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The blood queen

The blood queen



Victoria Marshall She was the cutest girl you will ever know she lived with her loving mother ,the greatest big brother and the sweetest little brother but there's one problem she's the daughter of the ninth feared gang leader in the world. in her 15th birthday everything took huge turn. she became the most feared gang leader in the world. she became heartless doesn't give a fuck she kills with cold blood without regret and she kills by her own way when the scorpions know that there is someone took their place their leader Isaac Xavier Black dangerous, cold hearted, decided to go back to America to see who took his place and get his place back but he doesn't know that some of his gang members are in the same collage as her and she is the hottest girl in the world How will the list of the ten most feared gangs be ranked? Alot of enemies and hard life in front of a broken girl the most important thing in the story is to expect the unexpected warning abuse, raping, violence, strong language and sexual behaviours smut
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  Main characters

  Victoria Marshall the leader of the Black roses the most feared gang in the world

megan fox

  19 years


  Victoria's father

  Santiago Marshall

  50 years


  Victoria's mother

  Emalia Marshall

  40 years


  Victoria's older brother

  Matthew Marshall

  18 years


  Victoria's little brother

  Ian Marshall

  7 years


  Victoria's best friends and members of the gang mia William and bella William

  19 years


  Victoria's third best friend and a gang member

  Scott hill

  19 years


  Victoria's fourth best friend and her right hand

  Falcon Taavi

  19 years


  Issac Black the leader of the scorpions

  25 years cough*The DADDY*cough

Stephen James



  Isaac's father

  Xavier Black

  55 years


  Isaac's mother

  Sophia Black

  50 years


  Isaac's older brother and secretly his right hand

nick Bateman

  Tom Black

  30 years


  Tom's wife


  24 years


  Tom's and Elle's son




  Isaac's left hand

  Igor valence

  23 years


  you can use your imagination and tell me who did u imagine

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