on the floor.

“Surprised, huh? Were you expecting me to fall on the floor? Unconscious? So, you could take the chance to humiliate me?” Ashley said loudly while walking fast towards the scared looking Helen.

Drug her? Planning to ruin her pride? She would let this bitch taste it first.

Grabbing the glass of water with the remaining content, Ashley forced Helen to drink it which had made Helen cough loudly.

“Ashley, please stop! What are you doing?” Helen begged in a panic, shaking her head while crying pitifully.

‘What a great actress she was!’ For a moment, Ashley hoped what she heard was wrong. She didn't want to believe that her angelic friend was actually a devil.

“What is going on there?” All of a sudden, there came the voice of Ashley’s fiancé Philip, who sounded was nearing her room.

“Ashley! Please stop! I’m so sorry for spilling the water on your dress” Helen was on her knees as if she was begging for Ashley's mercy.

Just as Philip came in, Helen caressed her own cheeks as if Ashley had slapped her very hard.

“Ashley? What did you do?” Philip went down to help Helen to stand up, wrapping Helen’s small body with his arms.

“No, Philip. It was an accident” Helen sniffled her tears and smiled weakly at Ashley, “She did not mean to slap me. Ashley was just too stressed.”