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Be Your Exclusive Princess

Be Your Exclusive Princess


It was said that marriage had to be done in the same way. How could the president of the empire marry a poor wife? The arrogant and low-key Wen Tingyu vs the ordinary people of the city, Gu Niannian. He was the most powerful man in A City, and she was just an ordinary girl who could never be found on the street. Their combination stunned everyone. He spoiled her so much that everyone was envious of her. Everyone said that Wen Tingyu was just playing. One day, he would throw Gu Niannian away like throwing rubbish. However, after they got married, he said that he would change her from an ordinary citizen to a stunning first lady in the upper class, and he would spoil her.
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"Mom, aren't you afraid of retribution?" Natalie Godfrey said incredulously while looking at the ferocious middle-aged woman in front of her.

Natalie was only twenty years old, but her mother was asking her to sleep with a fool for money!

Natalie had objected, but her mother, Madison Alexander, actually took Natalie directly to the hotel and forced her to sleep with that fool tonight!

Was Madison really her mother?!

Madison pushed Natalie fiercely into the luxurious presidential suite. There was a man who was nibbling his fingers inside the room. He was drooling while staring at Natalie. "I want a pretty girl. I want her now!"

"Girl, don't spout nonsense," Madison said fiercely, "You must do as your parents say. I am your mother, you have to obey me! I asked you to marry Young Master Lanes, so you'd better serve him well tonight! Or else, you'll suffer the consequences!"

After saying that, Madison suddenly softened her tone, but her words were threatening, "Natalie, you should remember that we're a poor family. Although Young Master Lanes is not smart, his family owns a big business. Their fortune is immense. If you sleep with him tonight and give birth to his child after, you will enjoy a luxurious life from then on!"

Natalie's beautiful eyes suddenly widened as she protested, "Mom, you're the one who's chasing those luxuries! The Lanes family must have given you a lot of money, so you're willing to sell your own daughter!"

Natalie's accusation was spot on, which made Madison's face darkened instantly.

The Lanes family had promised that as long as Madison sent Natalie over, they would give Madison two hundred thousand dollars, and an additional of three hundred thousand dollars if Natalie got pregnant!

Five hundred thousand dollars in total! It was a sky-high amount of money for a poor family like them. With this much money, they could turn their fate around!

For the sake of this five hundred thousand dollars, it was not a big deal for her daughter Natalie to sleep with a fool!

While thinking of this, Madison slapped Natalie as she warned, "Let me make it clear to you, you must serve the Young Master Lanes well tonight!"

After that, Madison slammed the door of the presidential suite hard behind her.

Inside the room, Natalie, who had a red palm print on her fair and tender face, stood rooted to the spot. She was in a daze, and crystalline tears welled up in her eyes.

Behind her, the foolish Young Master Lanes came over. He was no taller than 5 foot 3, and he said to Natalie, "Beauty, sleep with me."

Natalie decided to suppress her sorrow, and only one word appeared in her mind.


That was all in her mind.

She opened the door and ran out.

But things were not so simple. There was a burly bodyguard dressed in black guarding outside the door.

"Miss Godfrey, please return to the room," the bodyguard commanded with a cold and emotionless voice.

Natalie quickly slipped past him.

The bodyguard was probably sure that Natalie would not be able to escape, so he did not panic and merely followed her unhurriedly.

There were still guards stationed at the entrance of the hotel, so Natalie couldn't escape at all.

Sure enough, as Natalie arrived in the lobby, panting, she saw two other burly bodyguards standing at the entrance of the hotel.

She was completely surrounded and had no way to escape from this place anymore.

An overwhelming despair befell her.

She was young and had never even been in a romantic relationship before. Was she going to offer her body to a fool she didn't love at all?

Natalie's face was extremely pale from despair...

At this moment, an Aston Martin stopped steadily at the entrance of the hotel.

The door opened.

A long leg clad in formal slacks stretched out of the car and stepped on the ground. Then, a tall, well-built man got out of the car.