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This story complete revolves around a girl who has lots of friends but still feels empty.But then luni came into her life .she just changed her dark world into a colourfull one.Luni taught her how to love herself.She is her best buddy.
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  Today is a special day bcz today is yotha's first day in college. She is excited but still afraid about how the college and how her new friends will be .She was late on her first day to college so she dont know where to sit .And then a girl named riya gave her a place beside her and introduced herself and they become friends and there was a thin and introvert sitting beside riya names sara .Riya and sara are school mates. Yotha started taking notes without bothering talking to her new frnds . After the class in lunch break the group in front started talking about their love and introduced themselves and every one asked yotha whether she has anyone whom she loves,she said I was crossed in love .The chit chat continued like that and suddenly a new girl has joined the group and she is lunitha .She said she has someone she loves and told few details about their love story .Yotha is quite interested in love stories so she listens every thing.Lunitha is good in studies so she sits right at the front